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15th Edition, Three Hundred Thousand Have Been Sold 




BY t 

J. MAC DONALD, M. D. 9 Ph. D, 

Complete Instructions in the Science of Astrology. 

The Good and Evil Influences of the Planets. 

Signification of Moles, Signs and Omens. 

Mental, Physical, Business and Conjugal Qualifications. 


The Fortunate and Unfortunate Days of the Year. 
How to Avoid Sickness, Accident, Poverty and Misfortune. 

How to write a Horoscope and Foretell Future Events. 

It Contains the Ruling Planets from the year 1 800 to 200 1 . 

A Daily Calendar for Four Hundred Years. 


The History and Mystery of Astrology. 

Signs and Temperaments. 

An Article on Suggestive Psychology. How to Biologize. 

How to Hypnotize. How to Charm those you meet. 

How to Make Any Person at a Distance think of you. 

The Secrets of Personal Magnetism. 





How to Heal by Magnetic, Mental and Absent Methods. 

All the best Secrets given Complete. 





BINGHAMTON, N. Y.£>cU608830 

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By A; 0. 

tta^^^^SSi*^ 7* *« «-"*—■ Women dream more 
more or less, and ^££^1X11^^' ° r , p ^ Mce - Everybody dreams, 

a^iet^^^ * ?.» and nations, 

mstances of the fulfillment of dfekms^e no? S™ m ? MS ° f dreams - Authenticated 

Much is said of dreams in the Bible, and the holy men of old believed in them 


great attention to dreams. propnetic. I he Greeks and Romans of old paid 

upon ^^^^ who, in his book 

- d «P^^^^ 

happen, or commanded wfiffirtd S^^v^rf^Jg?? BhoU * 1 w «*°»H St 
it was customary to sleep in a temple o^t some snot s a cr^Srti°n P ^ CUr t such drea ™ 
assistance was required. p OT sacred to the Deity whose advice or 

imagines thaThe^forms M^frK^ &,£ d f 0Ze ' «**** himself awake, 

ophe 3 ^ 11 ^ the C ° mm0n division ° f ^ms into classes according to the ancient philos- 

f^tL^ J ^^t^r^r^ b St^^T > "X Artemidorus, who 
dreams is still extant, as also are tht SS&WjS^MU wU»atate°r 

*««^^ tat1^^ U &^^^^^ ««« of concerning the exp.i- 
loothsayers and others, and he carried Ion an extensive Z?Z™ T* e ^acquaintance of 
tind m Egypt, Greece and Italy, 7aS T ^S,r TjS M6 f , ? th,,ei!OI,srf <*»* 
wents which are said to have followed them C0Uectms a11 re P orts ° f dreams and of the 

The subject of dreams and auguries received a vast deal of attention in the Roman 
Empire at the beginning of the Christian Era. In the reign of the Emperor Augustus a 
law was passed obliging all who had dreamt of anything respecting the State to make it 
public at once, either by means of a placard ior by the mouth of the public crier. 

Thus great was the importance attache^ to dreams by the heathen philosophers of old. 
How firmly the Prophets of the Jews and the Apostles of Christianity believed in them is 
known to every Christian who reads his Bible. 

It must be remarked with regard to dreams of every description, that those not 
thoroughly complete are regarded as of no account. As it must, moreover, be borne in 
mind that, in order that those retained in memory shall be good and reliable, they should 
occur toward daybreak, and certainly after midnight, for up to that point of time, the 
animal functions of the body are occupied by digestion, and the brain troubled by the 
vapors of food, is incapable of rational impressions. However, Artemidorus, in his learned 
treatise, affirms that a man of sober and tranquil habits can be visited by dreams at any 
hour of the night, and occasionally during the day, prognosticating coming, events with 

Many authors have sub-divided dreams into three classes: relative to natural objects, 
to animals, and to celestial things. Those relating to natutal objects are such as by means 
of which physicians can judge of a person's physical disposition ; those, wherein animals 
are portrayed, originate from the passions, or the troubles to which the mind has been 
subjected during the day, while dreams wherein celestial objects are discerned, are warn- 
ings as to divine matters, as, for instance, the Great Image appearing to the King of Baby- 
lon in a dream, whose import was so ably interpreted by the Prophet Daniel. 

There are two principal kinds of dreams, the one species designated as speculative or 
contemplative, to which particular attention should be paid, as they eventuate almost 
exactly in the manner of their occurrence during dreaming. 

The second principal kind of dreams can be regarded as allegorical or significant, as 
they do not eventuate in the manner of their occurrence, but with an enigmatical solution. 
Thus, when one dreams of an angel, it signifies revelation, or good news; but to see a ser- 
pent threatening to harm you, designates vexations, annoyance and trouble from those 
envious of you. 

Speculative dreams have speedy solution, but allegorical ones do not eventuate 
as promptly. Generally a day or two intervenes between a dream and its coming to pass. 
Hence, persons are liable to deceive themselves, particularly when unlearned in the science 
of divination, through not preserving the distinction between the nature of dreams or 
through expecting one thing to occur, while another actually transpires. 



To dream of fire or of seeing fire, signifies the effects of anger, and almost all of those" 
thus dreaming habitually, are by nature hasty, wrathful and violent in disposition. 

To dream of burning one's self is a warning of the approach of a fever of greater or 
less violence. 

To dream of seeing a moderate fire, without smoke or sparks, is an augury of perfect 
health, or of a restoration to reason, should the dreamer be in a fever. Sometimes it 
foretells an abundance of means ; according to some, it denotes a festival or gathering of 
friends and relatives. 

But,, when one dreams of seeing a great fire, accompanied by much smoke and blaze, 
it signifies the happening of quarrels, in which the dreamer will participate, or of receipt 
of disagreeable intelligence. 

Seeing a fire extinct or burn out, signifies indigence, want and bad fortune ; oftentimes 
want of money. Still, if this dream occurs to an invalid it foretells him of a speedy 

To dream of seeing a lighted candle, burning clearly and brightly, is an excellent 
omen, as it announces to the sick, certain and speedy cure. Should the dreamer be un- 
married, it is a sign not only of his nuptials, but of success in business, or of receipt of 
public honors. A lantern, torch, lamp or burning fagot has the like significance, provided 
the flame be clear and brilliant. 

He who sees in a dream a candle, torch or lamp burning obscurely and with a flicker, 
can anticipate affliction, sadness or sickness, but of short duration. 

He who dreams of being on shipboard and seeing in the distance a clear, bright light, 
need have no fear of a disastrous voyoge. neithe^ of shipwreck nor storms. 

To dream of holding a burning torch or lightl is a good sign. Young people so doing 
will be successful in love, prosperous in business,! victorious over enemies and honored and 
respected by friends and kinsfolk. j 

To dream of seeing a lighted torch in the haiids of another signifies that the author of 
injury done you will be discovered and brought^ to punishment. An extinguished torch 
signifies the contrary. 

To see in a dream one or more houses ablaze with a fire, pure, clear and without 
sparks, and that the houses are neither consumed nor destroyed, prognosticates to the poor 
accession in goods, riches, legacies and gifts, and to the rich that they will be the recipi- 
ents of honors, or overwhelmed with dignities. But, if, on the other hand, the conflagra- 
tion be violent and scintillating, and the houses appear to fall down or be consumed, the 
signification of the dream is directly the reverse. 

When a married man dreams that his bed is on fire and he is likely to be consumed, 
this signifies damage, illness, or a disagreement for his wife ; if the wife dreams the same, 
the same accident will happen to the husband. 

When one dreams that he sees the upholstery or other furniture of a house on fire, and 
that it is consumed, this prognosticates some injury or annoyance to the master of the 

When you imagine seeing, in a dream, the wardrobe or the larder of the lady of the 
house on fire, it betokens either illness or disastrous news for that lady. 

Should you dream that the kitchen is burning, it denotes the loss of the cook, or of the 
servants, or of someone among those therein employed. 

If you imagine the shop to burn and be entirely consumed, it signifies loss in goods or 

Should you dream seeing the front windows to be on fire, and be consumed, it denotes 
the loss of a male relative; should the window be at the rear, you will lose someone among 
your female relatives. 

When you imagine seeing doors burn, it signifies some great misfortune for someone 
in the family, and sometimes for the dreamer in person. 

To imagine the upper part of a house consumed by fire denotes loss of goods, of a law- 
suit, or of friends. 

If you dream that you light a fire, and it burns up without difficulty, and simultane- 
ously, it signifies a generation of children who will be happy, and prove an honor to their 
mother. The same is true with respect to a candle, torch or lamp. 

When you dream that you light a fire with difficulty and it goes out, it forewarns hurt, 
injury and sorrow to some woman and to the dreamer. 

To dream of the destruction by fire of wearing apparel, signifies injury, vexation, 
scandal and loss of a lawsuit or of friends, 

To dream of seeing grain, in heaps, consumed by fire, forewarns an epidemical malady; 
but if it be not consumed, it denotes fertility and an abundance of goods to the dreamer. 

To dream of burning yourself and suffering pain, signifies envy, displeasure, anger or 
a quarrel. To dream of holding a lighted torch and carrying it into a public place signifies 
honor and success in your undertaking. 

To dream of burning one's finger signifies envy and sinfulness. 


Those who, in their dreams, witness a clear and serene sky, will be beloved and 
esteemed by everyone, while their enemies and others jealous of them, will seek reconcili- 
ation at their hands. 

An overcast sky in dreams denotes sadness, sickness, impediments in business. 

When one dreams of breathing balmy air, it designates that the life and manner of the 
dreamer are pure, peaceable and agreeable to society ; that the enterprises and journeys, 
by him undertaken, will eventuate according to his wish and desire. 

To dream of seeing a gentle fall of rain, with neither storm, tempest nor high wind 
signifies for a farmer gain and profit ; but, on the contrary, for merchants it denotes loss 
or spoliation of their merchandise. 

To dream of long and heavy rains, of fyail and storms, of hurricanes and tempests, is a 
sign of afflictions, disasters, vexations, dangers, losses and perils. 

To dream of hail is a sign of trouble and sadness ; it, moreover, signifies that affairs of 
the most secret nature and the best concealed will be brought to light. 

To dream of a thunderbolt falling near you, forewarns the dreamer that he will be 
obliged to flee the country, particularly should he be a prominent person ; but to dream of 
a house or yourself being struck by lightning is a sure sign of coming danger. 


To dream of seeing a moderate light in the sky, burning clearly and brightly, signifies 
a menace from some person in authority or of influence. 

To dream of a large fire in the heavens signifies aggression of enemies, poverty, deso- 
lation and famine, and the side upon which this fire falls designates the quarter whence 
your enemies will come, but should the fire fly through the air, or burst asunder so as to 
fall in different quarters, it will prove the more unfavorable. 


To dream of seeing the waters of a stream very clear and tranquil, is an excellent 
augury, above all for travelers, lawyers and judges. 

When the waters appear troubled, it forewarns a menace from some influential per- 
sonage, or a disgrace at the hands of your employer ; when thus dreaming, advocates will 
find themselves in trouble and cases will be badly adjudicated. 

To be in an impetuous current of water, seemingly without power to extricate your- 
self, is a sign of danger to the dreamer, or sickness, or of a long lawsuit. 

To dream of swimming in deep water signifies impending peril, only to be avoided by 

To see a well overflow, denotes loss of property or some great misfortune for one of 
your kindred ; should a woman have this dream, she is menaced by the loss of part of her 
property, and, perchance, of her lover. 

To dream that a clear stream of water flows around your chamber prognosticates the 
arrival of some rich and liberal person, who will bring profit to the dreamer ; but if the 
water be dirty and threatens to soil the furniture, it signifies a quarrel and disorders, 
caused by enemies to persons in the house, or nearly related to you. 

To dream of seeing a brook of troubled water denotes loss and injury through fire, 
lawsuits or enemies. 

To dream of seeing a small pond indicates that you are beloved by a beautiful woman; 
if a woman has this dream, it is a sign that she will receive that which she longs for. 

To dream of being on a boat upon a river, lake or pond, should the water be clear, is a 
sign of joy, prosperity and success in business. 

Should an invalid dream of a flowing stream or fountain of clear water, it predicts to 
him cure of his complaint ; but should the water be turbid or filthy, his recovery will be a 
matter of long time. 

To dream of drinking hot water announces a misfortune brought about through malice, 
by which you will be afflicted proportionately to the heat of the water ; for, inasmuch as 
cold water signifies good, its virtue is lost as it approaches the boiling point, by which is 
expressed intensity in evil— opposite to good. 

To dream of a bath is a sign of affliction and grief. 

If anyone dreams of entering a bath and of finding the water too warm, he will exper- 
ience annoyance or displeasure from his relatives, in proportion to the warmth of the water 
in the bath. 

Should you dream of entering a bath, of which the water is very cold, you will receive 
benefits corresponding to the temperature of the water ; but if it should be merely of tem- 
perate degree, it is still a good sign. 

If a man dreams of concealing in the earth a vase of water he is in danger of sustain- 
ing a sensible loss. 

When one dreams of having been given a glass of water, it is a sign of his speedy 
marriage. If he dreams the glass to be broken, it predicts the loss of many friends ; if 
whole, the contrary. 

If a person dreams of scattering water about the house, it denotes loss and affliction 
according to the quantity of water in this manner spread about. 


To dream of being in a vessel or boat, and in danger of shipwreck or being caj 

a sign of impending peril, unless, perchance, the dreamer be a captive or in prison, tk 
which case it promises him emancipation or liberty. 

To dream of an anchor, signifies security and certain hope. To a woman, it is a sigt 
of being truly beloved. 

To dream of the cordage of ships, announces news from debtors or those working fo\, 

To dream of the sea, blue and slightly ruffled on its surface, signifies joy, and the 
means for business and success ; if the sea be of a perfect calm, it is a sign of procrasti- 
nation and delay, but when it is agitated by a storm, it denotes affliction, loss or adversity. 

He who dreams that he has fallen into the waters of the ocean, and awakens precipi- 
tately in the midst of his dream, will find great difficulty and trouble in emancipating him- 
self from detractors and enemies. 


Should anyone dream that he has been presented with a rural property, surrounued by 
a beautiful landscape view, it betokens that he will marry a lady, whose beauty will be 
proportionate to that of the landscape. 

Should the property appear to him spacious and without limit, it denotes pleasure, 
contentment and wealth, proportionate to the extent of the estate. 

Should the said property be embellished with gardens, fountains, arbors and groves, it 
indicates that the dreamer's wife will be an accomplished, prudent, handsome and chaste 
lady, by whom he will have beautiful children. 

Should he dream that the ground be sown with wheat, it denotes money and gain, 
acquired through care and toil, but according to the extent covered. 

Should he dream that it be planted with vegetables, it is a sign of trouble and affliction 
in a same degree. 

Should he dream that it be covered with ripened grain, it signifies wealth in profusion, 
easily acquired, and in the most agreeable manner. 

If you dream of seeing black land, it betokens sadness, melancholy and a credulous 

If you dream of seeing the earth tremble, it denotes danger in your business matters 

To dream of an earthquake, signifies that some public measure will transpire to the 
general joy of the nation. 

When a king, prince or governor dreams that his throne, palace or official mansion has 
been thrown down by earthquake, he will encounter disastrous calamities. 

To dream that a mountain has fallen upon a plain, signifies the overthrow of some 
powerful personage. 

Should a person dream of seeing a city, known to him, overwhelmed by an earthquake 
or eruption, it is a sign of famine and war; but should he be unacquainted with the locality, 
it denotes that some foreign people will suffer from the same causes, with whom, however, 
he has relations. 

To dream of falling into fissures in the ground or over precipices, makes known to the 
dreamer that he will suffer injuries, that his life will be in peril, and his property threat- 
ened by destruction at the hands of incendiaries. 

To dream of falling to the ground, is a sign of sadness and humiliation, from which 
recovery will be difficult. 

To dream of being in the midst of green fields is a good omen for farmers and shep- 
herds, but to all other people it is a sign of impediment in business matters. 

To dream of walking upon a broad, straight, shady and pleasant highway, denotes joy, 
prosperity and great success ; but a crooked, narrow road, disagreeable to be traveled 
upon, signifies the contrary. 


We reckon three species of dreams in relation to the productions of Nature : vegeta- 
tive, sensitive and rational. 

Under the head of vegetative we embrace those touching trees, plants, flowers and 
fruits which receive from the earth and the sun their nourishment, vigor, growth and 
maturity, as the source of vegetable life. 

To dream of seeing, holding or smelling flowers, when in their season, signifies joy, 
pleasure and consolation. 

To dream of seeing or smelling flowers, when out of their season, if they be white, 
signifies obstacles to your designs, or bad success in your enterprises ; if they be yellow, 
the obstacles will not be so great ; and if they be red, the difficulties will be very slight : 
in fa*\t, for the most part, they may be taken as a sign of success. 

To dream of seeing and smelling roses in their season is a good sign for everybody 
except invalids and those forced to conceal themselves through fear, for to them it is a 
sign of a delay in recovery, or of danger of capture or arrest ; but if the dream occurs 
when roses are not in season, its signification is absolutely reversed. 

To dream of smelling marjoram, hyssop, rosemary, sage and other plants of that 
nature, signifies toil, sadness and depression, excepting- to doctors, to whom this is a 
favorable omen. 

To dream of holding, seeing or smelling a lily, when out of season, is a sign that your 
expectations will be realized. 

Whoever dreams of seeing or smelling olive, laurel or palm, if it be a woman, she will 
bear children ; if a maiden, that she will marry shortly ; if a man, he will be gifted with 
many friends, be joyous, prosperous and blessed with abundance of worldly goods, and 
immense success in all the enterprises he may undertake. 


To dream of eating or smelling herbs of an unsavory nature, such as garlic, onions, 
radishes, leeks and others like them, signifies revelatian of hidden matters or of quarrels 
with the servants. 

To dream of eating herbs used in the composition of salads, such as lettuce, sorrel, 
purslane and others which we eat raw, signifies misfortune and business difficulties. 

To dream of eating medicinal herbs, such as alkanet, borage, fumitory and others, is a 
sign of deliverance from anxiety and celerity in business matters, for all these herbs are 
laxative when medicinally employed. 

To dream of eating cabbage signifies vexation. 

Turnips and cucumbers denote vain hopes. Some, however, contend that, when 
invalids dream of eating melons and cucumbers, it predicts their cure, by reason of the 
humidity of the plants. 


To dream of seeing wheat in the ear, signifies profit and riches, to a greater or less 

To dream of seeing a large quantity of wheat in the sheaf, signifies for the dreamer 
abundance of goods and usefulness ; but when small in quantity, or scattered about, it 
indicates, on the contrary, scarcity and poverty. 

To dream of eating white wheaten bread signifies profit to the rich, disaster to the 
poor ; but to eat black bread, denotes profit and gain to the poor, and losses to the rich. 
- To dream of eating oatmeal is a sign of gain and profit. 

To dream of seeing a barnful of wheat, denotes marriage with a rich woman, or the 
gain of a lawsuit, the inheritance of a landed estate, the acquisition of wealth through 
commerce, donations or otherwise. It signifies, moreover, banquets, rejoicings and merry- 

To dream of eating peas well cooked, indicates happiness and great facilities for bus- 
iness operations. 

To dream of eating beans, denotes squabbles and dissensions and especially family 

To dream of eating lentils, signifies corruption ; to eat rice is a sign of abundance ; to 
eat barley designates poverty and suffering to the dreamer. 

To dream of seeing or eating mustard seed, is a bad omen, except to physicians, for 
whom this sign brings profit and increase of reputation. 


To dream of seeing a beautiful oak tree signifies wealth, profit and long life to the 

To dream of seeing an olive tree, loaded with olives, denotes peace, serenity, concord, 
liberty, dignity and enjoyment of all your desires. 

To dream of picking up olives from the gronnd is a sign of labor and trouble in general 

To dream of seeing a laurel tree signifies victory and pleasure ; if the dreamer be 
married, it predicts an inheritance of goods in right of his wife. 

He who dreams of seeing a cypress tree, may expect sorrows, affliction and business 

To dream of seeing a pine tree, a medlar tree or a service tree, betokens idleness and 
want of energy. 

To dream of figs, during their season, foretells joy and pleasure ; but, when out of 
season, it predicts the reverse. 

To dream of seeing a vine, signifies abundance, riches and fecundity. We have an 
illustration of this in the case of Astyages, King of the Medes, who dreamed that his 
daughter had given birth to a vine ; this was the prediction of the greatness, wealth and 
felicity of Cyrus, his daughter's child, born after the dream. 

To dream of eating ripe grapes, is a sign of joy and profit. ' 

To dream of eating oranges, signifies complaints, grievances and annoyances ; mulber- 
ries betoken similar vexations or mourning in the dreamer's family. 

To dream of seeing apple trees and of eating sweet apples, signifies joy, diversion and 
recreation, particular to females ; sour apples denotes quarrels and sedition. 

To dream of seeing and eating almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, is a sign of troubles 
and difficulties. 

_ Peaches, apricots and such like fruits prognosticate to those dreaming of seeing or of 
eating them, when in season, contentment, health and pastime ; out of season, ill luck. To 
see or eat ripe pears signifies joy and pleasure ; when they are green or wild, it is the 

To dream of seeing a mulberry tree portends an abundance of household goods and 

To dream of seeing mulberry trees, almond trees, and to eat their fruit, denotes riches 
and tranquility, acquired after troubles and labor. 

To dream of finding walnuts in a place of concealment, denotes that the dreamer will 
discover a hidden treasure. 

To dream of seeing different trees in full leaf, or flowers in full bloom, signifies joy, 
consolation and recreation ; but should they be withered, blighted, leafless, overturned, 
scorched or damaged by lightning or storms, it signifies harassment, fear, displeasure, 
grief and sorrow. 

To dream of gathering fruit from a pomegranate tree f ortells that the dreamer will 
receive, benefits from a wealthy man ; but, if the pomegranate be not ripe, it predicts sick- 
ness or annoyances through malice. 

To dream of climbing into a large tree signifies elevation to dignity and honor, or to 
the government or others. 

To dream of falling from a taee, or being pricked by thorns, or of being bruised or 
injured by means of trees, denotes a loss of favor with those superior to you. 


Under the designation of sensitive are comprised dreams relating to birds, reptiles, 
quadrupeds and animals generally. 

To dream of seeing an eagle in an elevated locality is a good sign for those contem- 
plating some great work, and, above all, for persons engaged in martial occupations. 
Should one dream of seeing an eagle fall upon its head, it is a sign of illness for the 
dreamer, and it will be the same should he dream of being carried through the air by this 
royal bird. Should a woman dream of giving birth to an eagle, it predicts that the child 
she will bear will become a personage of consequence and a ruler of the people. This was 
the dream of Napoleon's mother during pregnancy. 

To dream of seeing a dead eagle denotes disaster to persons in good position, but to the 
poor it predicts profit. 

To dream of seeing a starling signifies slight grief. 

To dream of seeing a rook is a sign of dispatch in business, or rapidity in money 

To dream of seeing birds of prey or of those used in hawking or hunting others, signi- 
fies, for the rich, augmentation of fortune and honors, and, for the poor, a change in posi- 
tion, or advancement in society. 

To dream of seeing a crow is a bad omen, and particularly to a husband, who will have 
much to reproach himself with ; but should the dreamer be a married woman, it prognosti- 
cates momentary afflictions. 

To dream of seeing doves is a good augury, bringing joy and pleasure to the domestic 
circle and success in business. 

To dream of seeing geese and storks assembling in the air signifies the arrival of 
enemies or of envious relatives ; if seen apparently in Winter, it foretells an unprosperous 

To dream of seeing two storks together indicates marriage, and a generation of chil- 
dren good and useful to their parents. 

To dream of honey bees is a prediction of prosperity and gain to dwellers in the 

country, but of disaster to the rich ; however, should they deposit honey in any part of the 
house, it then denotes dignity, the gift of eloquence and good success in mercantile affairs. 

One dreaming of being stung by bees, and by waips particularly, will be the victims 
to countless vexations, originating in malice and envy. 

To dream of seeing many birds together signifies an assemblage of people, or court of 

To see a cock and hear it crow is an omen of joyousness and prosperity, and more 
especially to unmarried women. 

To see two cocks in fight predicts quarrel and combat. 

To dream of seeing a swan signifies gayety, the revelation of secrets, and insures good 
health to the dreamer ; but, should the swan sing, it is a very evil augury. 

To see a swallow in a dream signifies that your wife is chaste, good news and a bless- 
ing upon the place where it builds its nest. 

To see a nightingale is a similar sign. 

To dream of seeing a peacock is a sign that you will marry rich, or a handsome person, 
acquire wealth and be of importance among friends and neighbors. 

To dream of seeing a hen with her brood portends loss and damage to the dreamer or a 
near relation. 

To see in a dream a capon, or to hear a hen cackle, is an indication of sadness and vex- 

To dream of partridges announces that you will have business with women, conscience- 
less, malicious and ungrateful. 

Quails signify bad news from across water, discussion, quarrels, thefts, snares and 
treason from absent agents. 

All nocturual birds, as owls, screech owls, bats, etc., are of evil omen, and those 
dreaming of them should refrain from undertaking anything for a day after the dream, at 

To dream of eggs is a sign of gain and profit, but if there be a large number of them, 
t signifies anxiety or a lawsuit. 

To dream of seeing scorpions or caterpillars announces miseries, occasioned by various 

To dream of ground worms denotes that enemies seek to surprise and destroy us 
through deception. 

Grasshoppers, cockchaffers, locusts and crickets signify loud talkers, bad musicians, 
and vagrants living on the wealth of the country. To dream of any of them is a very 
bad omen and the dreamer should undertake no enterprise until the lapse of a day or so 
after seeing or hearing them. 


To dream of seeing a dragon is a sign of meeting some great man, a magistrate or 
public functionary. It likewise signifies riches and treasure. 

To dream of seeing a serpent twirling itself in folds, or squirming along the earth, 
denotes existence of enemies. It, moreover, signifies hatred and sickness. To see a ser- 
pent of any kind signifies treason on the part of a woman. To dream that you will kill a 
serpent indicates that you will vanquish enemies and triumph over envy. 

To dream of seeing basilisks and lizards is symbolical of losses or vexation— the work 
of concealed enemies. Frogs denote flatterers, babblers and ignoramuses. 

To dream of seeing fishing nets is a sign of rain or change in weather, or a change in 
the dreamer's fortune. To see or to find dead fish in the sea is significant of disappointed 

A pregnant woman dreaming of being delivered of a fish, instead of a child, will, 
according to the opinion of the ancients, be delivered of a beautiful child, who will live to 
an old age, and be a comfort to the mother. 

If you dream of catching large fish, it predicts gain and profit, in accordance with the 
quantity taken ; if the fish be small, it denotes sadness. To dream of seeing fish of many 
colors, is to an invalid the sign of restoration to health, but to those who are not, it indi- 
cates injuries, quarrels or sorrow. 

To dream of eating large fish prognosticates fluxions, catarrh and melancholy. 


He who dreams of seeing a lion will converse with the chief magistrate of his country, 
or some renowned warrior or other man of national importance. He, who in his dream 
fights with a lion, will be engaged in some quarrel or combat with a valiant antagonist, 
and, if, in his dreams he comes forth victorious, such will he prove in actual reality. 

He who dreams of being carried on the back of a lion, is a sign of protection from 
some powerful personage. 

To dream of having been terrified by a lion, signifies having incurred the anger of some 
one in authority, and, unless the dreamer be a person of influence, it will cause him uneas- 
iness in mind and vexation of spirit. 

To dream of eating the flesh of a lion is a sign that a person will attain honors and an 
official position of dignity. 

To dream of having found the skin or the intestines of a lion, signifies to a person of 
inportance that he will discover the treasures of his enemies ; to one of low rank, it 
denotes that he will grow rich in a brief space of time. If a soldier dreams that there is 
brought to him a lion, chained and bound, it predicts that he will make a prisoner of some 
enemy of high rank. According to the ancients, when a king dreamed that there was in 
his palace a lioness and her cubs, it prophesied that the queen and his children would 
prove a source of immense contentment and succeed to his throne. The Queen Olympia, 
being pregnant with Alexander the Great, dreamed that Philip, her husband, had placed 
on her a seal, on which was graven the effigy of a lion, and this dream prognosticated the 
worth, magnanimity and subsequent conquests of her illustrious son. 

Dreams relating to leopards have the same significance as those concerning lions, only 
that the former animals are more wily and malicious than lions, who always exhibit gener- 
osity and forbearance. 

To dream of an elephant, signifies, according to Artemidoros, fear and peril, but 
according to Apomazor, the Arabian seer, it denotes a rich man, for, he says, if anyone 
dreams of being carried upon an elephant, he will obtain gifts of fortune and the favor of 
some great potentate. On the other hand, Artemidorus narrates that, having known a 
tich and powerful lady in Italy dream of having ridden upon an elephant, she fell sick. To 
4ream of giving an elephant to eat or drink, is a sign that yoji will connect your destinies 
with some influential personage, and be advanced thereby. 

To dream of having seen a bear signifies a rich and powerful enemy, unskilled, ridicu- 
lous, but audacious. 

The wolf signifies an avaricious man, cruel and crafty ; hence to dream of having over- 
come a wolf, predicts a triumph over a man possessing the characteristic of that animal ; 
but, if bitten by the wolf, it is a sign of exactly the contrary nature. 

Dreaming of a combat with a fox, predicts that you will have a quarrel with a shrewd 
and cunning adversary, or you will be in the hand of some lawyer. 

Dreaming of having a tame fox in your possession is the sign of falling in love with 
some unscrupulous woman, who will hold you in bondage, or of some female servant abus- 
ing the kindness of her employer. 

The same is true with regard to martens, ferrets, weasels, badgers and the stag-wolf. 

Dogs denote courage, fidelity and affection, when we dream of those belonging to us ; 
but, if we dream of those belonging to strangers, it signifies the existence of dangerous 
enemies. To dream of hearing a dog bark, and to have him tear our clothes, denotes that 
an enemy of a mean degree scandalizes us, or seeks to tarnish our honor or to ruin our 
reputation through calumnies. 

Should a prince or ruler dream that different dogs have been brought to him from dif- 
ferent countries, it is a sign that he will enroll many warriors of various districts to go 
forth to battle against a common enemy. 

The cat denotes a subtle thief, consequently, to dream of fighting with a cat, or of 
killing one, is a sign of capturing a thief, putting him into prison, or, perchance, killing 
him. Should you dream of eating the flesh of a cat, it signifies that you will acquire prop- 
erty through the arrest or death of a thief, who has previously robbed you, and, it will be 
the same if you dream of possessing the skin only. 

If you dream of fighting with a cat, and of being scratched by its claws, it signifies 
sickness or affliction. 

The wild boar denotes a savage and pitiless enemy, and well furnished with means for 
aggression and defense. If, therefore, anyone dreams that he has hunted and captured a 
wild boar, he will pursue and vanquish some adversary of a character like unto that of this 

If anyone dream of being presented with the head of a wild boar, recently taken in 
the chase, it predicts that he will shortly triumph over his most powerful enemy, or gain a 
lawsuit, which has vexed him greatly. 

Hogs denote idlers, loungers and that class of vagrants, who live without toil, and, 
during their ignominious idleness, think only of taking the property of the toilers to sup- 
port themselves in ease. They denote, likewise, those misers who are of no use to the 
world during their lifetime, and die only to enrich profligate heirs. 

All sorts of monkeys, male or female, denotes malicious enemies, feeble, venemous, 
and strangers to you. 

To dream of having killed a deer, and of possessing yourself of the horns and hide, 
denotes that you will inherit the wealth of some old man, or, that you will vanquish som< 
enemies, fugitives, deceivers, caitiffs, and of little courage. The doe signifies nearly th( 

The ass denotes the faithful servant or slave, who is profitable to his master ; he 
denotes, likewise, a silly, trifling, frivolous, or ignorant person of either sex. 

The mule signifies malice or fantastic folly. Artemidorus says that it denotes stub- 
bornness in a person dreaming of one ; it is sometimes symbolical of steadfast energy 

To dream of seeing and possessing many flocks of sheep, goats, or of droves of horses 
and herds of cattle, is a sign of abundance and riches to the dreamer. 

To dream of being butted by a ram signifies a dread of being punished for some con- 
cealed crime. 

The ox denotes a faithful servant to his master, or, a loyal citizen to his monarch or 
country. The bull signifies some great personage ; hence, if you dream of receiving good 
or injury from a bull, you will receive reward or disgrace from some influential man. 

The horse is regarded with favor, hence, to dream of having seen or caught a horse, or 
of being mounted on one, is ever accepted as a good omen to the dreamer. 

To dream of being mounted on a handsome horse, full of spirit and activity, richly 
caparisoned, it is a sign of marrying a beautiful and wealthy woman, that is, provided he 
dreams the horse is his own ; but, if it belong to another, he will attain joy, wealth and 
honor through the intervention of an unknown female friend. 

To dream of being on horseback and to pass over a difficult and rugged roadway, with- 
out the animal stumbling, is a sign of obtaining honors, dignities and renown through 
female assistance. 

To dream of being mounted on a horse having a long and sweeping tail, is a sign of 
being accompanied by many friends aiding in your undertaking. 

Should the horse halt or limp, obstacles will interpose themselves to the consummation 
of your designs. 

To dream that another is mounted upon an unwilling horse, is a sign that someone is 
attempting to seduce his female servants, or, to a corrupt a friend's wife's virtue. 

To be mounted upon a horse, clean limbed, active, and full of fire, is, according to 
some commentators, the sign that the dreamer will attain a high public office as well as the 
esteem of the people. 

To dream of curbing a restive horse, spurring him boldly, and causing him to do your 
will, denotes an advance to posts of trust and honor through individual efforts. 

In the dreams of an unmarried man, a white horse precicts that his wife will be beau- 
tiful and virtuous. 

If the horse be black, the wife will be rich and vicious. 

If anyone dreams that there enter upon his premises a young mare, sprightly and well 
caparisoned, it signifies that he will shortly marry a maiden, young and wealthy, who will 
render him happy. But, should it be a mare, neither handsome nor with equipments, it 
denotes the coming of a female servant or of a concubine, who will bring nothing but 
misery into the household. 

To dream of being on horseback and to traverse the streets of a great city, accom- 
panied by a crowd of individuals shouting and applauding in your presence, predicts that 
you will become chief of a popular party, which will be despised by the better classes of 
society. But to men in authority this same dream announces that their rule is appreciated 
and admired by the general public. 


If a woman, not pregnant, dreams of giving birth to a child, it is a sign that she will 
consummate happily her undertakings ; should the dreamer be a maiden, it signifies ban- 
quets, rejoicings, dances and nuptials, but sometimes the pains and perils of maternity. 

Should a man dream that he gives birth to a child, it predicts acquisition of wealth, 
gains and profit, which will come to him with very little trouble. 

Should you dream of seeing a woman in childbirth, it denotes joy and prosperity to the 

Should a man dream that his wife be pregnant, and such actually be the case, it pre- 
dicts that the child will live to puberty and be the image of his father. 

He who dreams of being present at the birth of two or three children, will have a sub- 
ject of rejoicing, as he will succeed in most difficult matters. 


To dream of being beheaded, according to the Indians and Persians, and to have the 

head separated from the body, denotes, to prisoners, liberty ; to the sick, health ; to the 
afflicted, consolation, and to debtors payment of their debts. To rulers and men in authority 
this dream predicts prosperity and happiness, that their cares and trials shall be changed 
to rejoicings and triumphs, and that they will enjoy the confidence of the people. 

If one dreams of seeing the head of an acquaintance cut off, it signifies participation 
in the pleasures, prosperity and honors of the individual indicated. 

Should a person dream of seeing a young child beheaded, who has not attained puberty, 
the dreamer may anticipate sickness ; but should a pregnant woman have this dream, it 
announces the birth of a male infant, but, at the same time makes known that her hus- 
band, who is the child's figurative head, stands in danger of death. 

When, in similar dreams, the head is but half cut off, the same consequences will 
ensue, simply modified. 


To dream of being wounded by a sword, to such a degree as to imperil life, denotes the 
receipt of favors and benefits from him inflicting the wounds in proportion to the number 
and magnitude of injuries received. 

To dream of a person inflicting upon you wounds while in a state of anger, denotes that 
you will receive benefits at his hands in proportion to the vehemence of his anger and the 
period of it? duration. 

Should a person in authority dream, that, while acting in his official capacity, he 
receives a wound from a man of low condition, it is a sign that he either stands in danger 
of his life, or of being disgraced from his official position. 

Should a woman dream of being wounded, or of wounding another in self-defense, it 
predicts that she will reap some public honor. Should she assail, in her dream, some man, 
with intent to wound him, it is a sign, should she be married, that she will give birth to a 
male child, who will become a soldier or sailor. 


Should a man dream that he has hair as long as that of a woman, it signifies cowardice, 
effeminacy and physical weakness ; it is, moreover, a sign that the dreamer will be 
deceived by an artful woman. 

To dream of seeing a woman perfectly bald, indicates a season of famine, sickness and 
general poverty. 

To dream of seeing a man perfectly bald has a wholly opposite significance, being sym- 
bolic of prosperity. 

To dream of seeing hair of mixed colors signifies vexation, sorrows and trouble, and 
sometimes quarrels. 

To dream of seeing a person with black hair, short and crisp, denotes sadness and suf- 
fering of the mind. 

Should anyone dream that while combing the hair it be impossible to pass the comb 
through by reason of its entanglement, or, to experience difficulty in unraveling its knots 
or kinks, it predicts to the dreamer complicated lawsuits or weeks of anxious toil. But, to 
see the hair and head well combed and dressed, signifies friendship and deliverance from 

He who dreams of having his head or beard shaved, will be in danger of losing a deal 
of property, of being ill, or of incurring the loss of some person whom he loves. To see 
the hair fall out signifies vexation and the loss of wealth. 

Should a person, high in authority, dream that he has a head full of beautiful hair, he 
will become terrible to his enemies, acquire a great reputation, and add much property to 
his personal domain. Should he dream that his hair has turned white, his treasures will 
be diminished, if not exhausted. . 

Should you dream of having hair longer and darker than usual, riches and honor will 
flow to you. 

Should a man dream that his beard be plucked out by the roots, his fortune is in 
jeopardy, while at the same time he will be deserted by friends and dependents. Should 
he dream that his beard be larger, longer or fuller than ordinary, his wealth will increase 

Should one dream of his hair becoming thin and disarranged, it is a sign of affliction 
and poverty. 

If one dreams of having difficulty in shaving or hair dressing, it denotes a serious 
struggle to avoid threatened misery. 

If one dreams of having eyelids or eyebrows larger or longer than customary, it is a 
sign of being honored and esteemed by everybody. It predicts happiness in love matters 
and acquisition of wealth. If you dream that the eyelids have fallen, it signifies exactly 
the reverse. 


Should one dream of having a large forehead, it signifies good spirits ; if it be high or 
elevated, it is a mark of good sense. It denotes, likewise, power and wealth. 

To dream of having a brazen forehead signifies hatred and irreconcilable animosity 
from enemies. 

To dream of having the forehead cut or wounded signifies that hidden treasure will be 
revealed and be in danger of loss. It denotes, likewise, fear and apprehension. 

To dream of having the forehead large and fleshy denotes eloquence, force and con- 


To dream of having many ears prognosticates success in gaining the friendship of sub- 
ordinates and of those serving you, who will take your interest to heart. 

To dream of cleansing the ears signifies almost an identical thing. 

To dream of having the ears filled with wheat or grain denotes an inheritance from 
some relative. 

To dream of having asses' ears signifies servitude. 

To dream of having the ears of a lion or other ferocious beasts, denotes treason on the 
part of an enemy, or other persons envious of your prosperity. 

To dream of the ears becoming larger or more beautiful than ordinary, shows that he 
to whom the dreamer will communicate his secrets, will secure him honor and prosperity, 
or, otherwise advance his interest. 

To dream of having the ears cut, cleft or wounded, signifies that the dreamer will be 
betrayed by one to whom he has intrusted secrets. 

To dream of having the ear entirely cut off signifies the cessation of friendship on the 
part of relatives. 

To dream of having the ears stopped up signifies that the dreamer will blindly disobey 
the dictates of conscience, or refuse the counsels of good advisers. 

If a person having a dream of this character be in ordinary social circumstances, it is a 
sign that he will change his way in life for the worse through betraying confidence reposed 
in him by others. 

Should a maiden have this same dream, it is a warning to her, that, unless she places 
reliance upon the advice of some relative, she stands upon the verge of seduction. If the 
dreamer be married, it assures her that an apparent friend tempting her to defy her hus- 
band's inclinations, meditates her ruin. 


To dream of marrying a woman with a handsome head and regular features, signifies 
joy, contentment and good health. 

For a woman to dream of a handsome man denotes the same thing. 

To dream of seeing a strange man, with a dark complexion, signifies glory and honor, 
success in business matters ; but, should you dream of a very dark woman, it denotes a 
serious illness. But, if you dream of an unknown female, with long and beautiful hair, it 
is a good sign as well for the female as the dreamer as to both it announces friendship, 
pleasure and prosperity. 

To dream of a fresh and smiling countenance is a sign of friendship ; to dream of one 
freckled or withered is a sign of annoyance, poverty and an appeal to charity. 


The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the ancients thereby represent the faith, 
will and light of the spirit. 

To dream of losing eyesight shows inconstancy, and that the dreamer will violate some 
promise. It foretells, moreover, the approach of illness, or of the loss of a child, or of 
some dearly beloved friend. 

To dream of the eyes becoming bleared denotes the commission of some grievous fault 
of which the dreamer will seriously repent. It, moreover, forewarns a loss of considerable 

To dream of having keen, sharp eyesight is a good omen, and he that dreams thus will 
succeed in his enterprises. But, to dream of having short, dubious or troubled vision im- 
ports disaster and disappointment. 


Should anyone dream of having the nose larger than ordinary, he will become wealthy. 

powerful and wily, of good foresight and judgment and well received in good society. To 
dream of becoming noseless signifies the reverse. 

To dream of having two noses signifies discord and frequent quarreling. 

To dream of having the nose of such magnitude as to become deformed and hideous to 
the sight signifies that the dreamer will live in prosperity and abundance, but disliked bv 
the general community. 

To dream of having the nose torpid, or stopped up so as to be dead of feeling, fore- 
warns the dreamer of treason on the part of an intimate acquaintance, provided, he who 
dreams is a person of importance. To a master or mistress of a house it announces deceit 
dishonesty among the servants. To an unmarried female it portends her lover's infidelity, 
while to a married woman it makes known that some jealous rival will intrigue to rob her 
of her husband's affections. 

Should a woman dream of an injury to her nose, if it bleeds, it signifies that she should 
be on her guard against being deceived and her reputation impaired from exposure or 

To dream of seeing a female without a nose, denotes the object of the dreamer's affec- 
tions is unworthy of esteem or admiration, and inwardly corrupt. 


To dream of having large and ruddy cheeks is an excellent sign, as it announces 
success and prosperity to the dreamer, especially in love matters. 

An unmarried man dreaming of a female with rosy and well-developed cheeks may 
anticipate the acquaintance of some lady who will exercise a beneficial tendency on his 
after existence. It is generally a good dream. 

To dream of having meagre, thin or pale cheeks, is a prognostication of approaching 


The mouth is the citadel, rampart or gateway enclosing the internal parts of the human 
body. Should a person dream of having a mouth larger than ordinary, his household will 
become enriched and himself blessed with opulence. To dream of having a putrid mouth, 
signifies that the dreamer will excite universal contempt among former friends and com- 
panions, and be despised even by servants, or others attached to the household. 

To dream of having a mouth closed firmly, as neither to be able to eat nor drink, indi- 
cates danger to be apprehended from sudden illness. 

To dream of having a lock placed on the mouth denotes that the dreamer will be 
shortly intrusted with a secret fraught with danger. To a woman this dream ia a prophetic 
warning that some indiscreet words may bring about ruin to her family or husband. 


To dream of having vermilion and well-conditioned lips signifies that the dreamer has 
excited the admiration of some kind and disinterested friends, whose respect it would be 
impolitic to forfeit. 

To dream of the lips being compressed, withered or shrunken, signifies forfeiture of 
friendship as well as having excited the animosity of some former admirer. 


Teeth are assumed, in the interpretation of dreams, to represent relatives or the best 
friends one may possess ; the front teeth bear a relation to children, to brothers, sisters 
and other near connections ; the lower ones signify persons of the female sex, and the 
upper ones those of the masculine gender. 

Consequently, to dream of having a tooth lost or spoiled, is an indication of the loss of 
Isome relative. 

If, on the other hand, one dreams of having a more beautiful white and firm set of 
teeth than given by nature, it signifies that the dreamer will be blessed with joy and pros- 
perity, and receiye grateful tidings from relatives, leading to a strong and durable friend- 

To dream of having one tooth longer than the others is symbolical of a disagreement 
with a relative. 

The upper eyetooth signifies the father; the lower one is taken to represent the mother. 

Artemidorous contends that the teeth on the right side represent masculines, and those 
on the left, females, but this is contrary to the teachings of <*the Indians, the Persians and 
Egyptians, who were most expert in divination. 

Should one dream that one of the large front teeth is decayed or blackened, or, that it 
gives pain, it is a'prognostication as to the dangerous illness of a relative or near friend. 

To dream of teeth becoming suddenly white and well formed, when otherwise is the 
case with the dreamer, signifies a sudden acquisition of happiness, of pleasure and content- 
ment, as well as the proffer of friendship from quarters the least expected. 

To dream of cleaning teeth and rendering them white denotes the gift of money to 
friends or relatives. 

Should one dream that the teeth give pain and trouble, preventing the dreamer from 
speaking or eating, it is a sure sign of domestic quarrels, and the prevalence of litigation 
among relatives with respect to a will or other inheritance. 


Should a person dream of having a large and flowing beard, it is a sign that his con- 
versation will be agreeable and appreciated. Should he be in difficulty, it is an omen that 
he will discover the source of his trouble and emerge from it triumphantly. As a general 
thing, this dream denotes success in enterprise. Should a maiden dream of being gifted 
with a beard, it indicates an approaching marriage in accordance with her desires. To a 
married woman, however, such a dream foretells that she will assume sole control over the 
household, and act, as it were, the part of a man. To a pregnant female, a like dream 
announces that she will give birth to a male child. 

To dream of losing the beard, of being shaved, or of having it plucked off, denotes the 
loss of relatives, whose method of death will be sudden and violent proportionately to the 
violence indicated in the manner of the dream. It is, moreover, in some instances, a sign 
jof the deprivation of wealth, goods, personal property or valuables. 


Should anyone dream of having the shoulders larger and more rounded than usual, it 
signifies happiness, advancement and prosperity ; however, a similar dream is not good for 
those in prison or under arrest, inasmuch as it denotes sorrow and sadness. 

Should anyone dream of shoulders being misshapen or afflicted by a tumor, inflamma- 
tion or other sore, it prognosticates domestic trouble or displeasure on the part of some 
near relatives. 


The neck signifies power, honor, happiness, wealth and excellent inheritances. 

To dream that the neck is becoming larger and thicker than is ordinary, without being 
deformed, should the dreamer be a person of influence or station, or of rank in society, it 
denotes joy and pleasure in gay company, good news from wished-for quarters and success 
in business enterprises. To a person in mean condition such a dream forewarns an 
approach of wealth, a change in social position and future rejoicing. But to dream of the 
neck being withered or contracted, denotes precisely the reverse of all these significations. 

Should anyone dream of having the neck or throat bound or pressed by the hands of 
another, it is a sign of very bad omen, and announces that the dreamer will fall into the 
power, or beneath the machination of the individual compressing with the hands. 

To dream of the neck awry, in such a manner that the head leans niore on one side 
than the other, is a sign of misfortune, of shame and of damage. 

To dream of having the neck inflammed, swollen by a tumor, or afflicted by an abscess, 
signifies certain sickness. 

To dream of having two or more heads on one neck, prognosticates a rise to power, 
moral dominion and state honors. 

Should anyone dream of having the neck broken or severed by thieves or assassins, it 
forewarns loss of children, of relatives, or heirs, or of worldly wealth, and should the 
dreamer be a woman, it announces loss of jewelry or other household valuables. Should a 
person* dream that he is strangled or decapitated by a judgment of a court or other decree 
of law, it is a sign that he will be delivered from sorrow, sadness or misery, or, otherwise 
extricated from some unpleasant difficulty. This dream, however, bears a reverse inter- 
pretation in the case of financiers, speculators, money lenders, tradesmen and contractors. 

To dream of having the throat cut without experiencing death, signifies hope and good 
success in undertakings. 

To dream of cutting off a man's head signifies safety in business ventures or vengeance 
upon enemies. 

To cut the head off a chicken or bird, announces joy, festivities, recreations and great 

To dream of seeing the head of a lion, or of a wolf, or any other wild animal, is a good 
omen to the dreamer, as he will most gloriously terminate his contemplated designs, be 
victorious over his enemies, *and be feared and respected by his relatives. 



To dream of having one's head in his hands, signifies loss of children or relatives. If 
the dreamer be not married, it is an omen of more favorable import, yet still bad. 

To dream of dressing, decorating or ornamenting the head, as a general thing, 
announces success in business. 


To dream of having horns upon the head, prognosticates possession of influence, eleva- 
tion to power, and possibly a position of dignity in the government. However, according 
to some authors, when one dreams of wearing the horns of an ox or other furious animaL 
it denotes anger, wrath, pride, temerity and oftentimes imprisonment. 

To dream of seeing a man withhorns upon his head signifies personal danger or loss of 
personal property. 


To dream of having the breast full and handsomely developed, is a sign of health and 

To dream of having the breast shaggy and covered with hair, signifies to a man gain 
and profit ; to a woman, a sensible loss, or some material deprivation. 

Should a man dream of having a breast soft, pliant and developed as in the case of a 
woman, it denotes ease, luxuriance and pusillanimity, and sometimes worriment of mind, 
caused through a child's illness. 

Should a newly-married wife dream of her breast being full and surcharged with milk 
it is a sign that she will shorly arrive at the cares of maternity, and that her progeny wfl ; 
be healthy, bodily and mentally, and do well from the moment of birth. Should tb t 
dreamer be an aged female, it prognosticates increase of income, and shouM she be alread < 
rich, it denotes liberality toward some children enjoying her bounty. Were a maiden 1 <, 
have this dream it signifies her speedy marriage. 

If a woman dreams that she has a diseased chest it is a forewarning of her approach- 
ing illness. 

Should she dream that her breasts have dried up and become sterile and are no longer 
firm, it signifies that her children will suffer for a considerable length of time, or, should 
she be childless, that she herself will become poor, and in her hours of poverty will shed 
many tears of bitter affliction. 

When a person dreams of having the chest fuller -and more distended than is natural, 
it is a sign of long life and of richness proportionate to the extent of the fancied 

If a woman dreams of being gifted with a number of breasts it shows a proneness for 
conjugal infidelity. 

Should anyone dream of receiving a sword wound in the breast at the hands of a friend, 
to an old man it denotes approach of bad news ; to a young one, it is a promise of friend- 
ship and protection. 

For a woman to dream of having her breasts filled with blood and her nipples discolored 
by blood stains, is a forewarning of sterility. 


To dream that the arms have grown to be larger and more stalwart than they are 
naturally, announces to the dreamer great joy and profit, which will be brought about 
mainly through the medium of a brother or son. Should such a dream occur to a woman, 
it betokens that her husband will become rich and influential. 

To dream of having robust arms announces a safe deliverance, either from a sickroom 
or a prison-house. 

To dream of having the arms or elbows covered with boils, ulcers, or other sores, sig- 
nifies sadness, sorrow, misfortune in general affairs, failure in trade ana mental suffering. 

Should anyone dream of having the arm broken or withered away, if he be a states- 
man, politician or jfficehoider, it is a. sign that he will incur public disgrace, be deserted by 
his friends, or be deprived of his official position. To a person in ordinary life this dream 
foretells the sudden sickness of a brother or son, or some other heavy affliction befalling 
them. As a general thing this dream forewarns calamity and misfortune to the nearest 01 
the dreamer's kin, -whereby he himself will suffer. 

Should this dream occur to a woman, it forewarns a separation from her husband for 
sorn^j length of time. 

The muscles of the arms relate to servants or dependents. 

To dream of having the arm hairy or shaggy, designates an increase in financial 
wealth 'jv other pr^nerty. 

The right arm is attributed to the son, the father, the brother or a friend, and the 
left to a mother, a daughter, a sister, a female f rienn, or a faithful female servant. 

To dream of having the arm cut, should it be the right, signifies misfortune to the son, 
father, brother or male friend of the dreamer; should it be the left, it betokens disaster 
to the mother, daughter, sister, or female friend of the one dreaming. 

To dream of having both arms cut or injured, indicates imprisonment or sickness. 


The thighs are representatives of relatives. To dream of having the two thighs broken 
-or severely injured prognosticates the occurrence of most grievous sickness away from 
home, among strangers and beyond the reach of the attentive care of friendly relatives. 
However violent the disorder, the dreamer will, however, recover. Should a young girl 
have this dream it denotes that she will marry a stranger and dwell at a distance from her 
former friends, and particularly from her relatives. If the dreamer be a married woman, 
it signifies her approaching widowhood and the loss of a child. 

To dream of having thighs well shaped and well proportioned, signifies a desire for 
traveling and skating, which, if it be indulged in, will be attended by great prosperity and 
numerous and most happy journeys. 

To dream of being wounded or injured in the thigh denotes that the dreamer will fail 
in accomplishing some undertaking, and that he will be vexed and harassed by some of bis 


The hands have been named by wise men the servants of reason, the instrument of 
instruments, the symbol of human faith, the mechanics of the brain. 

Should one dream of having the hands more beautiful and stronger than they are 
naturally, it applies to some business matter, which will terminate happily, and thereby 
be the cause of honor and of profit. The same dream foretells that an employer will be 
honored and respected by his subordinates, who will serve him with fidelity and alacrity. 

To dream of having the hand cut, or that it has become wasted or shriveled up, or has 
been burned, denotes that the dreamer will lose his most appreciated domestic, or, that he ■ 
will be compelled to cease work and become poor. Should the dreamer be a woman, it is 
a sign that she will experience a number of vexations and great opposition to her wishes. 

Should one dream that the hand and fingers have become smaller than ordinary, it 
makes known that someone among the dreamer's servants, or persons employed will deceive 
him, or, otherwise betray his service. 

To dream of working with the right hand signifies honor for the dreamer or his family: 
should it be the left, it denotes misfortune. However, some writers attribute the arm ana 
right hand to the father, son. brother, or male friend, to whom such a dream prognosti- 
cates increase in wealth, while, in the case of the left, it is a mother, sister, female friend 
or faithful servant, some among whom will be the recipients of benefit or of worldly 

To dream of having the hand or fingers cut off signifies loss of friends and servants, 
ox of other dependents. 

To dream of having six and seven fingers on a hand signifies friendship, new connec- 
tions, happiness, inheritance, or benefits of some enduring nature. 

To dream of having the hand covered with hair denotes sorrow, annoyance and 

To dream of having fresh, white hands signifies friendship ; in the case of poor people, 
it denotes idleness and want. 

To dream of having the gout, or cramps in the hand, indicates to young people, dread 
and fear of danger to their persons, while, to old folks the same dream denotes languor and 

To dream of handling fire without receiving pain or injury, denotes that the efforts of 
enemies, of calumniators and of those envious for- the dreamer, will have an effect upon 
him, and that, on the contrary, he will succeed, according to his aspirations, in accomplish- 
ing a triumph over obstacles. 

To dream of being gifted with many hands signifies happiness, strength, riches and 
abundance. This dream is, however, disastrous to those charged with any crimes, as it 
shows they will fail into the hands of justice, when they will be able to extricate them- 
selves unpunished. 

To dream of beating someone, of delivering a blow with the fist or with the hand, sig- 
nifies peace and coneord between man and wife. If the dreamer be not married, it foretells 
that he will receive and secure the affections of the lady he loves, and thereby triump over 
his enemies. 

If a woman dreams of seating Her husoand with her hands it Indicates rear, attnoug*i 
her husband may love her ; but, should she dream of assaulting her lover, it signifies that 
she is not in security, and that her love is threatened by several accidents perilous to its 

To dream of holding a sword in your hand, and with it striking unknown persons, indi- 
cates security, victory, and good success in business matters. Should it be a stick or club, 
it betokens domination and profit. 

To dream of having golden rings on the fingers signifies dignity, honor and felicity. 


To dream of having nails longer than usual, foretells profit ; but to have them short, 
denotes the reverse, loss, misfortune and contumely. 

To dream of cutting the ends of the nails or of the fingers designates loss, dishonor and 
quarrels with friends or relatives. 

To dream of having the nails torn from the fingers forewarns the dreamer that all 
sorts of miseries and afflictions menace him, and that he stands in danger of being 
wounded seriously. 


The knees denote labor and the daily toil of mankind ; for this reason, when one 
dreams that he has wounded himself in the knee, or has been wounded there by somebody 
else, the dreamer will be disquieted or disconcerted in his vocation, in the exercise of his 
craft, or in the perfection of his labors by envious or badly-disposed individuals. 

To dream of having the knees cut, injured or contracted, so as to be unable to walk, 
indicates that the dreamer will be reduced to poverty through want of employment, and 
should be forewarned by the dream to contract personal and domestic expenses. 

Should one in adversity dream that his knees have been afflicted and then cured, so as 
to be able to resume the power of walking, it demonstrates to the dreamer that his ill- 
fortune will leave him, and that he will eventually become both wealthy and contented. 


To dream of having the legs in fine condition signifies joy and happiness to the dreamer; 
if he be on his travels, prosperity and pleasure ; if he be in business, success and gain in 
all his enterprises. 

To dream of having the legs swollen or disabled, signifies loss and damage from ser- 
vants, or that someone of your best friends will be afflicted with illness. 

To dream of having legs with a tendency to run away with the body, prognosticates 
success in all enterprises. Should the dreamer be a married woman, the same dream 
announces to her th/it she will be a thrifty and respected housewife, who will take great 
care of her husband and of her children. But, to an unmarried female this dream is inau- 
spicious, as it betokens that her preferences will run away with her better judgment in 
business or in love matters. 

To dream of. having wearied legs foretells illness which will interfere seriously with 
domestic or other labor. 


To dream of having three or four feet, indicates to the dreamer the risk of having his 
legs paralyzed through swellings or some accident. Nevertheless, this dream is a fortunate 
one tor traders, especially those who deal in imported merchandise. It is likewise a good 
omen for mariners, while at sea. 

To dream of having the feet burned is a bad sign. 

To dream of having the feet cut off signifies trouble and loss. 

To dream of seeing the feet of children indicates to the dreamer a certainty of joy, of 
profit, of good health, accompanied with great pleasure, and of consojation for past 

To dream of having feet afflicted with sores signifies alleviation in business difficulties. 

To dream of having soiled or dirty feet, foretells tribulation. 

Should one dream of being by a river or a fountain, and of therein washing your feet, 
signifies to the dreamer humility and good fortune. But, sometimes this dream prognosti- 
cates catarrh and fluxions, or local ailments. 

To dream of having light feet and to dance nimbly, signifies joy and friendship, as well 
as personal popularity. 

To dream of kissing the feet of another indicates repentance, contrition, humility and 

To dream tnai someone scratches ttU bottom or one's feet, indicates ine areamer to -oe 
in danger of loss or damage througn flattery or through egotistical vanity. 

Should one dream of having the foot bitten by a poisonous serpent, or other noxious 
reptile, it prognosticates to the dreamer to beware of envy, and should the bite be a very 
serious one, it foretells sadness, misfortune and loss of favor. 

For one to dream of washing the feet with an extract of fine herbs, or of perfuming 
them with scented essences, signifies to the dreamer a season of joy, during which he or 
she will be greatly honored and waited upon with much attention. 

Should one dream of having the leg or foot crushed, broken or otherwise injured, it 
signifies that his servant will sustain some loss or damage. It, moreover, predicts a delay 
as to an intended journey, or the 'nterposition of obstacles in the advancement of a long- 
cherished and ambitious scheme. 

_ To dream of being crippled in the legs, denotes infamy and dishonor. If the dreamer 
be in prison, this dream predicts punishment for his transgressions ; should he be a rich 
man, it forewarns of an approaching loss of property through fire. 

To dream of walking on one's knees, through default of having feet, announces poverty 
and the desertion of friends. 

To dream of having aii artificial leg signifies a change in condition from good to bad, 
or, from bad to good. 


To dream that the flesh has augmented upon all the limbs is an omen fortelling accum- 
ulation of wealth in accordance with the quantity of flesh gained. Should the dreamer 
imagine his flesh to grow in quantity and quality from time to time, it announces that he 
will gradually become extremely wealthy and take delight in splendid dresses. If, on the 
other hand, one should dream of becoming thin and emaciated, if a rich man, the dreamer 
will become a poor one, or, at least, he will conceal his wealth and make himself pass 
for a poverty-stricken individual. But. if he be already poor, he will suffer penury and 
misery. If the dreamer be a woman, she v ti *U be hated by her relatives and all allied to 
her through blood or marriage. 

To dream of the flesh becoming shriveled or black, foretells that the dreamer will 
betray those with whom he has business, by falsehoods and false devices. If it be a woman 
that has this dream, it announces infidelity to her husband. 

To dream of the flesh changing to a yellow or pale color, forewarns the coming of a 
long fever. 

For him dreaming of being covered with pimples, blotches, boils or ulcers, it is a sign 
of acquiring wealth, in proportion to the extent of the imaginary affliction. 

To dream of having an eruption on the skin, and the flesh afflicted with an itching, 
announces accession of gold and silver to him who has in this wise dreamed. 

To dream of turning cannibal and eating human flesh, is a sign that the dreamer will 
enrich himself through usury, scandal or other moral injury to another. 


To dream of putting on a new coat, new hat or new boots, which give satisfaction and 
are a good fit, indicates the advent of joy, profit and business success. 

Should a young girl dream of putting on a matronly hat, or any headdress in advance 
of her years it prognosticates to her disappointment and annoyance. If a shop or working 
girl, or one of the middle classes dreams that her head has been dressed in the height of 
fashion, or that she wears the hat of a lady in high society, it announces to her an eleva- 
tion through marriage. To a married woman laboring for her living, to have a similar 
dream, it announces benefit to her husband or his advancement to some position as master, 
governor, superintendent, porter or some such place of trust. 

To dream of being shabbily dressed, signifies for either man or woman, vexation and 

For a lady tt> dream of appearing in a bridal costume foretells illness or melancholy. 

For a man to dream of having his head dressed, or his hair arranged by a handsome 
female, denotes that he will shortly entertain an affection for one of the sex, but should 
the female be old or ugly, it announces that he will be visited by some circumstance caus- 
ing great displeasure. 

To dream of wearing gloves signifies honor. 

To dream of appearing in public with garments soiled or covered with mud, or in 
patched and well-worn clothes, indicates that the dreamer will be guilty of some offense 
against decency, for which he will be blamed and held up to the contempt of society. 

To dream of appearing in magnificent apparel promises happiness, enjoyment and 

To dream or wearing a goiaen crown upon rne neaa announces trie conference ane» 
friendship of some man high in office, and that you will be honored and feared by a multi- 
tude of persons. To a female this dream indicates the acquisition of many admirers, from 
whose hands she will receive numerous and valuable presents. 

To dream of being ornamented with flowers and bouquets signifies amusement and 
contentment of short duration. 

To dream of putting on handsome boots, or having stylish shoes, signifies honor and 
profit, especially to servants. 1 he contrary signifies damage, loss, contempt and dishonor. 

To dream of walking through the mud or through a thorny pathway, whereby the 
clothing is soiled or torn, is indicative of an attack of sickness. 

To dream of being clad in scarlet denotes dignity, an honorable occupation and influ- 
ence over others. 

To dream of wearing a bad hat, dirty and rumpled up, signifies vexation, annoyance 
and losses. 


If anyone dreams that his body is afflicted with swellings, sores, boils or pimples, it 
signifies that he will become rich through revenues of his lands, or from interest upon 

To dream that one's flesh is bloated or puffed up by ulcers or other like afflictions, it 
should be interpreted according to the parties imagining themselves afflicted, with regard 
to the augmentation of riches as represented by the parts afflicted. Inasmuch as the head 
represents the master, the neck the dreamer, the teeth, or, at least the jaws, gums and 
cheeks relatives, friends or connections ; the shoulders, mistresses ; the arms, brothers and 
the more affectionate relatives ; the ribs, females ; the hands, servants, who are the 
dependent power of a family ; the legs the life of the dreamer, or his chief domestic. 

To dream of having become a leper, or covered with sores in every part of the body, 
designates the acquisition of wealth through infamous means. Should it be a female who 
is visited by this dream, it announces that she will be sought by some man of high position, 
or, at least by someone who will deal liberally with her and bestow upon her good posses- 
sions. Several writers of reputation deem the proper interpretation of this dream to be, in 
the case of a man, that the dreamer will be mocked at and held in contempt on account of 
a woman, but that he will not receive permanent injury. 

To dream of receiving a wound or external blemish at the hands of an acquaintance, 
indicates pleasurable enjoyment ; but, if received from a stranger it signifies reconciliation 
with enemies, much to your advantage. 

To dream of having been cured of a wound, bravely received, denotes the receipt of 
public esteem, and a glorification of your courage by all who know you. 

Should one dream of having the plague, it warns him that riches or wealth, by him 
concealed from general knowledge, will be discovered, and that he will probably be 
deprived of them, either through theft or stratagem. 


To dream of being inebriated denotes augmentation in wealth and recovery of health ; 
however, when the dreamer imagines he becomes intoxicated without employment of 
drinks or of wine, it is a bad prognostication, attended with dread of being pursued for the 
commission of some evil action. 

Should one dream of becoming intoxicated upon sherry wine, muscat, or any other 
sweet and agreeable beverage, it is a sign that you enjoy the affection of some powerful 
personage, who will conduct you to wealth and happiness. _ _._. - 

To dream of becoming inebriated upon pure water," signifies that the dreamier falsely 
boasts of being rich, or that he relies wholly on the power and influence of others*r 

To dream of having been drunk and afterwards throwing up that which has been drank, 
forewarns the dreamer that he runs the risk of being stripped of his wealth on account of 
being compelled to render a settlement as to that which he has previously acquired. To a 
gambler, this dream foretells that he will lose at play all his former winnings. 

Should one dream 01 having, while in a state of inebriety, violent spasms or pains in 
the region of the heart, it indicates that his servants or others in his employ will rob him 
or waste away his substance without his being aware of it. 


When anyone dreams of playing chess with one of his acquaintances, it is a sign that 
he will have a quarrel with someone he knows, and if in his dream he imagines that he 
bears off the victory, he will be triumphant over his enemy. But, should he dream to have 
been defeated, or come second best from out of combat, he will be worsted in his persona] 

antagonism. Should the dreamer, in his slumber, Imagine that he has captured many- 
pieces during continuance of the game, the same denotes the number of advantages he 
will gain during his controversy. 

Should a politician dream that he has lost, or broken his chess board, or that it has 
been taken from him by strength or stratagem, it forewarns him that his followers will 
disappear, either through desertion to an opposing party, or through sickness, discontent 
or other cause. 

To dream of playing at cards or at dice, signifies deceit or underhandedness, whereby 
the dreamer is in danger of being bereft of property through the machinations or misre- 
presentations of designing men. 

To dream of playing at tennis or golf indicates labor and toil, and difficulty in acquiring 
wealth through quarrels and calumnies. 

To dream of winning at dice is a sign of an approaching inheritance through the death 
of some relative, generally from a source unexpected by him. The higher the points 
thrown the larger will be the legacy. 


To dream of having seen the performance of a comedy, farces or recreations, signifies 
a happy course in business. 

To dream of being present at a pantomimic performance, indicates that those speaking 
evil of us, or interfering with our plans will be disconcerted and forced to silence. 

To dream of seeing a melodrama performed signifies that malicious and intriguing 
persons will endeavor to destroy the contentment or prospects of the dreamer, but that 
some honest, upright and benevolent person will interpose and save him from the danger 
impending over him. 

To dream of witnessing a tragedy it the theatre, denotes labor, loss of friends or 
property, which will cause the dreamer a great amount of sadness and of affliction. 

To dream of hearing bells ring, signifies alarms, troubles, riot, commotions, insurrec- 
tions and civil warfare. 

To dream that you are playing, or hearing any other person play the violin, flute or 
other musical instrument, signifies good news, harmony and a good understanding between 
man and wife, mistress and lover, master and servants, and between the employer and his 

To dream of touching the keys or of hearing any other one perform upon the spinnet, 
the harpsichord, piano or organ, forewarns the death of a relative, or a funeral. 

To dream of playing upon the chimes indicates discord, controversy and disunion 
among servants. 

To dream of singing denotes mishaps and afflictions, and fortells that the dreamer will 
give vent to tears. To dream of singing in public, or of playing upon some instruments at 
a concert, signifies consolation in adversity and the recovery of health, should the dreamer 
be ill. 

To dream of playing yourself, or hearing some other person play upon some wind 
instrument, such as a flageolet, cornet, piston, bagpipe, trumpet, bassoon, posthorn and 
others, signifies wrangles, and disastrous htgation in consequence. 

To dream of hearing the birds sing signifies love and happiness. 

To dream of hearing hens cackle, or geese hiss, indicates a certainty of profit and of 
security in business matters. 

To dream of seeing the dancing of a corps de ballet, or that you are present at a ball, 
prognosticates joy, happiness, innocent recreation and a fortunate state of affairs. 

^-fr<teeam of dancing or of singing at a wedding, signifies an attack of sickness. 


To dream of seeing people running, one after another, signifies quarreling and disorder; 
should the runners be little children, that indicates indulgence in sports and pastimes, or 
joy and pleasure ; but, should the children be armed with sticks or stones, or with any- 
thing conveying an idea of an offensive or defensive weapon, it is a sign of war, internal 
commotions or dissensions. 

To dream of seeing a deer or a hare running signifies the acquisition of wealth through 
shrewdness, or through exercise of presence of mind. 

To dream of seeing a horse run indicates contentment and the gratification of wishes 
and desires. — 

To dream of seeing an ass run signifies contrarities. When a person dreams of running 
himself it is a bad sign. 

When a female dreams of running or racing- with anyone, it signifies that she will 

experience loss or damage. Should anyone dream personally of running, it is a good omen, 
particularly if the dreamer imagines that he is actuated through fear to run or fly from 
some other person, for that signifies security. When the dreamer conceives that he is 
running after or pursuing an enemy, it denotes victory over rivals and profit in trade. 


Should one dream of being condemned to be hung by decree of justice in accordance 
with the judgment of a court, and of having undergone the full penalty of the law, it 
announces to the dreamer that he will attain honor or dignities proportionately to the 
height of the gallows or of the tree beneath which he has expiated the sentence. Should 
the person thus dreaming be an invalid, or afflicted in any personal manner, it prognosti- 
cates that he will be delivered from malady and afflictions, and enjoy bodily health and 
mental contentment. 

Should a person dream that he acted the part of judge, and condemned another to be 
hanged, it foretells a serious quarrel with the party upon whom he dreams to have passed 
sentence, but in a very short time after, a reconciliation will be effected, which will ulti- 
mately lead to an estimable and durable friendship. 

According to the interpretation of the Magi and the soothsayers of Persia and Egypt, 
he who dreams of having been hanged, broken on the wheel, scourged or branded in conse- 
quence of some imaginary crime, and by order ot some tribunal of justice, will become 
rich,' honored and respected for some length of time. But, should he imagine himself to 
have been burned alive, and that the flames have left no vestige of his body, it is a serious 
warning to change his habits qf life ; otherwise he will incur popular obloquy and dishonor. 

To'dream of having been hanged and rescued from the gibbet before strangulation, 
denotes to the dreamer a certain fall from honor, dignity and social position. 

Should a man of ambitious views dream of having devoured the flesh of a criminal who 
has undergone capital punishment, it signifies that he will become enriched through patron- 
age of some wealthy or influential man, but he will attain this consummation only through 
clandestine and illegitimate means, and it will be designed to reward the sacrifice of his 
probity and honor. 

To dream of seeing another person hanged or executed in the presence of a mob fore- 
tells the dreamer that he will be found in the society of sharpers and thieves. To a woman, 
however, this dream announces her presence at a wedding festival, and the marriage of an 
intimate friend. 


To dream of being dead signifies that the dreamer will become the servant, follower or 
companion of some man in high office, that he will become wealthy and live to a ripe, old 
age, although exciting the envy of many who knew him in his former circumstances. 

To dream of seeing someone who is dead, and who bears to us some message as to 
what we should do in the conduct of terrestrial affairs, denotes divine protection and a 
blessing upon our undertakings, otherwise a celestial messenger would not have been sent 
in a vision to direct our footsteps on earth that we may prosper here and earn happiness 
and glory beyond the grave. 

To dream of seeing a dead man, who, however, utters not a word, signifies that the 
dreamer will have the same passions, virtues or vices the deceased had in his lifetime, that 
is, provided he was acquainted with him. 

Should one dream of seeing an appirition who will tear or spoil his clothes, rob him of 
his money or nourishment, it is an indication to the dreamer that he will shortly learn of 
the death of a near relative or dear friend. 

To dream of seeing one dead, yet apparently in excellent health, signifies annoyances, 
vexations and the loss of a lawsuit. To a widow, however, this dream announces that she 
will shortly enter into matrimony. To a maiden this is a most dangerous dream, as it 
warns her that her lover seeks only to betray her chastity, a feat he will accomplish if his 
protestations be listened to. 

To witness in a dream the death of one who is already dead, is an announcement of the 
approaching demise of the dreamer's nearest relative or most intimate friend. 

To dream of making a grave, or putting up a funeral monument, signifies betrothal, 
marriage, the birth of children, or other change in domestic position. 

To dream of seeing a tombstone crumble to ruins, or a place of sepulchre desecrated, 
foretells to the dreamer sickness, or loss, by death, of some member of his family. 

For a woman, widow or maiden to dream that she is dead, prognosticates marriage 
with a person of a rank in society above her. To a married woman this dream announces 
pregnancy and the birth of a child. 

To dream of being dead and buried foretells that the dreamer will acquire wealth pro- 
portionately to the amount he imagines to have been heaped upon him. 

To dream of being buried alive forewarns the dreamer of a danger of incurring mis- 
fortune for some time to come. 

To dream of seeing a funeral pass into a church denotes that the dreamer will be 
invited to some ball or party given in a public place. Should it take place in the open 
fields, this dream signifies that the festival will be given in some large city mansion, and 
those who appeared to be mourners at the funeral will be the most conspicuous among the 
guests on the festive occasion. 

Should any one dream of having embraced a dead woman, it is a sign that he will meet 
with the acquaintance and secure the affections of some accomplished lady moving in a 
sphere of society superior to his own But for an unmarried woman to dream of receiving 
the caresses of a dead man denotes that her intended marriage, should she be engaged, 
will be broken off, and, if she marries at all, it will be to her serions disadvantage. 

To dream of being present at the funeral of a relative or of a friend of distinguished 
character is a good omen, as it announces to the dreamer the acquisition or augmentation 
of property, either through inheritance from a relative or through a wealthy marriage. 


To dream of being in church and engaged in devotiong signifies joy and consolation. 
To dream of partaking of the sacrameut or of offering up vows, signifies filial or other 
honorable love, which will bring comfort in return. 

To dream of seeing an angel, such as are described in tj;ie Scriptures, who appears to 
be extending his arms to receive and embrace you, denotes mental gratification and a 
knowledge of being intent upon good works. Such a dream likewise promises mercy and 
forgiveness for previous tronsgression, and bestows a benediction upon your temporal 
affairs. To dream of seeing a cherub denotes consolation, accompanied by admonition to 
banish frivolous thoughts from the brain. It likewise signifies £,ood news feam a distance 
and an increase in honor and dignity. 

To dream that during church service you engaged in desultory conversation, or had 
your mind occupied by unworthy or worldly thoughts, denotes a timorous conscience and 
foretells annoyance and weariness of mind. 

To dream of seeing a white pigeon fly through the air prognosticates a happy termina- 
tion of projects, provided that they be not to the prejudice of your neighbors or against 
the laws of morality, inasmuch as this v. hite pigeon is the emblem by w T hich is represented 
the Holy Spirit in the sacred writings. It likewise signifies peace and good-will, with 
honesty in purpose to keep covenants. 

To dream of seeing an angel hovering over yourself or your house, signifies blessings, 
benedictions, good tidings, consolation and approbation of your present conduct. 

To dream of holding conversation with a spirit of a celestial origin, such as the saints, 
archangels and other members of the heavenly heirarchy, signifies to an invalid the promise 
of restoration of health, and to those bodily and mentally sound, all manner of happiness, 
of prosperity and of joy. 

To dream of holding discourse with the Virgin Mary, should the dreamer be in diffi- 
culties, signifies joy and consolation ; to other persons, incitement to perform acts of 
charity, of benevolence and of self-deprivaticn. 


To dream of seeing the sun arise from the ocean, or to ascend above the level of our 
horizon, signifies good news and prosperity in the accomplishment (f our plans. 

To dream of seeing the sun set, signifies the reverse, although several eminent writers 
have maintained that to see the sun descend beneath the hoiizon denotes happiness to those 
engaged in nocturnal pursuits. 

When a married woman dreams of beholding sunrise, it prognosticates the birth of a 
male child ; should she dream of sunset, her progeny will be of the opposite gender. 

To dream of beholding the sun at its zenith signifies expedition in business matters and 
revelation of hidden secrets. To those who are suffering in illness, especially those 
afflicted with disease of the eyes, such a dream announces recovery and cure ; to prisoners 
it promises liberty, and to bankrupts fres'i credits. 

To dream of seeing the sun descend upon the roof if t e djam.r's house warns of 
anticipated danger from fire. 

To dream of seeing a sunbeem penetrate as far as your bed on which you are sleeping, 
signifies sickness from fevers ; but to drea.n of having your chamber entirely illuminated 
by the sun's rays signifies gain, profit, felicity and honor. A similar dream in the case of 
a married woman, announces the birth of a son, who will grow to manhood and reflect 
great honor and credit upon his parents and become the glory of his entire family. 

To dream of seeing the sun eclipsed or wholly disappear, is a very bad sign, except to 
those who" entertain dread of bene* apprehended for the commission of some fault, or to 
those who fear their seci ets will be exposed ; in every other instance, as a general thing, 
it is an inauspicious omen. 

To dream of having one's head encircled by a halo, or the rays of the sun, signifies to 
a criminal, mercy and a pardon ; to those in liberty, it denotes reputation, honor and glory 
among companions ai.d associates. 

To dream of seeing the sun obscured, of a red color, or of copper-tinged hue, signifies 
the imposition of obstacles to our plans, sickness among children, danger to the dreamer's 
person and particularly as to loss of eyesight. Still, this dream is a go-^d omen for those 
forced to conceal themselves, either to hiae knowledge of some transgressions or through 
fear of falling into the meshes of enemies. 

To dream of entering a house strongly illuminated by sunshine, signifies the acquisi- 
tion of property. 


Should anyone dream of seeing the moon shine brightly, it signifies that his wife loves 
him ardently and will do everything to conduce to his happiness ; it likewise denotes the 
acquisition of silver, for as tile sun represents gold, in like manner the moon represents 
silver. Moreover, as gold is the heart of the world, silver is assumed to be its brain. 

To dream of beholding an eclipse of the moon, or that luminary semi-obscured, signifies 
illness of a wife, mother, a sister or a daughter. It likewise forewarns loss of silver in 
money or plate, danger in traveling, particularly if the journey be made upon the water, 
as well as threatened disease of the brain or the eyes. 

To dream of seeing the full moon is a good sign for ladies of fashion, who will be held 
in good esteem by all who become acquainted with them. But, this dream is an evil omen 
to all concealing themselves from public view, such as thieves, assassins and other felons, 
as they will be certainly discovered. The same dream announces peril to invalids and 

To dream of seeing the canopy of heaven serene, and the stars glistening bright and 
clear, signifies prosperity and profit in one's travels, good news and gain in every under- 
taking entered upon. If, on the contray, the stars appear fitful and twinkling, it denotes 
a constant succession of disappoin cmrnts and of losses. 

To dream of beholding stars fall across the roof of your house, denotes sickness, or that 
the house will be deserted, or perchance, accidentally destroyed by fire. 

To dream of seeing a star glisten from within a house, betokens great danger to those 
inhabiting it. 


Should anyone dream of seeing devils, it is a very bad sign, importing the receipt of 
bad news. 

To dream of beholding the lower regions, such as have been described to us, and to 
imagine hearing the condemned souls groan in torment and gnash their teeth in dire agony, 
is warning from Heaven sent to the dreamer so that he reform his ways and turn his 
attention toward invoking and obtaining forgiveness. 

To dream of being in conversation with the devil is a sign of deceit, temptation and 
treason, which may be followed by the dreamer's total ruin. 

To dream of being carried off by the devil is a still more disastrous omen; nevertheless, 
there is no dream which will give the dreamer greater pleasure, for, upon awakening, he 
will be overjoyed to find himself out of an evil situation which should cause him intense 

To dream of seeing the devil, as depicted by our painters and poets in this manner, 
black and hideous, having horns on" his head, claws and long tail, signifies mental torture, 
bodily suffering and repentance. 

To dream of descending into the lower regions and emerging thence again signifies loss 
to the rich and powerful ; but it is a good si^n to the poor and helpless. 

To dream of being possesed by an evil spirit, or transformed into a demon, indicates 
that the dreamer Will be received into the confidence of a powerful man and will live sub- 
sequently to a good age. 

To dream of having seen the devil and to have been tortured by him, or otherwise put 
to a terrible fright, forewarns the. dreamer that he runs the risk of being reprimanded by 
his employer or supeiior, or of bein^ arrested and brought up before some magistrate. 

If, on the other h^nd, one dreams of battling with the devil, of striking him, or of 
being possessed ci some evil spirit whom the dreamer in-agines he excels, it is a sign that 
the dreamer will surmount his enemies and conquer them to hij great honor and glory. 


There ©ffcentimes jccur dreams of a promiscuous character, which cannot be inter- 
preted, unless sub-divided and considered in their relative details. Thus, to dream of meet- 
ing with a blind nan is in itself, a very unlucky omen ; still, should he be accompanied by 
a dog or a well dressed maiden, it loses its signification, and may be set down as a favor- 
able sign, should the dreamer be at the moment in sorrow or affliction. 

To dream of needles is a sign of quarrels in the family ; but, should the dreamer 
imagine to break a needle while making a garment, it signifies that the owner will live to 
wear it out. 

To dream of breaking a looking-glass prognosticates death in the home circle, most 
commonly of the master of the house. 

To dream of finding a -four-leaved trefoil, or shamrock, signifies a speedy change of 
circumstances for the better, but to find a five-leaved one foretells. certain misfortune. 

To dream of receiving the present of a knife or scissors is a very bad omen, if given 
by a friend or lover, as it betokens an intention to sever friendship or love. To dream of 
receiving either from an enemy, on the other hand, foretells the end of some vexatious 
quarrel, originating in calumny and designed to sever domestic connections. 

For an unmarried person to dream of wearing a wedding ring, is significant of her own 
disappointment in marriage ; yet, should she imagine one to be worn upon the finger of a 
particular friend, it foretells that this friend will become a wife within a twelvemonth. 
Should the friend, however, be already married, the dream forebodes the death of her hus- 
band within the space of a year. 

To dream of gathering white roses is a most inauspicious omen to young wives, as it 
predicts disappointment as to maternity, while should they be red ones, it will bring to the 
mansion, Joy, pleasure and prosperity. 

To dream of hearing, near the door, a dog baying at the moon, signifies certain death 
of a near relative, while the dream of a dog fawning upon you or licking your hand, assures 
you of the friendship and esteem of a trustworthy person. 

To dream of watching in the dead hours of the night signifies, to the rich, important 
business ; while, to the poor, it announces mental agitation through loss of work. 

To dream of an inverted column, signifies evil luck at gaming or anything founded 
upon chance, to the merchant and trader, who will lose heavily and impair his credit, while 
to the mechanic it is an omen of his rise in the world, a happy marriage and a ripe old age. 

For a woman to dream of riding in a public carriage in company with a number of 
men, signifies exposure to scandal and annoyances, while to ride in a private coach promises 
enjoyment at a festival, banquet or ball. Should the dreamer be a man, and his compan- 
ions females, this dream indicates his presence at some law court, but should they; be 
males, he will play a prominent part at some wedding, christening, or other religious 

To dream of having money hidden signifies discretion as to family secrets, which, if 
exposed, would cause anger. 


Dreams which come through a quiet and purified mind, yield abundant prophecies to 
us, as we can both see and ask questions. They, therefore, whose intellect, being over- 
whelmed by too much commerce of the flesh, is in a dead sleep, or fantastic power, or 
spirit, is too dull and unpolished, so that it cannot receive the species and representation 
which flow from the superior intellect; this man, I say, is altogether unfit for the receiving 
of dreams and prophesying by them. Therefore, it is necessary that he who would receive 
true dreams should keep a pure, undisturbed and imaginative spirit, and so compose it, 
that it may be made worthy of the knowledge and government by the mind and under- 
standing ; for such a spirit is most fit for prophesying, and is a most clear glass of all the 
images which flow (everywhere) from all things. Therefore, all those who would receive 
oracles by dreams, and those said oracles true and certain, I would have them to abstain 
one whole day from meat, and three days from wine or any other strong liquors, and drink 
nothing but pure water ; for to sober and religious minds the pure spirits are adherent, but 
fly from 'all those who are drowned in drunkenness and surfeiting. Although impure spirits 
do very often administer notable secrets to those who are apparently besotted with strong 
liquors, yet all such communications are to be condemned and avoided. 

This is the way whereby we may obtain all sciences and arts whatsoever, whether 
astrology, occult philosophy, physic, etc., or else suddenly and perfectly with a true illum- 
ination of our intellect, although all inferior familiar spirits whatsoever, conduce to this 
effect, and sometimes also evil spirits sensibly inform us, intrinsically. 

ABANDON. One's estate in life, loss through bad 
faith. One's household, gain,profit. 

ABANDONED by one's superiors, idleness. 

ABBEY. A threatened lawsuit. 

ABBOT. To dream of seeing an abbot, monk, 
hermit or nun, signifies treason on the part of a false 
friend. Of being one, calmness in passion and in- 
firmities. Of bad behavior under this character, 
sincere piety. 

ABDOMEN. Emicated and disordered, getting rid 
of some awkward business. Larger than usual, in- 
crease in wealth and fortune proportionately to its 
augmentation. Swollen but empty and full of wind, 
misery, misfortunes concealed in secret. A hunger- 
ed ; industry, zeal and wealth proportionate to need. 
An aching stomach, domestic trials, bitter pains. 

ABYSS. To fall into one, serious danger and im- 
mense hardships for the dreamer, who should par- 
ticularly avoid any risk from traveling by sea. 

ABUSE. To dream you are insulted, is a certain 
sign that you will have a dispute with some person. 

A-BED. Denotes good health. 

ABROAD, of being. Is a good dream. 

ABSENT SWEETHEART. If a man dreams that 
she seems to be more fair than nsual, it is a sign she 
is chaste and constant. 

ACADEMY of learned men, sorrow and grief. Of 
sports and pastimes; deceitful allurements, per- 
nicious attractions. 

ACCLAMATION. Forewarning of evil. 

ACCOST. To be accosted by a surperior in rank or 
a great lord, honor and profit. 

ACCOUCHEUR. A harbinger of good news. 

ACCUSE. To accuse a person of any crime ; tor- 
ment and inquietude. To be accused by a man, suc- 
cess, good results. By a woman bad news. . 

ACQUAINTANCE. To quarrel with one, signifies 
annoyance, vexation and distraction. 

ACQUITTANCE. Relief from perils and vows. 

ACTOR OR ACTRESS. Improved health and 

ADAM and EVE. Recognition of a child, or the 
adoption or finding of one.'' 

ADOPTION (of* a child). Trouble and contra- 

ADORATION (worship and prayer). Joy and con- 

ADULTERY. Great scandal, coming quarrels. 

ADVERSARY. Vexation of spirit. 

AGONY. Loss of inheritance. 

AGUE. An inclination for indulgence in strong 
drinks, debauchery, lust and licentiousness. 

AIR. To dream of the air, has a variety of inter- 
pretations, and depends entirely on the different ap- 
pearances it has. If you dream the sky is clear, blue, 
calm and serene, then it has a good omen. 

ALMANAC. Necessity for a better regulated course 
of life. To a female, a warning against inconstancy. 

ALMOND. To eat almonds signifies privation, fol- 
lowed by a deal of good fortune. To see the almond 
signifies elevation in your profession. 

ALTAR. To erect one, grief, a near relation to en- 
ter the religious state. To see one overthrown, sor- 
row, melancholy, misfortune. To dream that you are 
at one, betokens joy and gladness. 

ALTERATION. Burning thirst, a great longing 
for carnal pleasures. 

ALMS. To give— joy and long life. 

ANCESTORS. Neglect of religious duties. 

ANCHOR. Assurance in your hopes. 

ANGEL. To see one, revelation, warning to re- 
pent, to lead a good life, increase of dignities and 
nonor^ To see an angel flying over you or your house, 
consolation, joy, and happy tidings. 

ANGER. To dream that you are in a passion, and 
angry with any one, denotes your having many 
enemies ; if you are in love, be sure that some rival is 
slandering you to your sweetheart. 

ANOINTED. That you are anointed or painted, is 
good to a virtuous woman, to a lewd woman speedy 

ANVIL. Labor security. 

ANIMAL. To feed one, increase in fortune. To 
speak to one, evil and suffering. 

ANXIOUS. To be— one wishes to favor you. 

ANTS. An unlucky omem ; short-lived. 

ANGLING. Betokens trouble or affliction. 

APARTMENT. Sadness and sorrow. 

APOTHECARY. Signifies an ill-intentioned man. 

APPEASE. To appease the ills of a suffering per- 
son, signifies violence, approaching wrath. 

APPETITE. To have a strong one, withdrawal of 
relations or friends. 

APPLE. Of eating them wrath and disdain. To 
see an apple three and eat the fruit ; joy, pleasure, 
diversion, particularly to females, should the apples 
be sweet, but if bitter or sour, sedition, quarrels, dis- 
dain, anger-and fighting. 

APRICOT. To see or eat them, pleasure, content- 
ment. Out of season, bad luck. Dry, sorrow. Rot- 
ten, disappointment. 

APRON. Servitude. 

APPARITION. Deceit and temptation to sin. 

APPAREL. To dream that your apparel is proper 
and suited to the season of the year, denotes pros- 
perity and happiness. 

AQUEDUCT. Receipt of paternal fortune. 

ARBOR. Of verdure, sorrow, vexation. 

ARM. To have one cut, announcement of the 
speedy death of a relative or dear friend ; a male, if 
the right arm is injured, female, if the left. The two 
arms cut, imprisonment or sickness. The arm brok- 
en or emaciated, for a private person, sickness, dis- 
tress, family affliction ; for a man in office, it denotes 
public distress, such as defeat of an army, famine, 
epidemical illness ; for a married woman, separation, 
divorce, widowhood. Arms dirty; distress. Arms 
inflated or swollen; riches for brothers or very affec- 
tionate relatives. Arms stout and robust : happiness, 
cure, deliverance. Unfettered and well developed, 
favors to be received. Harder and more robust than 
customary ; joy, profit, unexpected wealth from a son 
or brother. If the dreamer be a woman, increase in 
the fortune and influence of her husband. Arms 
covered with hair, acquisition of fresh wealth. 
Arms covered with sores or ulcers ; sorrow, sadness, 
loss of time and of money. 

ARMS (weapons). To dream of a keen-edged 
sword, signifies a disastrous quarrel. To receive a 
sword, honor and reputation. To see an armed man 
or body of soldiers, fatigue and nervousness. To ex- 
ercise with weapons, flattering hopes not likely to be 

ARMCHAIR. An eminent position. 

ARROWS. To possess them, discontent approach, 
ing disgust. 

ARSENIC. Certainty of sudden sickness. 

ASPARAGUS. Growing, success in business. To 
eat them, confidence inspired by circumstances as 
yet unknown. 

ASSASSIN. Relief from unpleasant circumstances, 
liberty if in prison, joy, gratification. 

ASS. A person, incompetent or ignorant, or a 
zealous and faithful servant, according to the sur- 
roundings of the dream, or things relating to it. 
Seated on one, toil and labor. To see one run, ap- 
proaching misfortune. To hear one bray, fatigue, 

AUDIENCE. With a public functionary or man in 
office, grief. With a king, president or prince, honor 
and profit. 

AUTHORITY. To dream of being invested with 
authority is a very good sign. 

BABBOON. A malicious enemy with some power 
to injure, who will, however, fail to do permanent 

for those dealing in wines or growing grapes. 

BACK. To see your own, misfortune and a miser- 
able old age. That the back is broken, injured, or 
covered with sores, denotes triumph of enemies, of 
the envious and universal contempt. 

BACKBONE. Felicity and contentment to the 
dreamer, with the promise of children who will 
adore their parents. 

BACON. To eat it, triumph over enemies. To cat 

it, news of a death. 

BAGPIPES. To play on them, contention, troubles, 
family disputes and loss of lawsuits. 

BALANCE. An appeal to justice. 

BALL. To dream of being there, joy, pleasure, 
recreation and success. To be iu a theatre and see a 
ballet perform, indicates the same thing. A cannon 
ball, profound distress and inquietude. 

BALL (a game). To play at it, favorable fortune. 
To see the ball roll from you, a delay in good luck. 
BALLOON. An exaltation of short duration. 
BANDY-LEGGED. To see some one walk thus, a 
derangement in business matters, 
BANKRUPTCY. Prosperity in future enterprises. 
BANNER. To see one floating in the breeze, danger 
and well founded fears. To support it, honor. To 
unfurl it to the wind, recompense. 
BANQUET. To be at one, joy of short duration. 
BARBARIAN. To act as one committing a bar- 
barous action, sorrow and sincere repentance. 

BARBER. To dream of being shaved by a barber, 
designates loss of health, wealth and happiness, a 
fatal sickness or death by some distressing accident. 
BARE. To become suddenly bare of clothing, in- 
dicates to the dreamer a great and unexpected sur- 

BARN. Well filled* with corn, advantageous mar- 
riage, gain of lawsuit, a legacy, lucrative trade, fes- 
tivals and amusement. Empty, shame, disgrace, 
misery, and great annoyances. 
BARRELS and HOGSHEADS. Abundance, riches. 
BASIN. Filled with water without being used, 
death in the family. 
BASKET. Increase in the family. 
BATS. To see a white one, half success. A black 
one. affliction. To see more than one, ruin. 

BATH. To prepare one, news of a siege or bat- 
tle. To see one without a person in it, affliction. To 
undress to bathe without entering the bath, dis- 
content, but soon forgotten. To enter into a bath too 
warm or too cold, domestic troubles, proportioned to 
the degree of heat or cold. To enjoy a bath of tem- 
perate warmth and of soft water, prosperity, pleasure 
joy and health. A sea-bath, honor profit. A shower 
bath, headache. 
BATTLE. Danger of persecution. 
BARKING OF DOGS. Detraction and insult. 
BARLEY-BREAD. Health with contentment. 
BEANS. To eat them, quarrel, dissension, sick- 

BEAR. To see one, a powerful, rich, audacious, 
and cruel enemy, but without skill. To be attacked 
by one, persecution from which the dreamer will be 
extricated when everything appears hopeless. 

BEARD. To have one large and handsome; per- 
suasion, argumentative power, complete success in 
all undertakings. 
BEASTS. To see them run, bitter sorrows. To be 

Sursued by them, offense on the part of enemies. To 
ear them speak, sadness. To speak to them ap- 
proaching evil. To argue with them (above all, 
should they have four feet), suffering, infirmity. 

BEAT. To beat one's husband, fear of the wife 
and love of the husband. To beat one's mistress 01 
lover, danger of an immediate discovery, an amoui 
trouble through an unforseen incident. To be beat- 
en, an impenetrable mystery, trouble. 

BED* To be alone in bed, peril. To see a well 
made bed security. One in disorder, a secret to dis 
cover. To .see the pillows burn without being con- 
sumed, good sign for the male children of the owner 
of the bed. To burn one's bed or see the bed burn, 
damage, sickness, or death to the dreamer's wife. 
Should a woman have this dream, either she or her 
husband stands in danger. 

BEDSIDE. Denotes marriage. 

BEES. For the villagers, gain and profit— troubles 
and inquietude for sick people. Should they deposit 
honey in any part of the house, eloquence, dignity, 
success, but damage to the enemies of the house. 
Take them, profit and gain. Kill them, loss and 

BEEF. Dream of seeing roast beef, light of hope. 
Of eating it, gain, security. 

BEER. Dream of drinking it, labor without profit, 
loss of time. 

BEGGAR. Family troubles. When asking alms, 
benevolence, humanity. 

BEHEADING, Dream of cutting off somebody's 
head, security in undertakings, vengeance upon 
enemies. Behead an armed person capable of de- 
fense, entry into the employment of some influential 
functionary, to whom the dreamer will prove of 
great service. Cut the head off of a chicken ; joy, un- 
expected pleasure. Dream of being beheaded, should 
the dreamer be a prisoner, denotes liberity, if an in- 
valid, restoration to health, if in affliction, consola- 
tion, if in debt, payment of his indebtedness, if ele- 
vated to dignities, continuation in advancement, and 
as a general thing this dream changes fears and cares 
into joy, and a merited confidence of superiors in 
their subordinates. Dream of being beheaded by an 
acquaintance, signifies participation in his pleasures, 
success, or dignities. By a child, death, should the 
dreamer be ill, honor should he be in good health. 
Should the head be only half cut off, the effect of the 
dream will be in proportion. Dream of being be- 
headed by assassins, predicts the loss of children, or 
relatives of the inheritance of husband or wife. Be 
beheaded in accordance with a decree of a court of 
justice, deliverance from sorrow, and every species 
of disastrous business matters, except those connect 
ed witli banking, finance or commerce, and in these 
exceptions it will prove certain ruin to the dreamer. 

BELL. Ring a hand bell, domestic dissension. 
BETROTHAL. Small satisfaction. 
BEET-ROOT. Freedom from trouble. 
BILLARDS. Some hazardous business, uncertain 

BIRDS. Dream of seeing them fight, temptation. 
Of seeing them fly over you, loss. Of hearing them 
speak, good luck. Dream of changing into a bird, 
mutation of goods. Dream of night birds, such as 
the owl, screech-owl, bats, is a bad augury for the 
success of undertakings contemplated on -the pre- 
vious day. Of birds of prey, such as the hawk, falcon, 
etc., increase of fortune for the rich, surfeit of misery 
for the poor. Dream of capturing birds, pleasure and 
profit. Killing them misfortune. Firing upon and 
missing them, a bitter attack upon the dreamer by 
concealed enemies. Seeing many birds assembled v 
tattling and lawsuits. 

BIRDS' NEST. To find one, profit. If without 
eggs, disappointment. 

BIRTH. Dream of giving birth to a fish, signifies 
that the. dreamer will bring forth a child of feeble 
health, or one deaf, dumb or blind. Dream of seeing 
a fish born to some one else, joy and good health. 
Giving birth to a cat, rat, snake, lizard or other mon- 
ster, is an omen of most evil import. 

BISCUIT. Make them, contentment. Eating them, 
distracted thoughts. Eating sea biscuits, profit and 

BISHOP. Dream of a bishop, signifies meeting 
with some great and influential personage. 

BITE. Dream of being bitten, fear of injury to the 
feet. Being bitten By a serpent or other venomous 
beast, jealousy. Feeling the bite, sadness. 

BLIND. To dream of becoming blind, danger of 
treason or death to the dreamer or some near rela- 
tive, child or friend. Being born blind, a warning to 
see errors of the dreamer's ways, as it proves the ex- 
istence of some personal failing. Seeing a blind man, 
loss of money. 

BLOOD. Dream of losing one's blood, headache, 
extreme lassitude, megrim. Seeing flow that of an- 
other, consternation. Seeing blood in large quanti- 
ties, riches, good fortune, exaltation. 

BLOW. Dream of receiving a blow from a strang- 
er, domination, profit, good news. Receiving a blow 
from an acquaintance, a small service to be rendered 
by that person. 
BLINDMAN'S BUFF. Prosperity, joy, pleasure. 
BLOWING A FIRE- To the rich, servitude. To 
the poor, profit. 

BOAR. To the lover, an angry wife. Dream of a 
wild boar signifies that the dreamer has a furious 
and pitiless enemy. Giving chase to and capturing 
the animal, that this cruel enemy has been thwarted 
in his purposes. Killing the beast, complete victory 
over the enemy. 

BODY. Dream of having a robust body, authority. 
Seeing one fall away, Infirmities, mental uneasiness. 
Of a man with two bodies, marriage with a rich dis- 
tinguished wife. 

BOAT. Sail in one upon the water, if the weather 
and water be clear and still, jollity, prosperity, and 
good success in undertakings. The reverse Is the 
case should a storm occur and the water be rough. 
A boat in danger of shipwreck warns the dreamer of 
some great impending peril if he be not at the time 
detained as a prisoner, in which case the dream* an- 
nounces his speedy deliverance and safety. 

BONNET. Wearing an elegant bonnet of a style 
and fashion above the dreamer's condition in life, 
danger of illness or loss of goods. Wearing a night 
cap, the moment to relinquish business. 

BOOK. To dream of composing a book, loss of 
time and money. Hearing one read, idleness. 

BOSOM.. Dream of seeing the breasts ot a woman 
replete A\ith milk, an approaching marriage ii the 
woman be unmarried; if newly married, conception 
and a happv accouchment, if she be aged weal h to 
come, if she be already rich money and pleasures for 
her heirs. Seeing them withered and fun of blood, 
loss of children, barrenness. Seeing the bosom of a 
Buffering woman, dancer of death to the sufferer. 
Seeing the bosom wrinkled and discolored, death of 
a child, or if the woman has no children, poverty, 
sorrow, continual tears. Seeing a man with the 
breast of a woman, weakness, weariness ana death 
of children. 

BOTTLE. Dream of a bottle, joy ana singing. 
A broken one, sadness. 

BOOTS. Sweetheart to the single. 

BRAIN. Dream of having the brain sound and 
well balanced, wisdom and success in all e iternri c es. 
Of its being a Hi; ''ted wuh humors, los:-, a reputation 
for unski]] fulness, dangers to encounter. 

BRANDY. Crapulous pleasures, bacchica' orgies. 

BREAD. To dream of eating white bread, profit 
for the dreamer should he be rich, loss and danger 
should he be poor. Black bread reverses both posi- 
tions. Of eating warm bread, accusation. 

BREECHES. Security. 

BRETHREN or SISTERS. Dream of them, profit 
and joy. Speaking to them, vexations. Seeing them 
dead, long life. 

BRIDGE. Dream of passfng over one, labor. See- 
ing one tottering or broken down, justifiable fright. 
Falling from one, derangement of the brain. 

BOUDOIR Dream of one on fire, a disaster to the 
lady of the house, or a quarrel among servents. 

BDILD. Dream of building a house ; weariness, 
loss, sickness, death. Building a burial vault, 
mrriage, wedding feast, birth of children. Of build- 
ing an altar or church, indolence. 

BULL. Dream of a bull indicates some great per- 
sonage from whom the dreamer will receive good or 
evil according to the bull, his emblem, acted in the 
dream. Seeing a mad bull, a struggle in which the 
dreamer will come out second best. Finding the 
liver and lungs of a bull, succession to an inherit- 

BURDEN. Dream of bearing a burden signifies, 
to a rich man servitude, to a poor one profit. 

BURGLARS. Security in business matters. 

BURIAL. Of a relative, friend or great man, 
happiness, wealth, inheritance, anvantageous mar- 
riage. Of ' a stranger or of any important person, 
scandai, unworthy reports, moral loss of character. 

BURN. Dream of one's bed burning or of seeing it 
on fire or consuming, damage, illness or death to the 
wife of the dreamer. Should a woman have this 
dream it prophesies danger to her husband. Dream 
of being burned bv a slow fire and to suffer pain, 
sign of envy, displeasure, of angry quarrels. 


BUTTER. Dream of eating butter, a speedy and 
bitter quarrel among relatives. Churning it, pro- 
found harmony in the family circle. 

BUTTERFLIES. Inconstancy. D earn of chasing 
them, childishness. 

CABBAGE. Dream of eating it, indicates sadness 
and sorrow. 

CABIN (in the woods). Painful labor, fatigue. 

CABINET (chamber). See it in tiames, sickness for 
its occupant. 

CABLES, or cordage for ships. Coming news from 
debtors and correspondents. 

CAB or CABRIOLET. Ride in one. gool fortune 
Ride on the outside, scandal. 

CAKE. To eat it. threatened Illness if it be sweet. 
Ii plain and wholesome, air ruemed pleasure. 

CALF. See one, inheritance of a small amount of 
money. See one with the cow, a legacy from your 

CANARY BIRD. A long voyage. 

CANDLE. Seeinar one being lighted, birth. Ex- 
hibit a lighted caidle, sttbi.y arid contentment. 
To t'ibrieac candles, j >y and satisfaction. See a 
candle burning brilliantly promises prosperity to an 
enterprising man, health to invalids, prompt niar- 
ri in'e o those living m celibacy, honor and profit in 
ousinjss matters. See a candle burning dimly or ex- 
tuict, saddi.ess, sickness, distress, delay in bu^ne^s. 
See i candle lighted without difficulty, promises birth 
ol superior children, who will prove an honor to 
their mother. If the di earner be a woman, tnis 
dream is a sign of pregnancy and a fortunate delivery 
of a handsome child. ' 

CANNON. Hearing one discharged, near ap- 
proaching ruin, deception, failure in business, bank, 

CANOPY. Hope of cure for a sick friend. 

CARDS. Play at, deception of which the dreamer 
will be the dupe, loss of wealth by reason of con- 
spiracy of designing men. 

CARNAGE. Loss of children or of fortune, dam- 

rangement. Work at carpentering, for a rich man 
depression in spirits, for a poor man exultation and 

CARPET. Dream of seeing the carpets or uphol- 
stery of a room destroyed by fire, betokens the death 
of the owner of the house. Buy a carpet, removal. 

CARRY. Dream of carrying wood or fagots if the 
dreamer is in difficulties, extrication from them 
through industry. If in prosperity, ruin. 

CASCADE or WATERFALL. Financial resources 
in abundance. Be showered by one, loss of property. 

CASE (or box as for jewelry). Discovery of stolen 
goods. • 

CASTLE. Dream of one, a good sign Entering 
one, a flattering hope. Seeing one burned and con- 
sumed, damage, sickness or death to the proprietor. 

CASKET. When containing anything, money. 
When empty, indebtedness and loss. (See coffin.) 

CAT. A subtle thief, treason by a near relative. 
Fight or kill one, capture or death of a thief. Eat the 
flesh of one, to make a thief disgorge. Have the skin 
of one, to recover property of which the dreamer has 
been despoiled, or even to seize upon the plunder of 
a thief. See a cat lying down and asleep, partial suc- 
cess. See one furious and leaping upon some one, 
attack from thieves. Scratches made by a cat, ill- 
ness and affliction for those receiving them. 

CAT OWL. See one, sign of burial. See one in 
company witi other birds, speedy loss. 

CATERPILLAR. A secret and annoying enemy. 

CATTLE, such as oxen, sheep, cows, etc. See them 
in large numbers, abundance and riches. Dream of 
pasturing them, shame and damage to the rich and 
dwellers in cities, profit and gain to the poor and 
those dwelling in the country. 

CAVERN. Visit one, a voyage upon water. 

CAULIFLOWER. To eat; joy, honor, without 

CAPERS. A bad dream. 

CARRION. Signifies sadness. 

CARROTS. Profit and strength in lawsuits. 

CAGE. Shows anxiety to be married. 

CELLAR. Approaching illness. 

CEMETERY. Prosperity near at hand. 

CHAIN. Melancholy. Break one, torment. Be tak- 
en in chains, embarrassment, business difficulties. 
See one bound, sudden mishap, loss of money. 

CHALLENGE. Send one, irtfamy. Receive one, 

CHAMBER. Be in the chamber of a friend un- 
known to him or her, delusion, deception. Find 
one's sell in a strange one, surprise, removal, change. 

CHANGE. When a woman dreams that she has 
changed her sex, it prognosticates conception of a 
male child who will do honor to his family. When 
the dreamer is a man, it forbodes dishonor and in- 

CHAPEL. (See Church.) 

one, loss of employment. 

CHASE. Find one's self hunting, accusation of 
swindling. Return from hunting, assured gain. 

CHEEKS. Full and rosy, interrupted prosperity. 
Thin, sunken or blemished, sudden adversity. 

CHEESE. Contrariness. 
Make it, disturbance. 

Eat it, gain, profit. 

CHERRIES. See them, pleasure, health. Eat 
them, receipt of intelligence. If bitter, tears. 

CHESS. Play at chess or draughts with some ac- 
quaintance, a speedy quarrel with that person The 
issue of the quarrel will be the same as the result of 

CHEST. Dream of the chest being hale and sound, 
denotes health and joy. Hairy and shaggy, to a 
man gain and profit. To a woman loss of her hus- 
band. Enlarged and fattened, long life, a fortune in 
your older days. Have it pierced by a sword blow 
at the hands of a friend, bad news should the dream- 
er be an old man, unalterable friendship should he 
be a young man. 

CHESTNUTS. Eat them, temporary trouble. 

CHILBLAINS, Indiscreet desires. 

CHILDBIRTH. Be present at the birth of a child, 
joy and prosperity. If more than one child bo born, 
the success is proj>ort5onately greater. If a miscar- 
riage, failure in projects. An unnatural childbirth, 
dangerous disorders. For a woman not in reality 
pregnant to dream of giving birth to a son, success 
complete in all enterprises. If a man has this dream, 
gain, riches and profit to be attained slowly. Dream 
of giving birth to a fish, a child in feeble health. 
Giving birth to a ) at, cat, snake or other monster, the 
precursor of manifold disaster. 

CHILDREN. See several running about the house 
while the dreamer in reality has none, embarrass- 
ment in business, difficulties in the way of having 
children or in bringing them up. Talk with chil 
dren, prejudice. See the feet of little children, joy, 
profit, health, pleasure, consolation. 

CHIMES. Hear them, alarms quarrels, sedition, 
defamation. See church bells not sounding, im- 

CHIMNEY-PIECE. Joy, above all if the fire be 

CHOCOLATE. To drink, pleasure, joy, health. 

CHURCH. Build one, divine love. Enter one, 
benevolence, honorable conduct. Pray in one, con- 
solation and joy. To talk in one and disturb wor- 
ship, envy, sin. Be seated in one, change of apparel. 
Listen devoutly, a legacy, but after a lawsuit. Chant 
in the choir, melancholy. 

CHALK. See chalk, profit and gain. 

CHICKENS. A hen and chickens, loss and dam- 

CHURCH SERVICE. Listen to mass, internal sat- 
isfaction. Repeat it, lost labor. Listen to church 
music, overwhelming joy. 

CIDER. To drink it, dispute, animosity disorder. 

CIPHER (to) or calculate, news. Without bringing 
a result, deceit, accusation. Ciphers below 90, un- 
certainty. Above 90, success. 

CISTERN. To fall into one, calumny. 

CLOAK. Dignities. 

CLOCK (on chureh steeple). Fortune, power, eleva- 
tion. With the hands stopped, loss of employment. 

CLOTH. (See Commerce.) 

CLOTHING. To see new clothes, distress. See it 
burn and consume, vexation, scandal, injuries, loss 
of lawsuits, trouble among friends. Having new 
clothing thronghout, hat, boots, etc., joy and profit. 

CLOWN. See a clown disappointment. 

COBBLER. Return of small amounts in money. 
See one working vigorously, wise determination. 

COCK. Hear one crow, joy and felicity. Dream- 
ing one to lay eggs, proft without glory. 

COCK-FIGHT. Quarrels, assaults and batteries. 

COFFEE. To see it burnt or roasted, pain and 

COFFIN. To see one, amendment. Pray near 
that of a relative, a profound grief which will ter- 
minate in the reformation of the dreamer's conduct. 

COLLAR. Honors, dignities, ceremonies. 

COLLEGE. Gratification, continuous joy. 

COLIC. Domestic vexations, corroding cares. 

COLUMN. Overturned, sign of a grave, coming 

COLOSSUS. Approaching ruin. 

COMB. To comb the hair without difficulty.friend- 
ship, gain of lawsuit. With difficulty, labor and 

COMBAT. Danger of persecution. 

COMEDY. To witness the representation of, good 
result in business in which the dreamer is concerned. 

COMETS. Quarrels, disorder, war, pestilence, 
plague or famine, 

COMFITS. Eat them, to be imposed upon. 

COMMAND. Command some one, vexation. 

COMMERCE. Deal in wood, profit. In iron, mis- 
fortune and loss. In cotton, silks, velvet or other 
luxurious stuff's, joy and profit. 

COMMUNION. Security in business matters. 

COMPACT. Make a compact wi^h the devil, suc- 
cess through illegal means. 

COMPANY. Converse in, danger of death. 

CONCERT. Consolation, cure of the sick. 

CONCUBINE. Sleep with a, security for the per- 

CONFESSOR. Order in confused matters. 

CONFLAGRATION. The sight of one or mn e 
buildings burning, with a clear and pure flame, v» it m- 
out violence, without sparks and w.ti.out being con- 
sumed or burned, is to dreamers not giited with over 
good fortune, a sign of honors, employments ant 
dignities, But a flame obscure, violent, sheddi.ig 
sparks, consuming the house, announces great ad- 
versities to the dreamer, such as, lawsuits, 
disgrace, misfortune, rum and unforeseen death. 

CONVULSIONS. Fradulent brankruptcy of a 

COOKIXG. To do cooking, t ttle tattle of women. 
See it don<«, sc.mdal. 

CORKS. Embarrassment, fatig;e, d;:nger. 

CORKSCREW. Unforseen good fortune, rejoicing. 

CORONATION. Happiness, success, temporary 

CORPSE. (See Dead.) 

COTTAGE, Riches. 

COUCH. Indiscretion. 

COUNSEL. Dream of giving advice to another 
upon a profession the dreamer follows, the counsel 
applies to the other upon a profession which he doe> 
exercise, it applies to him giving it. 

COUNT. To count the number of persons present, 
dignity, power and satisfied ambition. 

COUNTENANCE. Sec a beautiful one, honor, long 

COUNTER (in office or store). Monetary suspen- 
sion of payments. 

COUNTRY. Go there on a party of pleasure, 
danger of losing property. Go on business, joy, 
profit, health. Find one's self in an unknown 
country, danger, loss of money. 

COURT OF JUSTICE. Be arrainged before one, 
happiness. Be remanded, a love intrigue. Receive 
sentence, unfaithfulness to wife or mistress. 

COURTESAN. (See Concubine.) 

COWS. Own them, prosperity proportioned to 
their number. Be chased by them, peril which e..i 
be avoided by a little prudence. 

COMFORT. That you are comforted by anyone, 
to the rich signifies mishap and injury, but i> the 
poor aid and assistance. 

CONCEALMENT. Dream you have c Kicealed 
yourself shows obscurity and flight. 

COALS. Dream of coals is a sign of riches. See 
them burning, shame and reproach. 

CORNS. Means increase of riches. 

CORN, Dfe&m you "pass through fields of corn fit 
for the cycle, denotes the comforts of life near at 

COACH. Dream of riding in a coach denotes that 
the party so dreaming will love idleness, is given to 
pride, and will die a beggar. 

CONFECTIONERY. Pleasure and profit. 
COOK. Denotes a marriage. 
CRADLE (a child's). Fecundity. 

CRANES. See two together, marriage, numerous 
and well brought progeny. In the ai r, approach of 
enemies and thieves. In the winter, a season of 

CRAVAT. Sore throat. To take yours off, the cure 
of a cold. 

CREDIT. Give credit and demand payment, mis- 
ery, distress. 

CREDI TOR. Receive a visit from, security in busi- 
ness, mixed up, however, with grave misgivings. 

CRIMINALS. See several, death of many of your 

CROCODILE. Avarice. 

CROSS. Safety, happiness, perils averted. See it 
borne, sadness. 'Be extended at the foot of the cross, 

CROWS. Misfortune and disgrace, notable for the 
husband, to whom this dream foretells his wife's 
temptations, while to the wife it announces that her 
husband closes his eyes upon her improprieties that 
she shall not watch him. When flying, danger of 
death to the person toward whom their flight is di- 
rected. Hear them cawing, sign of sadness. 

CROWN. Of gold upon the head, high political 
favor, respect from subordinates, presents, lawsuits, 
temptation. Flowers, pleasures without remorse. 
Dead men's bones, loss of property, cruel illness. 

CRUELTY. To exercise, sadness, discontent. 

CRUTCHES. Sickness and misery. 

CUCKOO. See or hear one sing pleasure, good 

CUCUMBERS or MELONS To eat them, false 
hopes, prompt cure of disease, should the dreamer be 

CUPBOARD. Death, or at least illness, of the mis- 
tress of the house. If empty, the family will inherit 

CUPOLA. Concealed treasure. 

CURATE or PRIEST. A bad omen, above all for 
the criminal in prison, or the sick confined to their 

CURL. (See Hairdressing.) 

CURRANTS. White, distress and misery. Red, 
comparative ease. Black, constancy in love and a 
very happy domestic circle. 

CUT. To cut the* hair or beard of any one (See 
Beard). To cut off the head (See Beheading). 

CUPID. Dream Cupid breaks his dart, your love 
will change. If he breaks his bow, very likely you 
will die an old maid. 

CYPRESS. Death, affliction, or at least a delay in 
business matters. 

DAINTY or DELTCACY. Dream of eating any 
delicate food, profit. Make it, joy and good fortune. 

DAMAGES. Pay them ; gain, satisfaction. 

DANCE. See dancing, infirmities. Dance yourself 
agreeably, success in enterprises. Dance in the pres- 
ence of a sick or decrepit person, calamities. 

DEAD— DEATH. Dream of kissing a dead person, 
long life. Make one a piesent, loss and damage. See 
a corpse in a coffin, indigestion. See one dead who 
is alive and in good health ; annoyances, sorrows, loss 
of lawsuits. To see one die who is already dead ; ap- 
proaching of a very rear relative, or a friend, bear- 
ing the same Christian name with the deceased. See 
a dead person who does not speak, this foretells to 
the dreamer that he has the same passions and the 
same destiny with the deceased. To see or to speak 
to one. of your near relatives or friends whom you 
know to be already dead ; a warning for reformation 
in conduct, and to introduce regularity into your 
business matters or other affairs. See one dead 
whom you believe to be living, proof that you 
can calculate upon the good of the individual. 
Dream of being dead ; the patronage of some influen- 
tial person, riches, long life, troubled only by those 

envious of you. And burried, sudden death accord- 
ing to some authors, according to others, wealth 
proportionate to the amount of earth heaped upon 
you To have business with a dead woman, a love 
intrigue and favors with a lady of distinction. 

DEAF. Family quarrels, embarrassment. 

DEBAUCH. To indulge in; security, success in 

DEER. To see them. gain. To kill them, to see 
them in droves or one singly roaming in the woods, 
inheritance coming from an aged person, triumph 
over weak and timid enemies. 

DEITY To dream of seeing the Deity face to face, 
consolation and joy. To address Him, joy and pure 
felicity. Should He appeal to extend his arms 
toward the speaker ; benediction, divine mercy, tem- 
poral prosperity. 

DELUGE. Failure of crops, of general wealth, 

DEMON. See one, very bad omen for persons ad- 
vanced in age when sick or poverty stricken, For 
others, sorrow, vexation, melancholy, anger, sick- 

DENTIST. Falsehood deceit, 

DESCEND. From any high place, torment dis- 
appointment. From the top of a hill, lossoi situation. 

DESERTER. News from some absent person. 

DESIGN (drawing). A proposition which, pru- 
dence should dictate to you to decline, a treacherous 

DESIGN. To design any drawing, sustenance of 
friendship. Interchange of le liters . 

DEVIL. To see the devil with horns, claws,forked 
tail and cloven hoofs, torment, despair. To battle 
with him, peril. The devil chatting with you in a 
friendly manner; speedy temptation, treason, de- 
spair, Joss of goods or of life. To be carried away by 
the devil, warning of most direful misfortunes. To 
be possessed by the devil, benefits from some public 
functionary, or dignitary, a Jong and happy life. 
To see him to be pursued by him, and to escape by a 
desperate effort; persecution on the part of some in- 
fluential person, judicial prosecution. To strike the 
devil and vanquish him ; triumph over enemies, 
glory, distinction, braviing popular oppositien. See 
the devil while at prayer, a temptation proving 

DIAMONDS. To see them, a delusion as to wealth, 
deceptive fortune. To pick them up, losses vexations. 
Swallow them, great profit, good fortune, reward. 

DIARRHOEA. Illness, losses, domestic troubles. 

DICE. To win at throwing dice, an inheritance to 
come from some relative, To lose, loss of property 
through the machinations of evil disposed persons. 

DINE. Dine alone, selfish parsimony. In a large 
company, extravagance in household expenses. 
Dine with a lord or noblemen, vain expectations. 

DIRT. A charity, resulting to your detriment. 

DISCIPLINE. Enforce it upon yourself, penitence 
for some affront, a chastisement to be shunned. To 
administer it to others, imprudence, temerity. 

DISCUSSION. With learned men, punishment of 
enemies. With fanatics, loss of a lawsuit, 

DISINTER. To disinter a body from the grave, 

DISPUTE. With a friend, reconciliation with a 

DITCH. Tc leap one or to cross it by a plank ; 
hidden enemies, treachery, deceit by lawvers or 
commercial agents. If the dreamer be in love with 
a lady, she will deceive him at the instigation of an 
unknown rival. Fall into a ditch, personal injury 
from an unseen source. 

DIGGING. Implies good. 

DOE. To own one, contentment, profit. See one 
with fawns, riches proportionate to their number. 

DOOR. Break in a door, speedy arrest. See a door 
consumed by fire, death of a member of the house- 
hold, but very rarely, although sometimes, that of a 

DOVE. Honor and pleasure in the home circie. 
DOLL. Dishonor and sickness. 

DOG. Play with a dog, damage. With many, 
avarice. See white dogs, speedy happiness. Black 
ones, treason at the hands of friends. See a dog in 
anger; well-founded fears. Lying down, turpitude, 
dishonorable love intrigues. Should the dreamer 
imagine the dog to be his own, the services of a faith- 
ful, indefatigable and courageous friend, a trust- 
worthy servant. Should it belong to a stranger, an 
unscrupulous and infamous enemy, See a dog tear 
clothing, scandal on the part of a mendacious villan, 
seeking to ruin him whose garments are torn. Should 
the clog bite, vexations brought about by enemies. 
See dogs righting, ambuscades to be avoided. Dogs 
baying, scandalous publications. Be worried by 
dogs, a proportionate victory over enemies. Seeing 
. dogs collecting from all parts, a popular assembly 
held in the interests of the government, a call for 

DRA-GON (a fabulous animal). Riches, treasure, 
visit to a superior, to a judge or lawyer, or to a noble- 

DRAGOON. (See Soldier). 

DRAUGHTS. To play at draughts, uncertainty, 
long and painful calculations, 

DREGS (of liquors). To di ink, infirmity. 

DBOWN. See one drown, joy, triumph. To be 
yourself drowned, gain. To be drowned by the fault 
of another, loss, ruin. 

DRUMMER. Loss of no great importance, a small 
matter, insufficiency. 

anintriguer, a good-natured, easy, accommodating 

DUEL. A disturbance in the house or between 
iriends, a dangerous rivalry. 

DUST. Passing calumnies, which will do no harm. 

DREAMS. If related, something unlooked for will 
take place. 

| DRINKING. Is a sign of sickness. 
[ DUNGHILL, Shame and debauched conduct. 

DWARF. An attack by ridiculous enemies., 

DYEING. The dyeing of clothes, etc., joy without 

EAR. Dreem of having the ear wounded or cut, 
treason on the part of one abusing your secrets con- 
fided to him. To have the ears stopped up ; tenacity, 
headstrongness, domestic tyranny, if the dreamer be 
in a high social position. For aL ordinary individual, 
this dream signifies change in sentiment, duplicity, 
and deceit as regards those placing confidence in 
him. Clean the ears or to have more than two, 
friends and faithful servants. To have them filled 
with grain or wheat, legacy from a' distant relative. 
To have ears handsomer or larger than usual, suc- 
cess and brilliant fortune from an intimate friend . 
To have asses' ears, servitude for the person wearing 
them. To have the ears of a lion or other ferocious 
beast, treason on the part of enemies or those envious 
of you, whom you believe to be friends. 

EARTH. See the earth black, denotes sadness, 
melancholy, hypochondria. Kiss the earth, humilia- 
tion, sorrow. Eat upon the. ground, anger. Eat 
earth, disgrace and loss of employment., 

EARTHQUAKE. Danger to the fortunate and 
even life of the dreamer. Should he be in a govern- 
ment situation, the dream fortells a political revolu- 
tion and a change of authority. Should the earth- 
quake overturn a house or only the roof, a wall, the 
doors ; rui n and death to the principal inhabitants of 
that house. 

EARTHWORM. Secret enemies armed to destroy 

EAT. To eat in a dream is the sign of threatening 
deceit. To eat salt food, sickness, complaints. (See 
articles eaten under appropriate heads.) 

ECHO, Deafness. Applied to literary works, ab- 

ECLIPSE. Of the sun, considerable loss. Of the 
moon, small damage. Total eclipse, total ruin. 

EEL. To take one alive, malice. One dead ; suf- 
fering, sorrow, vexation. 

EGGS. In small numbers, profit and gain. In 
large quantities, loss and lawsuits. White, trivial ad- 
vantages. Colored or hard, great vexation. Cracked, 
annoyances, idle talk. To be besmeared with the 
yolk of an egg, persecution. 

ELEPHANT. Fear and peril of death. Get on the 
back of one. enjoyment of wealth and distinctions, 
the confidence of superiors and the respect of in- 
feriors. To feed one, to serve some influential man, 
who will be grateful in returning these favors. See 
one running at large, happiness and independence. 

EMBARRASSMENT. To find one's self embarrass- 
ed, the more difficult it seems to extricate yourself 
the greater will be the eventual success of the pro- 

EMBRACE. To embrace relatives or friends, treas- 
on. Embrace a stranger, a speedy journey. 

EMBERS. To eat them, disaster. See them burn- 
ing and sparkling, precautions to take against ene- 
mies, shame and reproach. Extinct, failure or prose- 
cution of business matters proportionately as they 
are heated. 

EMBROIDERY. To see a person embroider, am- 
bition. Vestment, covered with gold and em- 
broidery; joy, honor, respeet, dignity. An embroider- 
ed waistcoat, good luck, an eminent position. 

EMPEROR. See or talk with one; thought of 
escape, flight, inquietude. 

EMPRESS. Loss of employment, of dignity, of 

ENCHANTMENT. To make one, audacity and 
facmation. To be the victim of one, commercial 

ENEMIES. Talk with yours, salutary distrust, 
conquer them, gain of lawsuit. Play with them, 
disadvantage. Be taken by them ; embarrassment, 
negligence, idleness. Take some one in hatred, 
trouble and reverse of fortune. 

ENGAGE. To engage to sell property, vexations or 

ENTRAILS. (See Intestines). 

ENCLOSURES. Dream of making enclosures is 
fornnate. to sec them -all or break down denotes 

EPAULET. Lignity, above all in the legal pro- 

EPITAPH. To read one's own, self-imposed 

EVENING. To dream of a beautiful summer's ev- 
ening is a certain sign of longevity. 

EXCHANGE. Dream of the mercautile or stock 
exchange; trading negotiations; sure operations, 

EXCREMENT. To wallow in it, a change in social 

• EYE. To lose an eye, death of one of your parents 
or grandparents. Have diseased eyes, faults for 
which repentance comes too late, loss of children or 
friends. To be cross-eyed, bad discernment. 

EYEBROW. To have eyebrows and eyelashes 
thicker and longer than ordinary; happiness and 
public esteem, success in love, considerable fortune. 
For the eyebrows to fall off; dishonor, treason in love 
matters, complete ruin. 

FACE. Dream of seeing a beautiful one, honur, 
long life. See that of an ugly woman, a love in- 

FACTOR. News from a person abroad. 

FAGOTS. Falsehoods, false news, useless ad- 

FAINTING. Voluptuous dreaminess. 

FAN. Rivalry, petty perfidy, vanity. 

FALCON. Have one on the wrist, honor. See one 
in the air, prosperity for the rich, misery for the 

FALL. Dream of falling, dishonor. Fall and rise 
again at various turns, honors. Fall iuto the water 
or the sea, if you awake in surprise ; commerce with 
a married woman, loss of health, of honor, of wealth, 
extreme trouble in extricating yourself from the 
traps of enemies, and of those envious of you. If the 
dream be prolonged, persecution. 

FAMINE. Speedy loss. 

FARCE (See Comedy). 

FARM and FARMER. Ease, happiness, tranquil- 

FAST. To dream of lasting, fears badly founded. 

FAT. (See Fleshy). 

FEAST. Joy of a short duration, ruin of tempera- 

FEATHERS. Dream of white feathers, riches and 
satisfaction. Black ones, tears and delay in business. 
Consume them, bitterness. Be covered with them ; 
misfortune, honor, prosperity or disgrace, according 
to color and the nature of the bird whence they 

FEET. To feel as if some one were tickling the 
bottom of your feet, ruin to flatterers and parasites. 
See tnem bathed with odoriferous herbs, and essential 
perfumes ; honors and rejoicings on the part of sub- v 
ordinates. Bathe them yourself in the same manner ; 
fatigue, vexations, catarrhal affections, consump- 
tion. Wash in a basin or other vase, gluttony. To 
kiss the foot of any one, repentance, humiliating 
avowal, change in conduct. Have the feet lacerated, 
trouble and damage. Have light feet, or be engaged 
in dancing: joy, friendship universal benevolence. 
Feet to burn, the most disastrous omen imaginable. 
Have sore feet, solace beneath trouble, success in 
business. Have dirty and infected feet,' tribulation, 
shameful maladies. 'Have feet bitten by a venomous 
snake or other reptile, jealousy of mistress or lover. 

FERRET. Admiration for an unworthy woman. 
FESTIVAL. Physical prostration. 
FEVER. Ambitious desires, extravagance. 
FIELD. Of wheat, barley, etc. (See each of these 

FIGS, To see them in season, pleasure and honor. 
Out* of season, sorrows and misfortunes. Eat them 
dissipation of wealth. Dry figs, withering away of 

FINGER. To burn your finger, envy and sinful- 
ness. Have the linger tut, loss of friends or servants. 
•(See Hand-.) To have more than five fingers on the 
hand, new alliance, friendship, happiness, profit, in- 
heritance. (See Nails, Rings.) 

EI I.E. See fire signifies wrath, danger. See a fire 
burning in the fireplace without smoke or scintilla- 
tions, denotes perfect health in body and mind, 
festival, abundance, rejoicing among* friends and 
relatives. This dream, upon" seeing the contrary of 
the foregoing fire, announces wrath, disputes, spend- 
ing of moneys, family quarrels, and, in certain cases, 
bad news. An extinct fire, indigence, necessity, 
want of money. A fire lighted with difficulty, which 
goes out, shame arid disgrace to a married couple, 
one of whom is the dreamer, with whom, in most in- 
stances, the cause originates. To touch fire without 
in j ury, success, despite the intervention of the en- 
vious. - Be burned by fire, warning of violent fever. 
See someone else burn, this dream is a menace to 
either tne dreamer or the person burned, of sickness. 

FIREARMS. To discharge, deceptive profit, vexa- 
tion, wrath. 

FIREWORKS. Momentary triumphs. 

FISHES. Of various colors; augmentation in ill- 
ness, or, if the dreamer be in good health, quarrels, 
injuries and sufferings. Fish dead in their element, 
deceitful expectations. To take them in a seine, joy 
and profit, in small quantities, sorrow and ruin, in 
proportion to the quantity taken. For a woman to 
dream that she has given birth to a fish, signifies 
that her infant will be born decrepit or deaf and 
dumb. Dream of seeing such a phenomenon occur, 
joy and health. 

FISHING. Joy and success. Fish with hook and 
line, patience, small profit, forgiveness of injuries. 
With nets, great gains. 

FISHHOOK. Cheat, deception, abuse of con- 

FTSHING NETS. Rain, or rather ' change in 

FLESH. To eat human flesh, fortune acquired 
through disreputable means, fatigue, diovvsiness. 

FLESHY. To grow fleshy, unexpected wealth. To 
an unaccountable degree, new taste for pleasures and 
ostentation. Lose flesh and become attenuated, 
should the dreamer be rich he will gradually sink to 
poverty, should he be poor he will fall into extreme 
misery, if it be a female who has this drerm, she will 
lose the friendship of her husband, family and 

FLIES. Be bitten by them, persecution on a small 
scale, originating in envy, annoyance, vexation. 

FLOOD. To swim in an overflooded river, speedy 
danger, to be averted only through care and cour- 

FLOUR. Death in the neighborhood. To burn it, 
sudden ruin. 

FLOWERS. To gather them, considerable benefits. 
Hold, see or smell them in their season, consolation, 
pleasure, joy. Out of season, obstacles and want of 
success. Should they be white, the difficulties will 
be slight, if they be yellow the difficulties will be 
painful, and if red' the dream ofentimes foretells 
death. (See Rose, Lily, etc.) To see the flowers of 
the field, annoyances, losses, physical maladies, 
mental diseases, at least when the dreamer is not a 
habitual student in botany. To cultivate flowers, 

FLUTE. Play upon a flute, discord, discussion. 

FLYING. Dream you are flying is a very excellent 
omen, it foretells elevation of fortune, if you are in 

FOG. See one appear, good fortune. See one dis- 
appear, a reverse in family matters. 

FOOL. To act like a fool, misanthropy. 

FOREHEAD. Large and high, spirit and judg- 
ment. Thick and fleshy, sign that on the emergency, 
the dreamer will speak with firmness and freedom. 
Open or wounded, the treasurers of the dreamer 
threatened with spoliation, a subject for just fright. 
Dream of having a forehead of brass, bronze, marble 
iron, irreconcilable hatred, good omen should the 
dreamer hold mercantile correspondence. 

FOREST. Be lost in one, profit for the poor, 
loss to the rich. Cut the trees of one, loss of in- 

FORK. Parasites. 

FORM. To see a man or woman of beautiful 
figure, joy. contentment, speedy pleasure. 

FORTUNE. Dream of good fortune, deceit. 

FORTUNE TELLER. To consult one, torments, 
without a base. 

FOUNTAIN, or stream of clear water. Abundance,, 
health to invalids. The contrary, if the water be- 
muddy or stagnant. For a fountain to play over 
you, honor and profit. A fountain jet of water, fake 

FOX. Surprise by thieves. Fight with one, ah 
enemy, crafty and subtle. A tame fox, afleetions ill 
placed in love matters, a domestic abusing the con- 
fidence of his master. 

FREEMASON. Mystery, benevolence. 

FRIENDS. To laugh with yours, speedy rupture. 
Dream you see a friend dead, betokens hasty news of 
a joyous nature, if you are in love, it foretells a 
speedy marriage with the object of your ail'ections. 

FROGS. Rupture among friends, dispute, vexa- 
ation. Hear them croak, distrust .of flatterers, idle 
talkers and ignorant and indiscreet babblers. 

FRUITS have various significations, for which 
see under name of each fruit separately. Pluck rot- 
ten fruit or handle it, adversity, loss of children to 
him who plucks it. Eat it. be deceived bv women. 
Look at or to eat good fruit, pleasure, mental weak- 

FUNERAL. Of a relative, of a friend, of a great 
man. happiness, riches, legacies, advantageous mar- 
riage. Of a stranger, or of a person little known to 
fame, scandal, deep underhand practices. 

FUR. Be covered with fur, health and long life. 

FURNACE. (See Oven.) 

FURNITURE. Riches, good fortune. 

FURIES (the harpies of mythology, monsters, half 
women, half serpents). Troubles originating in envy 
or malice, and sustained by a mortal hatred. 

FUSEE (light musket). Fire one off, triumph for 
the moment. Load one, disappointment ambition. 

G A LLO WS. Dream of being hung upon a gallows, 
dignity proportionate to its height. Be hung and 
subsequently binned to a cinder, loss and inevitable 
ruin. See one or moie hanged, damage, misfortune. 

GALLANTRY. Toward the fair sex, satisfaction 
and good health. Should the dreamer be a woman 
good luck in trading. Should she be an unmarried 
girl, inconstancy to her admirer. 

GARMENTS. W 7 hite, happiness to those wearing- 
them. Wear soiled, greasy or dirty garments, sin- 
fulness, condemnation, general contempt. See them 
torn, success with f 1 iendly aid. Covered with gold 
and embioidery, honor, respect, congratulation. 
Garments of many colors, vexations. Black gais 
ments, joy. 

GALLERY. Prosperity in commercial affairs. 

GALLEY-SLAVE. Audacity, courage, strength. 
Should he escape, misfortune. 

GAMBLING. Dream of gaming with an enemy, to 
be on the point of giving him an advantage. Gain 
at a game of chance, loss of friends. Lose, consola- 
tion, relief from troubles. 

GARDEN. Cultivate or admire a garden, ap- 
proaching good fortune. Walk in one, joy. 

GARTERS. Infirmities. 

GAUZE. Mystery, modesty. 

GAZETTE. Publication of an immediate mar- 

GARLIC. Eating of domestic jars, 

GHOST. Dream of a spirit of one dead, clad in 
white and with a radiant countenance, consolation 
and happiness. One clad in black and with a revolt- 
ing expression, temptation, deceit, alluring wiles of 
female. See several ghosts during one dream, com- 
plication of sorrows. 

GIBBET. (See Gallows.) 

GIFT. Receive one from an influential official, a 
change in fortune. From a man, good advice, con- 
tentment. From an unmarried lady, friendihip. 
From a married lady, illicit proposals, From a boy, 
■tribulation. From a relative vexation. 

GIRDLE. A new one honor. A broken one, dam- 
age. One before used, labor, trouble. A golden one, 
gain to the wearer. . A silver one, a trifle less profit. 

GIVE. Consult the names of the articles given or 

GIRLS. Dream of girls is the prognostic of good, 
expect soon to see a long absent friend, they denote 
scccess and riches to the dreamer. 

GLADIATOR. Agony, anguish. 

GLASS. (In general, everything of glass bears par- 
ticular relation to females.) To accept a glass of 
water, prompt marriage or birth of children. Break 
a glass without losing the water or its other contents, 
death of the wife, safety of the child. Lose the water 
without breaking the glass, death of the child, safety 
of the mother. Look in at a glass window, a pre- 
carious situation. 

GLOVES. On your hands, honor, prosperity, pleas- 

GOATS. White ones, profit. Black, misfortunes. 
Own one, happy mediocrity. 

GOBLIN. Fine and delicate pleasantry. 

GOLD. Make gold, loss of time. Handle it, ex- 
citement, enthusiasm. To find it, profit. Spend it, 
bitter sorrow. To amass gold and silver, deceptions 
and loss. Hide them, spite, wrath. False gold, 
riches, grandeur. A fillet of gold, success by dint of 

GOLF. Play golf, labor and trouble to acquire 
wealth. Disputes over golf contests, injuries. 

GOOD. Do good, internal satisfaction. To the 
dead, certain profit. Have a store oi goods, a sub- 
ject of sadness. 

GOOSE. Own one, honor and favor with the popu- 
lace. Hear the hiss of a goose or hen pheasant, 
profit and security in business relations. (See Gos- 

GOOSEBERRY. Red gooseberries, constancy. 
White, satisfaction. Black, distress. Eat them when 
out of season, infidelity. 

GOSLING. Cut the head off of a gosling or goose, 
satisfaction, pleasure, happiness. 

GOUT. Legs afflicted with this malady if the 
dreamer be young, a panic of terror, personal danger. 
If he be old, languor and misery. 

GRAIN. Grain beneath your feet, great fortune 
acquired without difficulty. Eat wheaten stuffs,etc, 
poverty, absolute distress. 

GRANARY. Danger of temptation. 

GRAPES. To eat them at maturity, denotes joy, 
profit, rejoicing, voluptuous pleasures. Eat them 
green, small contraries, followed by heavy profits. 
Eat them dried, loss cares, bitterness. To trample 
grapes beneath foot, victory over enemies. Red 
grapes, reproaches. White, innocence. 

GRASSHOPPERS, cockchaffers, crickets, locusts; 
insupi>ortable babblers, bad musicians. Loss of 
harvest by thieves or otherwise, bad omen for in- 

GRATING {of iron bars). Bee" one before you 
speedy liberation. Break one to escape, sorrows. 

GRIEF. Experience, when we derive benefit. 
GROTTO. A short journey by water. 
GROUND. To fall on the ground, humiliation, 

GRAVE. Dream you see a grave, foretells sickness 
and disappointment. If you are in love, depend 
upon it you will never marry your present sweet- 

GUITAR. Inexpensive pleasures. 
GUN (or other firearms). To discharge a gun ; vex- 
ation, anger. A brief career in public. 

HAIL. Trouble and sadness, and sometimes dis- 
covery of the most secret things, to the advantage or 
prejudice of the dreamer, according to his being 
more or less moral. 

HAIR. Dream of having hair black, short and 
crispy, signifies sadness and misfortune. Hair well 
combed; friendship, and of troublesome matters. 
Hair disheveled ; annoyances, sorrows, outrages and 
quarrels. Hair falling out. loss of friends. Of be- 
ing unable to unravel your own hair from knots, 
lawsuits and long years of toil. Of having the hair as 
long as that of a woman, effeminancy and weakness 
as belonging to that sex. Of having it longer and 
more black than usual, increase in honor and riches. 
Of having the hair thinner than usual, affliction and 
poverty. Of seeing it grow white; an exhausted 
treasury, annihilation of fortune. Seeing a woman 
quite bald ; famine, poverty, sickness, Seeing a man 
without hair ; abundance, riches, health. 
HAIR-DRESSING. Approaching peril. 
HALBERD (or pike). A coming war. To carry 
one, security. To break one, vain fatigue. 
HALL PORTER. Fidelity. 
HAMMER. Oppression. 

HAND— HANDS. Dream of having a hand cut off, 
burned, or withered ; loss of a most valuable servant. 
Should the dreamer have no servant, it foretells mis- 
fortune and incapacity to continue his ordinary labor. 
Should the dreamer be a woman ; loss of her hus- 
band, eldest son, or means of support. To have a 
hand hairy or shaggy, vexation and imprisonment. 
To have a diminutive hand; deliverence, disem- 
barrassment. To wash the hands; toil, inquietude. 
To look at your own hands, infirmity. Swollen 
hands, riches and profit to servants. Hands more 
beautiful and stronger than natural; conclusion of 
an important affair, honorable as weil as lucrative, 
the affection of subordinates. Hands or fingers 
smaller than ordinarily ; unfaithful servants, abuse 
of confidence. Hands fresh and white ; if the dream- 
er be rich, friendship and numerous companions; 
if he be poor, distress and few sympathizers. Have a 
multitude of hands ; happiness, strength, and abun- 
dance of wealth, but a professional felon would see 
in this dream a prediction as to the discovery of his 
crimes and their severe punishment. 

HANDBILLS. To post them, dishonor. To read 
them, labor without any reward. 

HANG. To see a man hung, infidelity. To assist 
in hanging a man, fortune and patronage acquired 
through dishonorable means. 

HARE. Friendship. To course a hare, denotes 
great wealth, the result of industry and address. 

HARLEQUIN. To see one, melancholy soon dis- 
sipated. Malice, roguish tricks. To wear his dress ; 
temporary vexations, occasional annoyances. 
HARP. Cure for madness. 

HARVESTERS. To see many of them, prosperity 
in trade. See them in repose, scarcity. 

HAT. Dream of wearing a soiled or torn hat; 
damage, dishonor. Wear a new one gain and pleas- 
ure. To see a hatter at work, excitement to am- 
HATCHET. A warning to expect peril or death. 
HATE— HATRED. Lawsuits. To forgive those 
you hate, deceit and hypocrisy. Maintain a hatred 
against former friends; consolation, satisfaction. 
To make known hatred, triumph over parasites and 
HAWK. To capture one profit. 
HAY. To see it sweet smelling, grave accident. 
When smelling badly or not smelling at all, subtrac- 
tion of personal property. 
HAZLENUTS. Eat them, passing trouble. 

HEAD. Have one without body, liberty. Have 
one very pate and white joy. Wash your own, the 
departure of all danger. Have a negro's head, a dis- 
tant voyage, a commercial expedition. Have the 
headsm'aii, light or pointed; feebleness of spirits, 
servitude, dixhunor. Feel some one bathing your 
head, damage. To have the head larger or more ele- 
vated than commonly ; professional dignity accord- 
ing to the estate of the dreame*-, gain of a lawsuit, 
triumph over adversaries. Should the dreamer, or 
whoever he s^es in the dream, be engaged in com- 
merce or banking, amassing of money ; if he be an 
invalid, violent fever. Have the head swollen, 
riches and profit for the dreamer's employers or 
superiors. Have the head of a wolf or other savage 
"beast; complete success in- oil un.iertakings, com- 
petitors vanquished, the lespe^t of fellow citizens. 
To have the headache. lo>s of credit. Have two 
heads, society or association. I'ohold your head in 
your hands ; loss of wife or children, if the dreamer 
keeps house, otherwise, happiness und success. See 
a death's-head; need of foresight, of precautions to 
avoid traps set for you. 

HEADSMAN (executioner). Business ruin. 

HEALTH. A bad omen for invalids. 

HEART. Dream of having the heart sick and suf- 
fering, denotes an approaching illness, dangerous in 
proportion to the suflering. Have the heart injured, 
if the dream indicates a married woman, it will hap- 
pen to her and recoil upon her husband; if an un- 
married female, upon her father or lover. Dream of 
having no heart or having lost it; death near at 
hand, triumph over your mortal enemies. 

HEARTBURNING. Dissipation of fortune. 

HEAVEN— SKY. To see in the heavens a moderate 
fire, pure and luminous ; danger to the country or to 
some high office in the State. See the heavens ablaze ; 
an attack upon the nation, plague, famine, desola- 
tion. From the side this fire falls will come the 
enemies or aggressors. Should this blaze jump 
about, extend itself or descend, the evil nature of the 
sign is magnified. The heavens sown with flowers, 
discovery of the truth. To ascend to the heavens, 
overwhelming honor. (See Stars, etc.) 

HEDGES. Sudden and unforeseen impediments. 
To pass over hedges ; security, fortune, victory. 

HEN. Which crows ; weariness, devouring sorrow. 
Laying eggs, gain. To see a hen and her brood, 
losses to be sustained. If they cackle ; joy, profit. 

HERBS. Uncooked, such as salad, lettuce, leeks, 
etc. ; pain, embarrassment in business. Eat them ; 
poverty, sickness, prostration of nerves. 

HERDSMAN. Damage to the rich, gain to the 

HERMIT. To see one, warning to beware of a 
false friend. Dream of being one, impotence. 

HILL. Dream of ascending a hill with great diffi- 
culty, assisted by a strange man, signifies that by the 
advice of a new acquaintance you will accomplish a 
igreataim. To the lover who dreams of travelling 
-over steep hills, shows rivals who will give great un- 

HOLE. To fall into one, disappointed expecta- 

HOGS. Avarice, greed for money. 

HOMICIDE. Security. 

HONEY. To eat it ; success in business, safety on 

HORN (a musical instrument). Disturbance, riot. 

HORNS. To see them on the head of another; 
danger to the dreamer, either in person or property. 
Wear them; domination, greatness, authority. Of 
the ox or other furious animal ; wrath, pride, tem- 

HORLOGE (a sort of clock). Well employed time. 

HOROSCOPE. To cast your own; deceit, badly 
founded tribulation, personal trouble, embarrass- 

HORSE. Generally a happy omen. To take and 
mount one, assured success. Geld one, false ac- 
cusation. Black horse ; rich but wicked life, loss and 
damage. White horse, a beautiful and virtuous, 
wife, wealth to accumulate. A limping horse, em- 
barrassment and opposition to the dreamer's pro- 
posed enterprises, contrarieties. To see a shoe put 
on a horse, denotes trouble, shackles. See a horse 
race ; good times, wishes about to come to pass. To 

mount a horse boldly and master him, rapid ad" 
vancement. Ride a horse in company with men» 
contentment and profit. In company of females, 
treason and misfortune. A horse replete with ardor 
and courage, or one splendidly harnessed, denotes a 
rich establishment ; if the horse belongs to another, 
joy and revelry for his wife. To mount a well- 
trained horse, denotes honors, dignities, and fine 
reputation. To see another mount your own horse 
against your will, conjugal infidelity to be discover- 
ed by the dreamer. A pair of horses in harness, 
business in prosperous condition. 

HORSEMAN. Thrown from his horse, consider- 
able loss. If he reseats himself, success. 

HORSERADISH. To eat, discord among relatives 
and friends. 

HOSPITAL. Misery, privation. To be attended in 
one by a sister of charity, divine hope. 

HOTEL. See a handsome one, torment. Be 
within one, loss and sickness. 

HOUSE. Build one, consolation. Feel the house 
shake beneath you, danger of loss of goods to owner 
or occupant. 

HUNGER. To suffer ; zeal, industry, acquisition of 
means, increase of wealth proportionate to the pangs 

HURDY GURDY. Hear one played upon; dis- 
astrous occurrances. Play on one, painful delays. 

HYDRA (many-headed serpent). Approaching se- 
duction, if the dreamer be a female ; sin, adultery, if 

HYDROPSY. Necessitv mysterious pregnancy. 

HYMNS. Sing them, want of self-reliance. 

IDOLATRY. Dream of worshiping an image 

f>rognosticates serious mental disturbance and ill 
uck in business. 

ILLUMINATION. See one in public, personal sor- 

IMAGES. If they be comely and well shapen, 
grievances and injuries. If ugly or misshapen, 
pleasure, great joy. 

IMBECILE. Dream of becoming imbecile, unex- 
pected benefit from a powerful stranger, long life, 

IMPS. To dream of seeing imps or evil geniuses, is 
a bad sign for invalids advanced in years. For all 
others ; disappointment, vexation, fits of anger and 
passing illness. 

IMPOTENCE. Dream of being powerless, bedrid- 
den, unable to walk, etc., to a well person, infirmity ; 
to a sick one, recovery. 

IMPERIAL. Dreaming of imperial sovereigns is a 
sign of a rise in life. 

INCENSE. Flatterers, parasites, traitors, treach- 

INCEST. Progress in the arts, discoveries. 

INDIGENCE. Dream of becoming suddenly in- 
digent and dependent upon others for support, un- 
expected gain. 

INFIRM. Dream of seeing an infirm person, af- 
fliction. Of becoming yourself infirm, absence from 
all ills. 

INJURY. Mark of favor, friendship. Prosperity. 

INK. To use it, accommodation. Spill it or see it 
spilled, prolonged and vexatious disturbances. 

INN. To see an Inn, repose. Lodge in one, repose 
disturbed by well-founded suspicions. 

INSECT. Fleas, bedbugs, and the violent itching 
by these and similar domestic plagues ; the receipt of 
gold, silver, and every other kind of valuable prop- 
erty. y ^ 

INSTRUMENTS (musical). To play upon one or 
to see some one perform upon a simple instrument, 
denotes death of a relative, a funeral of some near 
friend. If, however, you dream of attending a con- 
cert or of perceiving a large number of instruments 
played upon, denotes consolation cure of sickness. 

INSTRUMENTS (wind). Play upon or hear them 
played upon, trouble, quarrels, loss of lawsuits. 

INTESTINES. Dream of rupturing one's intes. 
tines, denotes family quarrels, discarding by a rela- 
tive, whence will originate losses, damage, affliction. 
To devour one's intestines, a speedy legacy, death 
of parents.' To devour those of another, a fortune at 
the expense of this other. 

INTOXICATION. Dream of being" inebriated, de- 
notes increase in wealth, restoration to sound health. 
Of being so without drinking any intoxicating 
liquids, a bad sign, indicating the commission of a 
dishonorable action, which may result in being 
brought before a police justice. 

INEBRIETY, accompanied by heartburn and in- 
ternal sufferings, thefts and depredations committed 
by servants. 

INVENTORY. Dream of making out an inventory 
of your personal goods, bankruptcy in which you 
will be involved through your own discretion or that 
of a friend. 

INUNDATION. Unforeseen ruin, grave accidents. 

INCUBUS. Dream of any such thing, forewarns 
you to regard your health. 

INNOCENCE. Personified in children or pictures, 
implies comfort. 

INJUSTICE. To dream of, to yourself or others, 
signifies future unhappiness. 

INFANTS. Cares and obstructions. 

IRON. Dream of being injured by iron, denotes 
great confusion, trouble, disarray. Of red-hot iron, 
effusion of blood. Of a horseshoe, a journey. To 
deal in iron or iron wares, misfortune and injury. 

IRELAND. Dream of old Ireland is a sure sign of 
true friends. 

ISLAND. Vexation, solitude. ' 

ITCHING. A speedy error in judgment. 

ITALY. Dream of being in Italy, or sunny Spain, 
shows a ripe age for you. 

JAUNDICE. Riches, unforeseen happiness. 

JARS. Denote needy persons. 

JAY. Dreaming of a jay bird shows you will hear 
music soon. 

JASPER. Dreaming of jasper, or any precious 
stones, is great good. 

JACK. Dreaming you are angling for jack, tells 
you to be thrifty. 

JASMINE. Jasmine seen in a dream is interpreted 
joyful tidings. 

' JEW. Dream of conversing with a Jew, denotes 
deceit, direct or indirect rascality. Should one 
render you service, means unexpected happiness, 
success, prosperity. 

JELLY. Dreaming of partaking of jelly is a very 
good omen. 

JEERING. To dream others jeer at you, means 
you will beat your foes. 

JILT. Dream of a jilt, or female flirt, is unlucky if 
you arc unwed. 

JIG. Dreacs you are dancing a jig generally fore- 
tells an invitation. 

JOCKEY. Impostures, rash speculations. 

JOY. Dream of exhibiting joy, friendship. 

JUDGE. Dream of a judge or judges, malice and 
crulty. If the dreamer has some fault to exculpate, 
exoneration. To exercise judicial functions, weari- 

JUSTICE. Dream of being at the bar of justice, 
good luck. To be remanded to prison, a love in- 
trigue. To take an oath in court, an approaching 
marriage. To commit perjury, infidelity to a mar- 
riage vow. 

JULY. The new moon in July— dreams on this 
night are very important, and foretell, truthfully, 
in respect to love, lovers, and marriage. If of storms 
great trouble will befall you. 

JUMPING. Tc iream you jump over a brook is 

JUNIPER BERRIES. Seen in a dream signify dis- 
simulation in others. 

JUVENILES. Dreaming of juveniles or school- 
boys at play, is extremely good. 

JUNE. Or any of the months to dream of is very 
bad, it shows early death. 

JURY. Dream you see a jury assembled, implies 

KALEIDOSCOPE. To dream of one implies yours 
will be a changeful life. 

KEYS. Dream of keys is favorable to a person in 
trade. Dream you lose a key foreshows anger, and 
that you will lose a friend. Dream of finding a key 
denotes an addition to your estate. 

KID. To see one at play, consolation. 

KID GLOVES. Dreaming of new ones shows you 
will assist at a wedding. 

KIDNEY BEANS. Criticism and scandal on the 
part of an inferior. To see them growing, means 
envy, malice. 

KILL. Dream of killing a father or mother, is the 
most disastrous forewarning to the dreamer possible. 
To kill a fellow being, an omen of security and peace. 
To slaughter animals, victory over enemies. 

KING. To dream of seeing a king on his throne, 
surrounded by courtiers, denotes deceit, cozenage, 
tricks, traps, flattery. To see, or be in the presence 
of one alone, means" clemency, pardon for injuries, 
forgiveness of faults. To speak to a king, denotes 
rebellion, conspiracy, treason against the state. 

KISS. To dream of kissing the hands of any one, 
friendship, good fortune. To kiss the face, rashness 
followed by success. To kiss the feet, humility. 

KITE. To dream of flying a kite implies a little 
luck in store for you. 

KICK. To receive a kick from a horse in dreams 
forbodes ill fortune. 

KIPPERS. Dreaming of kippered herrings, de- 
notes a speedy present. 

KNEADING TRAY. Abundance, riches. When 
empty, desolation, distress, privation. 

KNEE (stands for the labor or work to be done by 
a man). To dream of being injured in the knee, 
inquietude and obstacles imposed in the toil or pro- 
fession followed by the dreamer by envious enemies. 
The knees swollen and giving pain, denotes grief , 
sickness, troubles, damage, bad success, or merely 
delay in businc-s matter. To have them fatigued, 
illness. To bend upon knees, denotes devotion, hu- 
mility, trouble, and embarrassment in business, 
knees cut or withered so as to be unable to walk, 
poverty through lack of work. Drag knees along the 
ground in default of feet, means loss of goods, dis- 
tress for the dreamer or in the person of his friends or 
servants. Knees cured and placed in condition for 
walking, misfortune and calumny changed into 
prosperity and contentment. Knees disposed to run 
fast, success in all sorts of enterprises. Should the 
dreamer be a woman, it foretells that she will be an 
excellent housewife and bring up her family with 
scrupulous care. 

KNIFE. Dream of receiving a blow from a knife- 
blade in the throat, injuries or violence. See many 
knives, quarrels and assaults. To see them in the 
shape of across, or knives crossed, means deadly 
assaults, murder. 

KNIFE GRINDER. Treacherous and unscrupulous 
person, who takes pleasure in sowing the seeds of 
trouble and disunion, 

KNIT. Dream of knitting, malignant proposals. 

KNOTS. Embarrassment. Make them, to embar- 
rass someone else. To unmake them is to disengage 
your business from the entanglements of another. 

KNIGHT. Dream of a knight in armor signifies 
hostility to you. 

KNOWLEDGE. Dream you have gained great 
learning bids you beware of ambition. 

LABORATORY. Danger of sickness. 

LABYRINTH. Mystery unveiled. 

LACKEY. Secret enemy. Behind a carriage, pride, 

LADDER. To mount one, not solid glory. To de- 
scend from one, tortures and troubles. 

LADIES. To see them in society, talebearing. To 
see them amid flames and torments, denotes sadness, 
repentance, vexation, melancholy, hysterics, sick- 

LADY'S MAID, or confidential servant, evil re- 

LAMBS. See them in pasture or asleep, sudden 
fright. Own them, consolation. Carry one on your 
shoulders, prosperity in future, To slay one, moral 

LAME. Dream of being lame or seeing one of your 
acquaintances in that condition, signifies infamy 
ana dishonor for the person afflicted, laziness, want 
of action. Should the dreamer be in prison, punish- 
ment proportionate to his crime. Should he be rich, 
a conflagration will reduce him to misery and pov- 

LAMP. Estrangements from business. A lighted 
lamp, passions and troubles. 

LANTERN. See one burning clearly, means gain, 
profit to the poor, misfortune to the rich. See one 
burning obscurely, signifies delays, obstacles, and 
impedimen ts to the gratification of your wishes. 
With the light extinguished, means sorrow, sickness 
and possibly utter failure in business. 

LA.RK. To see one fly, rapid elevation in society. 

LAUGH. Dream of laughing convulsively, vexa- 
tion and annoyances during the next forty-eight 
hours. To laugh with your f rierMs, a speedy rup- 
ture of friendship. 

LAUREL. See a laurel tree or to be surrounded by 
one, prosperity and pleasure. Grather laurel 
branches, victory, inheritance. 

LAW or LAWYERS. It is very unlucky to dream 
of either. 

LADY. Dream of courting a lady of title warns 
you to look before leaping. 

LACE. Of gold and silver, joy and gladness. 

LEAD. Dream of lead signifies accusation, severity. 

LEAN. Dream of growing lean foretells sorrows, 
disappointments, lawsuits, loss of valuables and 
danger of illness. 

LEARNED MEN. To converse with, means deceit, 

LEAVES. See them fall, dangerous sickness. 

LEECH. To have one applied, avarice, usury. 

LEEK. Eat them, discontent and family scandal. 

LEES. To drane the dregs of a wine barrel, 
danger of lameness. 

LEG. Dream of having the lags sound and in good 
condition, means joy, happiness, prosperous journevs, 
success in enterprises. Of having the legs swollen or 
bruised, denotes loss or damage through friends or 
servants, sickness or death to one or the other. .Of 
having thrL-e or four legs, danger of accident or of 
wounding the legs. Should t lie dreamer be in com- 
merce or trade, complete success in .aeavy ventures, 
particularly should he have any merchandise on the 

LEMONADE. To be in a place where it is sold, 
trouble and disappointment to a near friend. Drink 
it, bitterness of spirit at the failure of a long cherish- 
ed scheme. 
^LENTIL. To eat it, corruption, displeasure. 

LEOPARD. All explanation given in regard to the 
Lion are equally applicable to the Leopard, the only 
difference consists in the character of this last, 
which announces greaeer danger of ambushes than 
on the part of the lion, as that beast is both generous 
and magnanimous. (See Lion.) 

LEPER. Dream of being afflicted with leprosy or 
any other scandalous disease,means profit and riches, 
coupled with infamy, also a discovery of conjugal 
shame of vv hich the "dreamer is the cause. Should a 
woman have this dream, it foretells a distinguished 
and liberal lover, from whom she will derive great 
pecuniary gains. 

LETTERS. To write them to your friends or re- 
ceive them from them, good news. To study belles- 
letters, pleasurable enjoyment in store. 

LEVEL. Incorruptible j udges in your lawsuits. 

LEAPING. Denotes joy and gladness. 

LIBRARY or BOOK STORE. Visit one, advice to 
consult .some learned man or lawyer on your .dif- 

LICE or FLEAS. Vexations, disagreements, ob- 

LIGHT. Being on shipboard to see a clear light in 
the distance, denotes a sea voyage free from all man- 
ner of storms and dangers, and successful beyond ex- 
pectation. See a great number of lights, denotes 
profit, recompense. 

LIGHTNING. Flashes and lights in the heavens, 
means discord, war, pestilence, and famine. To 
be struck by lightning, increase in wealth to a male— 
to a female, marriage. 

LILY. Grandeur, power, ambition. To smell it 
out of season, vain aspirations. See it in flower and 
in season, happy innocence. 

LINEN. To see it or handle it in quantities, means 
fortune, ease. 

LION. See one, denotes a speedy audience with 
some state ruler, danger of madness. See one chain- 
ed, captivity or surprise of an enemy of the dreamer, 
whoever this last may be. To eat lion's flesh, de- 
notes riches, honors, powers, and authority emanat- 
ing from the state. To mjunt upon a lion's back, 
favor of the people or of some influential man. Be 
frightened by a lion, peril or danger jjoming from a 
powerful source, but which will have no disastrous 
termination. Fight with one, a very dangerous 
quarrel or discussion. To triumph over one, com- 

Elete success. To find a lion's skin or some part of 
is body, signifies ease for an ordinary dreamer, but 
for a powerful man, considerable treasure taken from 
an enemy. See many lions menacing you, sure signs 
of a bitter war. To attack a lion and vanquish him, 
a quarrel happily terminated. Lioness or her cubs, 
happiness at the home circle. 

LIPS. Have them vermilion, health of friends and 
acquaintances from whom there is no news. 

LIVER. Sick, burned or dried up, dissipation and 
loss in riches and treasures. To see or find that of an 
enemy, it is to triumph over that of an enemy and 
enrich yourself with his spoliation. To find the liver 
or lungs of an ox, bull, ram, or other horned animal, 
approaching inheritance of goods, employment and 
dignity from a superior. 

LINNETS. Dreaming of linnets or other singing 
birds is rare good to you. 

LIVERY. Dream you are clad in any livery shows 
a future iall. 

LOOKING-GLASS. Apprenticeship, some study or 

LOTTERY TICKET. Should you see the number, 
success. Otherwise, unless expenditure, prodigality. 

LOVE. Dreaming you are in love or of Cupid sig- 
nifies a new and true friend. 

LOVE-TOKENS. Dreaming of exchanging them 
implies a good bargin soon. 

LOVE-LETTER. When you receive a love-letter 
avowing a passion for you, lay it full open ; then fold 
it into nine, fix it near or next your heart; wear it 
thus till you are going to bed, put it in the glove be- 
longing to your left hand, andT then ay them both 
under your head. If your dreams are of costly gems, 
such as diamonds, gold, etc., rest assured that your 
lover is true to you, and you may rely upon his prom- 
ises and professions of love to you. 

LUCERN, or stag wolf. Daring craftiness, theft. 

LYE. To make it; honor to the poor, disgrace to 

MACARONI. Gourmand, parasite. 

MACKEREL. A serviceable man or woman. 

MADNESS. To dream of being mad, or performing 
extravagant actions in public, denotes long life, 
popular reverence, official respect, prosperity. If an 
unmarried girl or widow has this dream, prompt and 
happy marriage. If she be a married woman, birth 
of a son destined to become a distinguished character. 

MAGICIAN. Unforeseen events, surprise, 

MAIDEN. To dream of marrying a maiden, pleas- 
ure without regrets. Be jilted l,y one, ills and bitter 
vexations. Be deluded by a pretended maid, means 
anxiety of spirit, loss of health. To elope with a 
maid, joy. Carry one off by force, imprisonment. 
Embrace a maiden, temporary delusions. 

MAN. Of a beautiful figure, signifies satisfaction, 
joy, and good health. When a woman has this 
dream, violent squabbles— when a man, tricks and 
deceits await him. To dream of a man in white 
clothing properly to come. In black, considerable 

MARAUD— MARAUDER. Inquietude, delay. To 
maraud one's self, means sorrow, suffering. 

MARBLE. Disagreement, discord, coldness. 

MARCH. To march rapidly, pressing business. 

MARE. Dream of one entering the house, provid- 
ed she be handsome, young, vigorous and. well 
harnessed, denotes a rich, young and beautiful wife. 
Should she be without harness and in sorrow con- 
dition, signifies a concubine or female servant who 
will destroy the household. 

MARKET. Torment, inquietude, need. A fish 
market, denotes distress, trouble, want of pro- 

MARMOT. Poverty, idleness. 

MARRIAGE. To contract a marriage, happy 
times. To be married, unexpected perils. To see a 
marriage, means sickness, melancholy. Marry an 
ugly person, death or some serious disaster. A hand- 
some person, denote.* joy, happiness and great ad- 
vantages. Marry your own wife profit. To wed a 
virgin, honor without profit. To espouse one's sister, 
jerious peril. Many a servant, deception. 

MARSH. Misery in spite of hard toil. 

MARTEN. A crafty male servant in your house. 

MARTYR. Dream of suffering martyrdom in a 
good cause, honors and public approbation. 

MASON. Vexation, fatigue, foolish extravagance. 

MASQUERADE. To see one, denotes deception, 
craftiness. To take part in one, denotes success, 

MASS. To attend mass, internal satisfaction. To 
repeat it, time wasted. To chant it, brilliant joy. 
MATCHES (chemical). Riches, treasure. 
MATTRESS. (See Bed). 

MAIL. Dreaming of a mail train or mail steamer 
denotes change 

MARIGOLDS. Dream of marigolds implies a gift 
from abroad. 

MEADOW. To find yourself on a meadow, happy 
omen for those having property in the country ; for 
all others, it forewarns an embarrassment in various 

MEDICINE. To take it without difficulty, distress. 
To take it cheerfully, lack of care. Give it to any 
one, profit. To throw it up, bankruptcy. To feel 
pleasant after taking noxious drugs, good trade. 

MEDLAR TREE. See one, warns the dreamer of 
-danger to his fortune through negligence or idleness. 
Be loaded with its fruits, means honor, riches. 

MELON. Same as Cucumbers. 

MEMOIR. To compose one, accusation. 

MENDICANT. To give alms to a ; family trouble. 

METAMORPHOSIS of any kind, denotes voyage, 
•change in locality. 

MIDWIFE. Approaching happiness. 

MILLS. Riches and success in proportion to the 
rapidity of their movements. To work a flour mill, 
wealth through industry. To turn a coffee mill, vex- 
ation and sorrow. To turn a spice mill, an uncertain 
and prolonged euterpise, melancholy. 

MIRROR. To look in one. treason against you. 

MISER. To see one near his strong chest contain- 
ing his hoard ; shortly to receive a legacy, which will 
be an amount appropriate to the extent of the miser's 

MISTRESS. Dream of beating one's mistress, 
danger of discovery in seduction of adultery. 

MILK. Dream you are selling milk denotes that 
you will be crossed in love. Drinking milk is the 
forerunner of joyful news and great success. 

MICE. To dream of mice denotes success in love, 
and a happy marriage. 

MIST. Dream of being in a mist or fog, means be 

MIRE. Dream one sticks fast in the mire or dirt 
shows many cares and troubles. 

MOLE. Moral blindness. 

MONEY. Count money, considerable gain. See it 
only, anger. Spend it, coming losses. Find it, a 
fortune to come. To amass gold coin, deceit and 
cheating. To amass silver, loss through robbery of 
clothing or provisions. Work at coining, denotes 
profit, good fortune. Make false money, shame and 
blame. To pass it in trade; skill, peril. See gold 
coin, distress. See silver coin, mediocrity. See cop- 
per coin, brilliant fortune. 

MONK. See one, treason on the part of a friend. 

MONKEY. A malicious enemy, but weak, a 
strange or unknown calumniator, an envious woman. 

MOON. To see the moon in brilliant clearness ; for 
a wife, love and good health ; for a husband, increase 
in wealth. See the new moon, advancement in 
business. In its decline, the death of some great 
man. See the moon as a halo around the head, par- 
don and deliverance through intervention of a 
female. Of a blood color ; voyage, journey, pilgrim- 
age. Dull and obscure, denotes death or illness of 
wife, mother, sister or daughter, loss of money, peril 

on a journey (particularly if it is by sea), brain fever, of the eyes. Wncn obscure, becoming bright, 
ic denotes profit if the dreamer be a woman, if a man, 
joy and happiness. From clearness to pass to ob- 
scurity; loss to a woman, sadness and misfortune to' 
a man. See two "'moons, increase in dignity and; 
rank. For a beautiful woman to see in a dream the- 
moon at its full, predicts to her a high standing in 
fashion and in public admiration. To thieves, felons' 
and murders; their just reward. To invalids and 
mariners, danger of death or shipwreck. For a young 
girl or widow to see the moon full and its face of a 
dazzling brigl#ness, denotes a speedy marriage- 
Should the dreamer be a married woman ; the birth 
of a beautiful daughter. To a married man; the 
birth 'of a son To jewelers, goldsmiths and bankers 
this dream is most happy. 

MOOR— NEGRO, Dream of seeing one naked, sad- 
ne-s, grief, sorrows, damage. 

MORNING. To rise in the morning; profit, ad- 

MOTHER. To dream of leaving your mother's 
house ; a bad step whence you extricate yourself with 
difficulty, elevation in dignity. Of returning to it; 
return to your native country, if you have been 
away, reunion of relatives and friends. Dwell with 
her; peace, security. To see her, gain. Speak to 
her ; happy tidings. See her dead, peril in person or 

MOUNTAIN. To ascend one, trouble or a journey 
at the end of a certain time. To descend, unimpor- 
tant success. To dream of a mountain falling upon 
plain, ruin43f many wealthy people by an influential 

MOURNING. Cares of short duration, joy, balls, 


MOUSE. A bad turn by a wicked woman. 

MOUSETRAP. Warning to take precautions against 

MOSS. To dream of moss on stone or walls is 
rather unlucky. 

MOUTH. To have it closed without power to open 
it, danger of death. To have it infected, public con- 
tempt, deceit on the part of servants. To have the 
mouth larger than usual, increase of honor and op- 
ulence in the house. 

MUD. To walk in mud or amid thorns. To be 
covered with mud ; poverty, misery. 

MUFF. A harsh winter, want of money. 

MULE. To see one. increase in business. To see 
one loaded, embarrassment in bnsiness. 

MULLET. Malice and foolish whims, sometimes 
sickness for the dreamer, or one of his particular 

MURDER. To dream of murdering, security. 

MUSIC. (See Instruments.) 

MUSHROOMS. Long life. 

MUSTARD. See it in seed ; a bad sign. Upon the 
table; small talk, tittle-tattle, scandal. 

MUTTON, To eat; satisfaction, daintiness, good 

MULBERRIES. Denote constancy and affection in 

MUSK. Dream you are selling musk denotes that 
you will be crossed in love. Drinking milk is the 
forerunner of joyful news and great success. 

M Y RTLE. Declaration of love. 

NAILS (of the fingers). Have them longer than 
ordinarily, great profits. See them cut, or the fingers ; 
dishonor, loss, family quarrels. Have the nails torn 
out; a deluge of miseries, of afflictions, danger of 
death, positive domestic ruin. 

NAILS v madeof iron). Attacks upon reputation. 

NAKEDNESS— NUDITY. Dream of being naked; 
poverty, misery, aflront, fatigue. To run about nak- 
ed; perfidious relatives. Be in a bath with a person 
you love; joy. pleasure, health. To see your wife in 
a state of nudity; deception, of which you will be 
dupe. For a woman to see her husband naked, se- 
curity and good luck in her undertakings. To dream 
of a female of ill-repute devoid of clothing, means 
danger to be incurred through the advance of that 
female. To see one's friend or servant expose them- 
selves indiscreetly; a quarrel. See a man naked, 
subject for a well-founded fright. If he be hand- 
some and well-made ; successful trade. 

NAVEL. To have a pain about the navel ; false 
news as to father or mother, daughter of their death 

Sroportionately to the sufferings endured. If the 
reamer has neither father or mother; loss of patri- 
mony, exile from native land: sorrow and sufferings 
from deprivation of inheritance. 

NAVIGATE. Dream of navigating on the seas; 
good results. To see one navigate, loss of liberty. 

NAVY. To dream of the royal or merchant navy 
implies change 

NASTURTIUMS. Seeing them in a dream bodes 
no good to a dreamer. 

NECK. In a general sense; honor, fortune, in 
heritance. Have one larger, thicker than custom- 
ary ; dignity, wealth, influence, proportionately to 
the rank occupied in society. Have it smaller and 
Shriveled, denotes the contrary. Have tUe neck 
bound or strangled by the nana o; some one, sub- 
jection to the person seen in the dream. A swollen 
neck, riches for the dreamer. Neck swollen by 
tumor or abcess, speedy sickness. Neck twisted or 
leaning aside, denotes shame, damage, misfortune. 

NEEDLES. To dream of needles denotes bicker- 

NEGRO. To see one naked ; sadness, sorrows, in- 
NEIGHBORS. To harbor, most dangerous designs. 

NEST (of birds). To find one, gain. Empty, ter- 
mination of business. Of serpents, of crocodiles and 
other malignant animals, means demoralization of 
the mental energies. 

NEW. To have any part of your garments new, 
such as boots, hat, coat, etc., means joy, gain, pleas- 
ure, enjoyment. 

NEWSPAPER. To read one, denotes deceit, false- 
hood, fraud. 

NEWS. Dreaming of being told good news gener- 
ally denotes the contrary. 

NETTLES. If they sting you in a dream, signifies 
secret enemies ; otherwise constancy in love. 

NEGUS. To dream of drinking negus is a sign of 
joining a partner. 

NEW MOON. To dream you see the new moon 
foretells happiness and prosperity; the lover will 
meet with great success and marry the one desired. 

NIGHT. To walk at night, means sadness, vexa- 

NIGHTINGALE. To hear one sing, the love of a 
fair lady, 

NIGHTMARE. Dream of being ridden by a night- 
mare, is a sign of sudden marriage, or to be dom- 
ineered over by a fool— to a woman, marriage, 

NODDING. Dreaming of nodding is a sigh of an 
offer to you. 

NOSE. That you have a fair great nose is a good 
sign, except a sick person; for then it is a sure sign 
of death 

NOBLEMAN. Dreaming of being in the company 
of noblemen is good. 

NOSTRUMS. To dream of taking quack nostrums 
means beware, 

NOISE. To hear a distant noise in dream implies 
letter for you. 

NUMBERS. To count the number of persons pres- 
ent at a feast, signifies dignity, honor, satisfied am- 
bition. To dream of numbers without recollecting 
them— if there was one, company. Two, scandalous 
table talk. Three, discussion on business. Four, a 
dispute. Five, trouble, loss. More than that delu- 
sions. Should the dreamer recollect the numbers, 
fortune to him. Play these numbers in the lottery. 

NUMBNESS. Work, labor, fatigue, discourage- 

NUN. (See Hermit.) 

NUPTIALS. (See Marriage.) 

NURSE. Trouble, sorrow. Nursing an infant; 
long sickness, dangerous at least to the dreamer, or 
who has been seen iu it, provided she was not a preg- 
nant woman, in which case either her child will be a 
daughter, who will die soon after birth, or the 
woman herself will lose her husband. A monthly 
nurse ; health, security, happiness. 

NUGGETS. Nuggets of gold seen in a dream means 

Majesty, grandeur, self-sustenance 

NUTS. See clusters of them, denotes riches and 
happiness to the lover, success and a good-tempered 
sweetheart ; if you are gathering them it is not a good 

OAK. Dream of seeing a stout well-leaved oak, de- 
notes profit, riches and an existance prolonged be- 
yond three score and ten. 

OATS. Dreaming of oats is a sign of prosperity in 
business. Also signifies peace and contentment at 

above others. 

OBSCURITY. Observe the sun obscured, damage 
and loss to reputation and position. The moon, in a 
lesser degree. 

OBSEQUIES. (See Funeral.) 

OCULIST. Some fault to repair, some injury to 

OFFERINGS and vows to the Divinity. Dream of 
making vows signifies a desire to return to virtue* 
divine love. 

OIL. Spilled about, irreparable loss. Upon your- 
self, gain. To gather oil, great advantages. 

OLD AGE. Wisdom. 

OLD SHOES. Poverty, vexation, sorrows. 

OLIVES and RASPBERRIES. Denote felicity and 
success in all your preseut undertakings, but to 
gather them shows trouble, 

ONION. To eat them denotes sorrows, suffering, 
and even inj uries. Eat them wild, news of death. 

OPERA. See one, means disorder, confusion in 
business. Opera bouffe; disturbance, tumult, use- 
less riot. 

OPERA-GLASSES Dream of them, implies a little 
scandal for you. 

ORANGES. To see or to eat, means wounds, pains 
or simply poignant sorrows. If not ripe, temporary 
illness. See an orange tree, worriment and tears. 

ORATOR. Listen to one, denotes a provocation to 
charity. Dream of speaking as an orator, affability 
in manner. 

ORGAN. See one, death of relatives. Hear one, 
joy and the receipt of a legacy from a deceased 

ORCHARD. Dream you are in an orchard, denotes 
that you will become rich by the inheritance of a 
large legacy, and that you will marry to your ad- 

OSTRICH. Long conversations to no purpose. 

OVEN. Ease, wealth. Hatred, plenty. Feel one 
and find it overheated, change of residence. 

OWL. Sign of bad success in immediate under- 

OX. A faithful servant and a great assistance ; in- 
ternal peace. See one very fat, means good times, 
felicity near at hand. Very lean, means scarcity of 
grain/famine in the land. Drive one, fatigue and 
hardship. To see white oxen at pasture, denotes 
honor, profit, dignity. To see a red one running 
wild, imminent danger. A black one mad, peril of 
life. See oxen at labor, inestimable advantages. 
See them without horns, disarmed enemies. Oxen 
fighting, commencement of intestine quarrels. See 
oxen going to water, a very bad omen. 

OYSTERS. See them served on table, signifies joy, 
friendship. Eat them raw, denotes gain, success, 
good heulth. 

PAGE (a lady's attendant). Security, confideno 

PAINT. See one paint, means treason, falsehood. 
Paint pictures, energies wasted. Paint one's face, 
means dissimulation, envy, See another painting 
her face; for a woman to dream,_hypocrisy, bad 

PALACE. See one, means uneasiness, vexation, 
envy. Inherit one, public favor. Destroy one, big- 

PALENESS. Dream of having a pale face, threat- 
ened illness of as long duration as the face is un- 
usually pale. 

PAPER. White, innocence. Writing, chicanery. 
Printed, good faith. Decorated, deception. 

PARADISE. Misfortune, ignominy, family jars. 

PARALYSIS— PARALYTIC. Misery, long sick- 
PARDON. Regrets, sorrows, grievances, grief. 

PARENTS. Error, perfidy, bud news, victimiza- 
PARROT. Discovery of a secret, eavesdropping. 

PARTRIDGE. Intimacy with ungrateful females. 
Injury wrought by false and malicious suitors. 

PASTE OF ALMONDS, cold cream, etc. Justifica- 

PASTRY, or eonfectianery. To make it, pleasure 
and profit. 

PAVEMENT. (See Sidewalk.) 

PAWNBROKER. Fortune, employment, emolu- 

PALM. Dream you are gathering palm denotes 
plenty of riches and success in your undertakings. 

PATHS. To dream you are walking in a good wide 
path denotes health. 

PAP. Dream of pap is a good omen ; if it is quite 
clear, you will marry the person you love, have good 
and dutiful children, and be very happy. 

PASSION. Dream of being in a passion and angry 
with some person, shows many enemies, and some 
evil design against your happiness ; in love, a rival. 

PATCHWORK. Dream of a patchwork quilt is a 
sign of good luck. 

PEAS. To eat them well cooked, security in busi- 
ness and quick returns. Raw, means delays, vexa- 

PEACHES. To eat in season, means satisfaction, 
enjoyment. Out of season, bad luck in contemplated 

PEACOCK. To see one spreading his tail, means 
wealth, a handsome wile ; for a woman to dream, the 
elevation of her husband to dignity and popular 
favor. For a young woman to have this dream, at- 
tempted seduction by a coxcomb. 

PEARS. To see them or to eat them ripe, pleasant 
satisfaction. Green or rotten, denotes sadness, 
violent spasms. 

PENKNIFE. Inconstancy, conjugal infidelity. 

PENNIES— CENTS. Throw them away, poverty. 

PEPPER. Fretfulness, sulkiness, irritation. 

PERFUMES. To compound perfumes and dis- 
tribute them among friends, denotes news, agreeable 
to them and yourself. Receive them as presents, de- 
notes receipt of intelligence as pleasant as the odors 
are tinctured , gain, profit, glory. 

PERSON. To dream of immodestly exposing the 

Eerson, infamy. To see a female immodestly expose 
erself, signifies flirtation, trivalities,. eccentricity, 
A shaggy and hairy person thus exposed, means 
shame, folly, madness, ruin. 

PETTICOAT. A white one, fine and delicate taste. 
One of many colors, a succession of petty annoy- 

PERIS or FAIRIES.. Dream of them, implies a 
roving mind. 

PHANTOM. Dream of apparition in white vest- 
ments, joy and freedom from present sorrow. See 
one in black or in repulsive raiment, temptation by 
a woman. 

PHEASANT. Inexhaustible. happiness. Carry one 
in your hand, signifies, health, profit glory, Eat one 
in female company, denotes surfeit of pleasure, indi- 

PHENIX. For a female to dream of a phenix, cer- 
tain cure with renewed health and recuperated vigor. 

PHENOMENON. (See Monster.) 

PHILOSOPHER. Converse with one, self-deception. 

PIANOFORTE. Play upon , violent family disputes. 

PICTURE. Paint one. much labor with small 

PIMPLE. Have them on the body, means promise 
of wealth in real estate, or in ready money of a similar 

PIN. Contradiction, discussion on small matters. 

PINCERS. Torment, persecution, injustice. 

PINEAPPLES. Eat them, denotes annoyances, 
sufferings, mental injuries. When not ripe, sudden 
illness or pain. 

PIGEON. See a white one, means consolation, de- 
votion, business success, domestic felicity, to under- 
take charitable works. See a black one. means envy, 

PIGEONHOLE, (a game). To play at, denotes 
pleasure, voluptuousness. 

PIKE. (See Halberd.) 

PILLOW. Work, toil in the family, persecution. 

PIPE. War or single combat. To smoke one, 
triumph. Break one, denotes relief , termination of 

PITC HER . A loss through personal carelessness or 
that of another. 

PITCHFORK. Torment, persecution. 

PIG. To dream that your lover is driving a pig, 
denotes that he is of a headstrong disposition, and 
likely to prove a drunkard. 

PIT. Dream of falling into a deep pit, shows that 
some very heavy misfortune is about to attend you ; 
that your sweetheart is false, and prefers another. 

PLAGUE. Be struck by the plague, means a fortune 
disclosed to you, and the possession of which will 
cause great joy. 

PLAIN. To see a large, wide, extended plain, de- 
notes pleasure, excitement, success, a prospective 
and agreeable journey. 

PLANTS (medicinal). Eat them, announces the 
termination of distractions and conclusion of bad 

PLAY. Be present at a play, signifies ephemeral 
recreation, followed by loss of your sweetheart's 
good opinion. 

PLUMS. Prognostics of bad luck, and show great 
infidelity in the object of your affections. 

PLOW. Success in matrimony. 

POISON. A conatagious illness, very great oppo- 

POLISH. Polish the teeth, denotes you will receive 
money from a near friend. 

POMEGRANATES. To gather them ripe, fortune 
coming from an influential person. Before maturity, 
indicates sickness, depression of spirits, caused 
through scandal. 

POMP (display). Surprise, charity, enjoyment. 

POND. When the water is clear, signifies friend- 
ship, gratitude— when the water is murky or stag- 
nant, trouble and deceit. See large fishes swimming 
in one, superfluous financial resources. Filled with 
dead fishes, implies bankruptcy theft, and rascality. 
See a small pond ; to waste time upon trifles, to for- 
feit friends. 

POOR. The poor demanding alms, implies charity, 

POOR-BOX. Distress, misery. To rob it, good 

POPE, Dream of the Pope, no honors in the next 

PORCUPINE. A delicate affair,, embarrassment. 

PORK. Eat pork, indicates idleness, avarice, 

PORTER. Assistance of friends or relatives. To 
call on one, a favor refused, contrariety. Hall porter, 
denotes scandal, small talk and consequent discus- 

PORTFOLIO. Mysteries, things hidden from sight. 

PORTRAIT. Long life to the person represented, 
especially if it be printed upon wood. To receive or 
to give one, denotes treason, underhand play, de- 
ceptive flattery. 

PREACHER. (See Orator.) 

PRECIPICE. Fall from one, means great outrages, 
peril for the dreamer, and particularly from fire. 

PREGNANCY. Should a husband dream of the 
pregnancy of his wife, and she be really so, it an- 
nounces the birth of a son who will grow up the im- 
age of his father. For an unmarried woman to dream 
of being pregnant, it is a warning that she contemp- 
lates a disastrous marriage. 

PRELATE. To have a visit from an illustrious 

PRESENT. Receive presents, denotes misery, an- 
noyance, vexation. Give presents, means avarice, a 
desire to fleece another. To offer golden presents or 
those of vauie, ruin and idiocy. Receive similar 
presents, gain for the house. 

PRIEST. (See Church,) 

PRINCE. Be in company with one, precarious 

PRINT. (See Images.) 

PRISON. Enter one, safety. Live in one, conso- 
lation. Love one, danger of death by accident. 

PROCESSION. See one, promise of happiness and 

PROFANATION. Misery, misfortune in the future, 

PROMENADE. If one walks alone, amusement of 
short duration. For two lovers, passing enjoyment. 
Walk with friends, denotes constancy, truth. 

PROPERTY. To receive property as a gift, signifies 
marriage with a maiden whose qualities of m'nd and 
beauties of person will be agreeable proportionately 
to the value of the gift. If the property be accom- 
panied with considerable landed estate, with woods, 
gardens, vineyards, etc., it foretells in addition pleas- 
ure, good health, joy, wealth, a numerous family and 
great happiness in the household. 

PROSTITUTE. Dream of conversing with one, 
honor, profit and entrance into the best of good 

PROVISIONS. Robbery of silverware or clothing. 

PRUNES. See or eat them, health and joy. If they 
be dried, vexation . Out of season short del ays. 

PRAYERS. Dream of praying to God, implies hap- 

PUDDING. To make a pudding or to see one made, 
trouble. Eat one, an unexpected visit. 

PUNISHMENT (corporal). To undergo corporal 
punishment, temporary wealth and respect. Cause 
another to be flogged, denotes malice, tyranny and 
loss of goods. 

PURCHASE. Dream of making purchases, profit. 

PURSE. Full ; annoyance, trouble, misery, avarice. 
Empty ; ease, social contentment. 

PUPPY. To dream of finding a puppy is a very 
favorable omen. Dream you lose your puppy shows 
the loss of a friend. 

PYRAMID. Grandeur and wealth. Dream of be- 
ing at the top of one, valuable acquisitions. 

QUAIL. Disastrous news coming by sea, or water, 
disputes, rogueries, traps set for you, whence you 
escape with difficulty. 

QUARANTINE. To undergo; want of foresight, 

QUARRELS. Among lovers, advantageous mar- 
riages. Among friends, decline of fortune. To enter 
upon a quarrel, constancy and friendship. Quarrels 
among men, jealousy. Among women, oppressive 
torments. Of both sexes , the birth of love. 

QUAY. Foresight, shelter against all danger. 

QUESTION. To put to the question (an ancient 
torture to extort confession from prisoners); happi- 
ness, ea-,e, prudence, contentment, integrity. 

QUITTANCE. Forgiveness of injuries, pardon, 

QUEEN. To dream you see the queen or king, 
signifies honor, joy, and prosperity. 

QUANDARY. Dream of being in a quandary, 
signifies embarrassment. 

QUAKERS. To dream about Quakers means you 
will meet a friend soon. 

QUILT. To dream of a quilt or counterpane, de- 
notes wealth in store, 

QUID. Dreaming of chewing quids of tobacco is 
very unlucky. 

QUIET. To dream of quiet and rest is always very 

QUANTITY. Seeing a quantity of people or goods 
in a dream is good. 

QUALITY. Testing the quality of any article in a 
dream is very good. 

QUACK DOCTOR. To dream about quack doctors 
is unfavorable. 

QUACK-QUACK. Hearing ducks quack-quack in 
dreams is not bad. 

QUIT. To dream you quit your native land is a 
very good omen. 

QUICK. Dreaming you walk or run quick, denotes 
coming good to you. 

QUART. A quart pot or bottle in a dream, denotes 
plenty in futnre. 

QTARTZ. To dream of, is a sign of not succeeding 
as you wish. 

QUIBBLE. To dream that people quibble with 
you, shows a coming enemy. 

QUADRANT. Dreaming of a quadrant is a sign of 
increase in trade. 

RACE COURSE. (See Run.) 

RADISH. To eat radishes, betrayal of secrets. 

RAGOUT. To make ragouts, epicureanism. 

RAIN. A soft rain withont storming ; profit and 
gain to the dreamer, if an agriculturist ; damage, loss 
and suspension of business should he be a mechanic, 
trader or capitalist in a city. A strong and long rain, 
accompanied by thunder, wind, tempest, hail or 
lightning ; affliction, vexation, worriment of mind 
and loss to the dreamer, if he be rich; repose and 
perfect tranquillity to him if poor. A shower of gold, 
great joy. A shower of silver, bitter sorrows. Of fire, 

RAINBOW. To see one in the eastern horizon 
means ease, wealth, re-establishment of health. On 
the western ; happy omen for the rich, but bad for 
the poor. Above your head or near you denotes 
change of fortuue, danger of death, ruin of the 
family, bankruptcy.- 

RAM. To be bucked by one of these animals; 
chastisement, or affliction corning from a superior, 
or state official. 

RAPE. An offering of marriage. 

RAT. Secret and dangerous enemy. To dream of 
finding a rat in the cellar signifies a loss sustained 
without its being mistrusted. To kill one, moral 

RASPBERRIES. Dreaming of them implies sure 

RABBITS. Seen in a dream signifies plenty and 

RAVENS OR CROWS. To dream you see a raven t 
or crow denotes mischief and adversity ; in love, it ' 
shows falsehood. 

REGIMENT. To see one, a very bad omen for 

REJOICINGS. To dream of public rejoicings, per- 
sonal sorrow. To participate in them, mental de- 

REGENERATE. To dream of growing young 
again, means an anticipation of happiness, of joy, 
and of recovering property. 

RELICS. To dream of relics, warning to be care- 
ful of domestic or household valuables. To touch 
them, impiety. 

REMAINS. To see the remains or bones of a dead 
person, trouble and reverses. To mutilate them, 
certain ruin. 

REMOVAL. To dream of removing your residence 
denotes bad news, especially if the dreamer be in 
debt. To see some one moving, danger to his prop- 

REPAST. Taken alone, avarice or poverty. In a 
large company ; dissipation, prodigality, debauch. 

REPOSE. To indulge in, persecution. 

REPTILES. To see them, denotes concealed 
enemies, calumnies. 

READING. Dreaming of reading, implies coming 

RED. Red is not a very lucky color to see in a 

RED HAIR. Always denotes an enemy in dreams. 

RIBBON. Ease -atisfaction. 

RIVER, Clear and tranquil; commonly a lucky 
omen, above all for judges, lawyers and travelers. 
Troubled, it liorbodes personal disaster. The dreamer 
should take warning and not indulge with his par- 
ents or employer, and pay no attention to threats 
uttered against him. To dream of a clear river en- 
tering into your apartment, denotes a visit from a 
person of distinction who will treat you liberally and 
to your advantage. If , on the contrary, the water is 
troubled and soils the furniture ; violence, quarrels 
and depredations on the part of enemies to your 
house. The water going out of your chamber, out- 
rages and danger to life and limb. To walk on the 
river, elevation. 

RING. To have gold rings on your fingers, means 
dignity, honor, power. To receive one as a gift, se- 
curity, To give one away, loss. To lose one, profit. 

RICE. To eat, abundance — to eat excessively, in- 

RIVAL— RIVALRY. Unfortunate enterprises. 

RIPE FRUIT. To dream of seeing ripe fruit is 
very fortunate. 

RIDING. To dream you are riding on a horse is 
very unfortunate ; expect to be crossed in love. 

ROAD. To follow a straight and easy road, de- 
notes joy, prosperity, and success. A winding and 
crooked one, denotes fatigue, sorrow, bad luck, an- 
noyances in succession. 

ROAST BEEF. To see it, a gleam of hope. To eat 
it, means gain, security, good health. 

ROCK. Labor and trouble. To ascend one with 
difficulty, tardy results in trade. To descend in the 
same manner, loss of relatives and friends. To 
ascend or descend pleasantly, salutary confidence. 

ROCKET. Momentary triumphs. 

ROD or baton held in the hand, sadness. To lean 
upon a rod in walking, means infirmities, sickness. 
To strike a stranger with a rod, implies domination, 
profit, good news. To strike a friend, humiliation. 

ROOF. Commanding position, dignity. 

ROOK. To see a rook, business promptly finished. 

ROOT. To eat the root of a vegetable, disorder. 

R OSES. To see them in bloom a good sign, at least 
if the dreamer be not an invalid nor a fugitive from 
legal proceedings, in which case the dream fore- 
warns danger of his life or his liberty. Out of season, 
the interpretation is directly the reverse. To see very 
red roses ; joy, recreations. To see white roses ; sor- 
row, mourning. 

ROME. To dream of Rome, signifies a change for 
the worse. 

ROASTING. Dreaming you see meat roasting is 
very good. 

RUINS. To see them, unexpected gains. To 
wander among ruins, signifies fortune, success, 
■ triumph, discoveries. 

RUN. Fortunate omen, good luck. From fright, 
security. With precipitation, unexpected happiness. 
After an enemy, denotes victory, profit. To run 
naked, perfidy of relatives. To see people run one 
after the other, denotes quarrel, disorders. Should 
they be armed with clubs or other weapons, means 
war to be apprehended, internal dissensions. It is a 
bad omen for an invalid to dream of running. For 
; .a woman, dishonor and ruin. 

RUNNING BROOKS. To dream of them is a very 

SABRE. To receive one, honor. 

SACRILEGE. Vicissitude, repentance. 

SAILORS. Danger upon sea voyages. 

SAINTS. To see one, warning to repentance. 

SALADS. To eat, denotes poverty, sickness. 

SALAMANDER. (See Scorpions.) 

SALMON. Bad omen, division of families. 

SALT. Wisdom. 

SALTCELLAR. The same as salt. 

SARDINES. Bitterness, domestic quarrels. 

SATIN. To deal in, means joy, profit, gain. 

SATYR. Lubricity, lechery, lewdness, voluptuous 

SAUSAGES. To make them, amorous passion. 
To eat them; for young people, love intrigues; for 
more aged persons, health. To see them, carnal de- 

SAW. Finishing of business, success, satisfaction. 

SCAFFOLD. Honors, employment, dignity. 

SCALE. To scale the wall of a house, means vic- 
tory, success. To scale the wall of a strong place, 
fort, etc., denotes lawsuit. 

SCANDAL. Success proportionate to injury in- 

SCARLET. Coat or garment of this color, signifies 
dignity, influence, power, great authority, either in 
church, state or in trade. 

SCATTER. To scatter water over yourself, discon- 
tent and tribulation. Over others, means pastime, 

SCEPTRE. To see one, poverty. To see many, ex- 
treme misery. 

SCHOOL— SCHOLARS. Malice, waggishness, 

SCORPIONS. Ambushes and misfortunes invented 
by secret enemies, Lizards, salamanders, basilisks 
and other reptiles bear a like interpretation as here 

SCOERGE— PLAGUES. To attend one afflicted, 
services unrewarded. To be afflicted, means self- 
exaltation, glory. 

SCRATCHES. Made by a cat, sickness and afflic- 
tion for him receiving them. By thorns, perils for 
the dreamer. 

SCRUEF. False friends or servants, whose 
machinations you will have a great deal of trouble in 

SEA. To see it clear, with a gentle undulation, 
denotes happiness and an easy administration of 
affairs. To see it troubled and running high, means 
small profit, followed by ruin. A dead calm, delay 
and procrastination in mercantile matters. A very 
rough sea, implies loss, sorrows, adversity. 

SEA BEACH. Happiness, tranquillity. 

SEA BISCUIT. To eat, means profit, health. 

SEAL. To place a seal upon anything, absence of 

SEAPORT. To see one ; joy profit and good news, 

SECRETARY <a piece of furniture). Promise of 
small wealth, good fortune. 

SEED. To plant seed, means foundation for 
future riches, joy, and health. To sow vegetables, 
trouble and labor. 

SELL. (See Commerce.) 

SEMINARY. Treason, falsehood, duplicity. 

SENATE. Political storms, wordy debates. 

SENTINELS. Self-confidence, personal security. 

SEPULCHRE. To see one ; the road to health, 
wealth, and happiness. 

SERAGLIO. Feebleness of disposition, amatory 

SERAPHIM. To see them, denotes personal piety, 

SERENE. To see the sky, prelude to family dif- 

SERMON. To hear one, drowsiness, stupor. 

SERPENT. To a man, enemies and ingratitude; 
to a woman, approaching seduction. To see one 
who curls, twists, and crawls, signifies hatred, illness, 
prison, danger. To kill one, victory over enemies. 
To capture one, to destroy jealousy. For a husband 
to dream of a serpent with many heads, denotes his 
wife's infidelity with one or more of his intimate 
friends. • 

SERVANTS. Secret enemies. To hear them talk, 
implies malice, scandal, calumny. Female servants, 

SEX. For a person to dream of changing sex, if 
the dreamer be a man, denotes infamy, dishonor. 
A woman, pregnancy. 

SHADES. Infirmity. To walk in spite of twilight 
or darkness, resistance to the mandates of caution. 

SHALOT. (See Onion.) 

SHAVE. To shave or to suffer your hair or beard 
to be cut by another, means loss of property, of 
health, ignominious death. 

SHEEP. To see sheep battling, denotes troubles, 
fatigues, sufferings. To see them feeding is a favor- 
able sign. 

SHELLFISH. Empty, loss of time or of credit. 
Full, hope of success. To gather them, merrymak- 
ing sport. 

SHELTER. To seek shelter against rain, secret 
trouble. During a storm, presentment of evil. To 
find shelter ; misery, despair. To be refused ; gain, 

SHEPHERD. Personal care to bestow for one's 
own good. 

SHERIFF. Tricks, false accusation by false 

SHIP. At sea. happy omen for those in expecta- 
tion. Richly laden, return of good times. Tossed by 
the waves, peril. 

SHIPWRECK. To see persons on a raft or other 
means of safety, means trouble commingled with 

SHIRT. Happiness to come. To take one's off, 
deceived hope. One torn, good luck. 

SHOE. Elegant shoes, signifies honor, profit com- 
ing from subordinates. To have bad ones; shame 
and loss, to endure poverty. To shoe a horse or to 
see it done, denotes trouble, obstacles. To wear 
wooden shoes, some increase in fortune. To make 
shoes, decay and poverty to the rich ; prosperity and 
gayety to working men. To lose shoes, poverty. 

SHOEBLACK. To put business in a lawyer's hands. 

SHOVEL. Labor which does not pay. 

SHOULDER. To have shoulders larger and more 
plump than customary, if the dreamer be in prison ; 
vexation, sadness, punishment; otherwise strength 
and prosperity. To have them swollen, denotes 
riches for the dreamer's mistress, for all women of 
bad repute. Have them bruised, suffering from 
ulcers or tumors, means vexation and the family's 

SHRIMP. Grief, distraction. 

SIBYL. To consult one, denotes deception, ill- 
founded fears. To dream of being one, disclosure of 
future events. 

SICKNESS. Dream of being sick, implies sadness 
imprisonment. Of attending upon the sick, joy, 
profit, happiness. Of being afflicted with secret 
disease, a dishonorable fortune. 

SIDES (of the body). They represent at the top, 
husband or wife ; at the bottom, the family. To have 
them broken or forced in, means conjugal quarrels, 
soon made up, or with parents and relatives, ac- 
cording to location of the injury or the sex of the 
dreamer. To have them stronger and larger than 
usual, means conjugal happiness, contentment, com- 
ing from the family or those taking an interest in the 
dreamer's affairs. To have a side swollen, riches for 
the husband or wife. 


Bad reception, vexation, decep- 

SIGHT. Have it far and strong, happiness and 
success in all undertakings. Short and weak, misery 
and ill luck. 

SILK. Riches, greatness. 

SILKWORM. Charitable friends, ready to assist. 

SILVER (wares). Distress. To sell them, amelior- 
ation of business. (See Money). 

SING. To dream of singing, denotes affliction, 

SIGHS. That you hear sighs, denotes trouble and 

SKELETON. Horror, fright. 

SKIN. To have it dark, like a mulatto or negro, 
treason against iriends, benefactors or associates. 

SKY. (See Heaven.) 

SLANG. To talk in slang phraseology, pleasure 
followed by legret, 

SLAVE. See one punished, arbitrary injustice. 

SHEEP. Deceptive tranquillity. To sleep with a 
negro or man of repulsive ugliness, denotes sick- 
ness, displeasure. With a handsome man, means 
trouble, annoyance, loss, chicanery. With a woman 
displeasing to the dreamer, death of his wife or 
mothor. With a handsome and agreeabie woman, 
signifies treason, ambuscades, traps. With a woman 
of bad reputation, security. For a husband to sleep 
with his wife when she is in reality absent, implies 
bad news, speedy mourning. Should the dreamer be 
the wife ; friendship, joy profit. A mother to dream 
of sleeping with her daughter, denotes consolation, 
or rather compulsory resignation. 

SLING. Dream of using a sling, denotes malice, 

SMOKE. False glory. 

SNAIL. To see one, honorable charge. Should he 
show his horns ; infidelity, adultery, want of chastity. 

SNEEZE. To indulge in habitual sneezing, long 

SNOW. To dream that you see the ground covered 
with snow, or that it is snowing out of season, is a 
favorable dream. 

SNAKES. To dream that you kill one, shows that 
you will overcome difficulties and enemies, and be 
successful in love, trade, and farming, but unsuc- 
cessful at sea. 

SOAP. Business set right, assistance from rich 

SOCIETY. Company at your house, signifies tears, 

SOLDIERS— ARMED MEN. Fatigue. Against 
you, depression of spirits. To do soldier's duty, flat- 
tering hopes. 

SOMNAMBULIST. Repose, trouble, tumultuous 

SON. To dream of your son, denotes damage vex- 

SONG (of birds). Love, joy, pleasure, derfect con- 

SOOT. Happiness, distant but certain. 

SORCERESS. (See Sibyl.) 

SORTILEGE. Deceit, false pretenses. 

SOUP. To eat, return of health or fortune. Beef 
soup, melancholy. To eat soup meat, gain and profit. 

SPECTACLES. To wear ; disgrace, low spirits. 

SPECTRE. (See Phantom.) 

SPIDER. To see one, a lawsuit. To kill one, loss 
of money proportionate to the size of the animal. 

SPIRE. Domestic grief, annoyance, small profit. 

SPIRITS. (See Phantom.) 

SPIT. To turn a spit, denotes servitude for the 
rich, profit for the poor. 

SPITTING BLOOD. Dream of spitting blood 
means misfortune and bad news from a distant 

SPLEEN. To have it sound, denotes balls, festiv- 
ities. Afflicted ; embarrassment, cares, inquietude. 

SPONGE. Avarice, bad faith. 

SPORT, (innocent pastime). Joy, health, family 

SPY. Shameless services. 

SQUARE. Speedy injustice. 

SQUIRREL. To dream of a squirrel, shows that 
enemies are endeavoring to slander your reputation ; 
to the lover, it shows your sweetheart is of a bad 
temper, and much given to drinking. 

STABLES. Hospitality, good news. 

STAINS. Upon garments, melancholy. 

STAIRCASE. (See Ladder). 

STAMMER. Prompt and invariable resolution. 

STANDARD. (See Banner.) 

STARS. Clear and brilliant, means prosperitv, 
profit on a journey, good news, complete success. 
Sombre and pale, misfortune at its height. Shinging 
into the house, danger of the death of the head of the 
household. Falling from the sky, fall of a great 
house. Falling across the roof, denotes sickness, 
abandonment of the house, incendiarism. 

STARTLING. Joy, Should he sing, affliction 

STATUE. Sadness, Or painting, representing a 
nude female, agreeable to the sight, denotes happi- 
ness, success. 

STEAL. To steal effects, means security, success, 
especially if arrested. To dream of stealing clothing, 
money, or. provisions, to support the damage, means 
death to the dreamer or a near relative. 

STEAMBOAT. To see one arrive, signifies unex- 
pected news, favorable to the dreamer, if a man ; un- 
favorable, if a woman. 

STICK. (See Rod.) 

STILLETTO. (See Knife.) 

STONES. To waik over, troubles and sufferings. 

STORE. Burned and consumed, loss of worldly 

STORM. (See Tempest, Thunder.) _ 

STRANGER. To see one, denotes glory, honor, 
success, prosecution of business,, above all if he be 
dark-complexioned, and a man has this dream. 
Should the dreamer be a woman and the stranger 
has long and beautiful hair, they will eventually 
meet and form a mutual attachment. 

STRAW. Scattered here and there, means miserv, 
distress. In sheaves, abundance. To see a bundle 
of straw on fire carried into a public place, signifies 
joy, honor, and security in the business the dreamer 
carries on. 

STREAM. Of clear water near the house, implies 
forewarning of an honorable and lucrative employ- 
ment, of which the dreamer will derive the benefit. 
Should the stream be troubled, means loss and dam- 
age on the part of enemies, fires and lawsuits. To 
see streams, fountains, ponds, dried up, denotes ruin, 
to their owners. 

STREET. Favorable reception. 

STUDIES. To pursue, joy and long life. 

STARTCHING. To dream of startching shows you 
will marry an industrious woman. 

STRAWBERRIES. Denote to a woman with child 
a irood time, and a boy; to a maiden, speedy marriage 
with a man who will become rich, and make her 

SUBTERRANEAN. Voyage by water. 

SUGAR PLUMS. To eat, deception. 

SUICIDE. Misfortune brought upon yourself. 

SULPHUR. Purity, justification. 

SUN. To see the sun, discovery of secrets and the 
management of business. To have seen it with sore 
eyes, cure. When in prison, liberty. To see the sun 
rising; good news, prosperity. Setting; losses, false 
news. Should a woman be the dreamer, birth of a 
son. The sun obscure, red, sorrounded by a halo, 
means obstacles, sickness of the child, personal 
danger, speedy disease of the eyes However it is a 
happy omen for persons who have enemies, or who, 
for some reason, keep themsalves concealed. 

SURPERIOR. To be abandoned by, means joy, 
consolation, success. To receive a visit from, honor. 

SWADDLING CLOTHES. To see an infant in, suc- 

SWALLOW. Wisdom of your wife or betrothed. 
Its nest, happiness and blessings upon the house 
upon which it is built. To return to the house, news 
from friends. 

SWALLOW (fish). To see it fly over the waves, 
news from afar. 

SWEAR. To swear or to hear one swear, disastrous 

SWEEP. To sweep one's room, success To sweep 
one's doorstep, confidence well placed. A cellar, bad 
for business. A chimney swept, household distress. 

SWANS. Riches and power. Black, disturbed 
household. Should they sing, death. 

SWEETHEART. To be in her company, signifies 
temptation, pastime. 

SWIM. To swim, denotes pleasure, ease, voluptu- 

SWORD. To receive a sword blow from an ac- 
quaintance, signifies a small service that person will 
render. If blood flows, the service will be important. 
If life be endangered, services and benefits without 
number. From the hand of a superior, means wealth 
and honors proportionate to his rank. From a 
stranger, danger. Should a woman dream she was 
struck by a sword, or that she strikes with a sword, it 
denotes honor, reverence and homage. Should she be 
pregnant at the time of the dream, it signifies the 
birth of a son. To hold a sword in hand and strike a 
stranger, denotes victory, security and success in 

TABLE. See one, sensual pleasure. Set one, 
abundance. Break one, removal. 

TABLET. Remarkable events. 

TAFFETY. Riches soon dissipated. 

TAIL. Affront, dishonor. Horse's tail, long and 
well supplied with hair, means assistance to be re- 
ceived from friends in an initial enterprise, happiness 
and success proportionate to the length of the tail, 
advantageous marriage. The tail cut and separated 
from the horse, signifies that you will be abandoned 
by friends, servants and companions, or brother 
soldiers, should the dreamer be in the military. 

TAMBOURINE. Play one, signifies good luck, 
■ prosperi ty Dance to one, great delight. 

dreams are always bad. 

TAPESTRY. To make, paint pictures, dyestuffs, 
denotes joy without profit. To see, signifies deceit, 
abuse of confidence. 

TAVERN. To enjoy yourself with friends at one, 
joy and consolation. Be there alone, means shame, 

TEA. Encumberment of affairs. 

TEMPEST. To be thrown to the ground by one, 
artifices intended to entrap good faith. To witness 
one. outrage and great peril. (See Thunderbolt.) 

TEMPLE. (See Church.) 

TENPINS. Play at, means sorrow, disgrace. See 
the pins fall, denotes loss of place, fall of a great 
unan, commercial loss. 

TEETH. (They represent parents or best friends; 
those of the front, euildreu or relatives of the nearest 
kin; those of tne upper, male-; ; lower, females; the 
righ t eyetooth represents the father, the left one the 
mother. The large teeth represent distant relatives.) 
Have teeth more beautiful or whiter than usual, 
implies joy, health, prosperity, friendship, good 
news of relatives. Have them of such a size as to 
impede speaking or eating, denotes family quarrels, 
lawsuits for inheritance. Polish and whiten the 
teeth, money counted out to next of kin. Have a 
tooth larger than the others, affliction on account of 
parent. Tooth spoiled or gone, means loss of rela- 
tives or friends, explained in the foregoing manner. 
Merely loose, sickness or affliction of a relative or 

TENNIS. Same as Golf. 

TENT. War or a speedy quarrel. 

THEATRE. (See Comedy, etc,) 

THEFT. Of a coat, money, provisions, signifies 
death to the dreames. 

THERMOMETER. Conspiration, a concealed as- 
sault upon one's reputation. 

THICKET. To hide in one, imminent danger. 

THIGHS. (They represent the parents especially.) 
To have them broken or injured, denotes death in a 
foreign country, far away from the assistance of 
parents. When this dream comes to a young female, 
or she is the subject of it, she will marry a foreigner 
and live in a country far offf rom her parents. When 
the dreamer is a married woman ; widowhood, loss of 
children. To have well-proportioned thighs, de- 
notes a speedy venture of a voyage, which will suc- 
ceed perfectly. Receive a wound on the thighs, tor- 
ment from parents. 

THIMBLE. . Vain search after work. 

THINGS. To taste sweet things, frauds. Eat bit- 
ter things, means lameness, infirmities. 

THIRST. Burning, which cannot be quenched, 
signifies sadness. During burning thirst, to quench 
it through drinking fresh clear water, means wealth 
and contentment To quench it by drinking warm, 
foul water, implies afflictions and maladiss, continu- 
ing during the entire night. 

THORNS. To see them malicious neighbors. Be 
covered with thorns, great torments. Be pricked by 
them, peril to the fortune or the employment of the 

THREAD. Mysteries, secret intrigues. Unravel 
thread, discovery of a secret. To tangle it, necessity 
of exposing a secret to the world. Thread of gold, 
success by means of intrigue. Of silver, an intrigue 

THROAT. To cut some one's, unwittingly injur- 
ing a person. Have it cut with death ensuing, hope 
and success. To have it sore, eloquence. 

TIGER. Jealous, furious and irreconcilable en- 
emies. To bring one to earth, success. To kill one, 
means complete triumph, excessively good fortune. 
To be surprised by one, denotes certain loss, if alone, 
considerable embarrassment should there be several 
in company. 

THUNDER— THUNDERBOLT. To see one fall near 
you without thunderclaps following or preceding; 
exile or flight of the dreamer, especially if he occu- 
pies a high position, or a considerable employment. 
Should it fall on your head or your house, loss of 
wealth or wounds. 

TINT. Pale or lead colored, speedy sickness of 
long duration. 

TOBACCO. To use tobacco or snuff, sensual pleas- 
ures. To waste snuff' or spread it around, displeasure. 

TOIL. Rude labors, such as hewing wood, draw- 
ing water, blowing the fire, etc. ; servitude, if the 
dreamer be rich ; profit, should he be poor. 

TOMB. Build one, denotes betrothal, marriage, 
birth of children. For one to fall in ruins, means 
sickness and personal miseries, or those in the family. 
To fall into one, implies misery, ruin. To visit 
one, profound regrets. 

TORRENT. To wade in one, means sorrows, ad. 
versity. Be caught by one, without power of escap- 
ing, signifies danger to be incurred through sickness 
or interminable lawsuits. 

TORTOISE— TURTLE. Secret enemies. To eat, 
small success merited through long fatigues. 

TOWEL. Exoneration from imputations. 

TOOTHPICK. A bad sign. 

TORCHES. (See Fire, Candles.) Hold them is a 
good sign, particularly for youth, inasmuch as love 
affairs and all undertakings will eventuate in accord- 
ance with desires; it will obtain victories over 
enemies and secure the esteem and benevolence of 
everybody. Toseethem in the hands of another, 
signifies the discovery of an evil contemplated 
.against you, and its punishments, despite deceit to 
avoid it. Should they be extinct, the sign is the re- 
vet be. 

TOADS. That you fight with toads betokens vic- 
tory over enemies. 

TRADE. (See Toils.) 

TRAGEDY. To see one performed, loss oi wealth 
and friends. 

TRAIN (on railroad). To travel by railway, means 
prompt termination of business, lawsuit in dreamer's 

TRAPS. Security. 

TRAPDOOR. To see one come from a: secret di- 
vulged. See one shut down, denotes mystery, hid- 
den treasures. 

TRAVELER. On foot, means labor, delay. With 
a sword by his side marriage. In company, smal? 
talk. In a carriage, fortuue secured. 

TREE. Green or in blossom, denotes forgetfulness 
of sorrows past, joy, unexpected recreations. Over- 
turned, burnt, or struck by lightning, signifies vex- 
ation, fears, grief, despair. Without flowers, finish of 
business. A blighted tree, means unexpected loss, 
abuse of confide nee. In full bloom, joy and sweet 
satisfaction. Covered with fruits, riches. To be 
mounted in a large one, denotes power and dignity, 
good news. To cut one down, cruel evil and loss. 
To fall from one, loss of employment. To gather the 
fruit from an old one* legacy from aged people. To 
be changed into one, sickness. 

TRENCH. Siege, triumph over resistance. 

TRIANGLE. Objects of respect a"d adoration. 

TRICKS. To see feats of legerdemain, signifies 
gayety, agreeable surprise. With cards only, arrange- 
ment of business. 

TRIPOD. Unveiling the future, uncertainty. 

TRUMPET. (See Instrument.) * 

TREASURES. Droam you find a treasure de- 
notes that you will be betrayed by your bosom 

TRIPE. To dream you see tripe frying denotes a 
happy marriage. 

TUBS. Full of wine, prosperity. Of water modera- 

TURKEYS. Friends or relatives in danger of 

TURNIPS. To see or eat them, badly-founded 
hopes. A cure in case of the dreamer's being ill. 

TURTLE DOVE. Fidelity, good housekeeping, 
and if the dreamer be not married, disgust for single 

ULCERS. On jhe legs, denotes cares, charges and 
labor withe . * profit. Upon the arms and elbows, 
means vexation, sorrows, Toss of time and of means. 
To have the back covered with them, or to have it 
broken or wounded, signifies triumph of enemies, or 
of envious people, universal contempt. 

UMBER. To dream of burnt umber is a sign of 

UMBRAGE. Dreaming some one takes umbrage at 
you is very bad. 

UMPIRE. To dream you act as an umpire denotes 
a contest. 

UNCLE. To see yours or your aunt, family quar- 

UNGUENT. To make; idleness. To use; great 

UNIFORM. To see or wear one, implies glory 
valor celebrity. 

UNBIND. Dream of unbinding sheaves of corn is 
very good. 

UNKINDNESS. Dreaming of a friend's ill-will is 

UNPICK. To dream of unpicking a dress, denotes 

UNION. Dreaming of matrimonial union is not 
very good. 

UNFASTEN. Dreaming you unfasten a door is a 
good omen. 

UNRAVEL. Dreaming you unravel a mystery, 
signifies you will win what you wish. 

UNDONE To dream you are undone in life, de- 
notes you will thrive. 

UNMANLY. Seeing anything so in a dream is a 

UNTRUE. To dream you hear untruths, denotes 

UNDERDONE. Dreaming of underdone food is 
a sign of failure. 

USURY. To have recourse to, shameful profit. To 
follow as a trade, means distress, ruin. 

UTTERING. Hearing unearthly sounds in a dream 
is very bad. 

UTILITY. To dream of being a theatrical "utility" 
is a bad si£?n. 

VALEV . Concealed and domestic enemy. 

VALISE. Plenty, abundance. Empty, misery. 

VASE See. one near a fountain, labor. 

VAIL. To dream of taking the vail by a young 
lady is bad. 

VAJ LP, V Massing through a valley in a dream is 
sign ol good 

VALE. »•: -wok down into a vale in dreams is 
rather bad. 

VAN. Dreaming of a van implies a friend. 

VAULT. To dream oi a dark vault is a sign of 
great lois. 

VAUNTING. Hearing persons vaunt in a dream 
is bad. 

VEIL (a worn i's). Modesty, good quality in a be- 
loved friend. r j a chamber, surety. 

VEINS. Sorrows. 

VENGEANCE. Prolonged lawsuits, ruin, discon- 

VERDURE. Excursion to the country. 

VERJUICE. Just security. 

VERMIN. Riches, money of other species. 

VESSEL. Of tin or pewter, comfortable ease. Of 
silver. (See Silverware.) 

VESSEL (sailing). To be on one, voyage. Should 
it be small, infirmity. To see one sailing, good news.. 
(See Ship, Boat.) 

VEAL. Dreaming of veal signifies you will go to a 
feast soon. 

VENISON. Dreaming of this denotes honor and 

VESTRY. To daeam of being in a vestry is a 
foi\unate one. 

VERMILION. This color, beheld in a dream, de- 
notes danger. 

VENUS. In mortal form, a happy marriage. 

VELVET. Profit and loss. 

VEXATION. Foretells a reverse. 

VIANDS. Idleness. To eat them, denotes joy 
troubled by reminiscences, damage. If tough ; loss,, 

VILLAGE. Loss of dignities. 

VILLAGERS. Gayesy, absence of care. 

VINES. See them, walk under them or pluck their 
fruit, signifies abundance, wealth, fecundity. 

VINEGAR. Red, pcronal affront. Y\ lute," insult- 
to another. To drink, means disagreement, con- 
trarieties, domestic sorrows. Spoiled, illness. 

VINAIGRETTE. Indigestion. 

VINTAGE. To assist a" one, means pleasure, 
he ilth, joy, prosperity, proportionate to the quality 
of the grapes. 

VIOLETS. In season, success. Out of season,, 
means lawsuits, loss of goods or friends. Double, 
extreme happiness or pain. 

VIOLIM. Piny upon it in company, consolation. 
In solitude, a funeral. 

VIPER . Irreconcilable animosity. 

VIRGIN. To inrke one's acquaintance, pleasure 
without rcTrets. Be betrayed by o..e, bitter dis and sorrow. "Win one, joy. Outrage- 
one, imprisonment. To pray to the Holy Virgin, de- 
notes consolation, cure, perfect happiness. 

VISION. (See Phantom.) 

VISIT. Receive one, tears to shed. Make one, uu 
just quarrel. From a physician, profit. 

VIVANDIERE. Rescue at the last moment. 

VISE. Dream of a blacksmith's vise denotes hard 

VIRTUE. Dream of virtuous people signifies dis- 

VICTUALS. Of all kinds in dreams are mostly 
signs of good. 

VOMIT. Wine you have drank, indicates loss of 
badly acquired wealth,money spent which was earn- 
ed at play. 

VOWS. Make them, deceit, delusion. 

VOLLEY. Dreaming you hear a volley fired, 
means hasty news. 

VOUCHERS. Dream you find valuable vouchers 
is very good. 

VULTURE. Long and dangerons sickness and at 
times fatal. To triumph over one; return to calm- 
ness, favorable fortune. 

WAGON. Approaching indisposition. Get out of 
one, implies loss of honor, public shame, condemna- 

WAISTCOAT. See one or Avear one, misery slightly 
merited. Embroidered, means fortune, eminent 

WAKE. Be at one, scandalous assertions. 

WALK. Walk with a firm step, instruction by 
which you may profit. Backwards, means loss, sor- 

WALL. See one before you, difficulty. Be on one, 
posperity. See one surrounded by water, disgrace. 
Leap or climb over one, joy. 

WALNUTS. Eat them, or simply to see the tree 
whereon they grow, denotes troubles and difficulties, 
followed by wealth and satisfaction. Find them 
hidden, discovery of a treasure. 

WAR. Danger of persecution. 

WARDROBE. Profit and advantage. 

WASHERWOMAN. Dissipation. 

WASPS. (See Flies.) 

WATER. Drink it warm, means danger to be ap- 
prehended from an incensed enemy, as bitter as the 
water is warm. Drink it cold, denotes tranquillity 
of soul, devoted friends. Water in general, abund- 
ance and multiplication. Holy Water, means purity, 
health. Warm water, danger of death through sick- 
ness. Leap into water, persecutions. See water over 
your head, walk on it, denotes triumph, success. 
Water coming from a spot where it cannot be found, 
implies cares, torments, afflictions. Collect up some, 
trouble proportionate to the quantity oollected. See 
it dkry up, good times. Water carried in a broken 
pitcher, linen, or other thing which could not con- 
tain it, means losses, damages through abuse of con- 
fidence, or thefts in the house. When the water is 
not spilled or lost, absolute loss of property. Con- 
cealmen t of this same water or what has fallen, great 
afflictions for him concealing it. Scatter water 
around the house, troubles proportionate to the 
quantity scattered. 


WATER CARRIER. A request refused vexation. 
Annoyance, fatigue, embarrassment. 

WANT. Dreaming of seeing or feeling want is not 

WATCH. Dreaming of a gold watch is lucky at all 

WAITS. Dream you hear the waits in summer is a 

WATER-MILL. Increase of business. 

WASHING. Foretells change of abode. 

WEASEL. Friendship for a malicious woman. 

Weather. Good, deceptive security. Bad (See Rain.) 

WEATHERCOCK. Favor of a great personage, 
fragile support. 

WEEP. Weep ; joy, consolation, good news. 

WET. Feel one's self wet, wrath. 

WEALTH. Dreaming of hidden wealth is a sign of 
coming gains. 

WEDDINGS. Denote death. 

WELL. Lraw water from, means advantageous 
marriage, it the water be clear ; if it be troubled, dis- 
astrous nuptials and sickness. Give this water to 
others to drink, is to contribute to their fortunes 
should the water be clear," to their ruin if it be 
troubled. Over flowing wells, means ^oss of wealth, 
death of wife or child. Fall in one or to cleanse one, 
denotes injuries, insults. Wells full of water in a 
field wheretheieisno water, denotes advantageous 
establishment for the dreamer; if married, birth of a 
virtuous and submissive child. 

WEDDING. Dream of being married, or at a wed- 
ding, is an unfavorable dream, especially for lovers; 
it omens the death of some near friend or relation, 
with loss of property and severe disappointments. 

WHALE. Great peril. 

WHEAT. In the ear, profit and wealth for him 
reaping it. Heaped in great quantity, abundance of 
wealth and great profits. In small quantity, famine 
and misery. Carry it, infirmities. See a wheat 
sheaf burn and consume, means famine, mortality 
Burn without consuming, fertility and abundance 
of wealth to the dreamer. Tread it under foot when 
on the ground, money gained through trouble. 

WHEEL. See wheels, infirmities. Of fortune, de- 
notes peril, embarrassment, danger at hand. 

WHELP. Family happiness. 

WHISTLE. Personal danger, scandal, calumny. 

WHIRLWIND. Dream of a whirlwind, danger. 

WHIPPINGS. Riches and honor. 

WIDOWHOOD. Satisfaction, joy. 

WILD BOAR. Furious and pitiless enemy. Give 
chase to one, capture or otherwise disconcert him, is 
to deal in the same manner with this enemy. Kill 
the beast, complete triumph. 

WILL. Make your own, melancholy misfortune. 
Make that of another; joy, profit. 

WILLOW. Danger of imprisonment or some other 

WIND. Peril of fortune, agony, torment. 

WINDING SHEET. Death of some one in the 

WINDOW. Open, intrigue within the house. 
Closed , rebuff", denial, repulse. See the front ones 
burn and be consumed by fire, denotes death of 
brothers of the dream >r ; the rear ones, of sisters. 
Go down through a window, bankruptcy. Throw 
one' s self through a window, lawsuit. 

WINE. See it, effusion of blood. Drink it pure; 
force, vigor. Mixed with water, convalescence In 
sickness. White : amusement, recreation, pleasure 
parties in the country. Muddled, riches. Be inebri- 
ated with muscat, or other sweet and agreeable 
liquid ; friendship of an influential person, fortune to 
come. Be inebriated with water, denotes false glory, 
ostentation, ridiculous vanity. (See Vomit)) 

WINNER (at gambling). Uncertainty, bewilder- 
ment, entrnglement with the unscrupulous. 

WINTER. (See Snow.) 

WINDMILL. Dream of a windmill, indicates suc- 
cess in life. 

WITCHES. Dreaming of witches or demons is very 

WIFE. Change of affairs. 

WOLF. Relation with a man rapacious, cruel, 
and faithless. Be bitten by one, means evil and loss, 
originating in this man. Conquer one, complete 
triumph over this individual^ 

WOMAN. See one, infirmity. Many, mortifica- 
tions. Hear one without seeing her, change of loca- 
tion. See a brunette, dangerous illness. With long 
locks, honor and profit. A white one, deliverance. 
Black, ill at ease for several days. A pregnant one, 
agreeable news. See one of a beautiful figure, de- 
notes joy, satisfaction, and health, when the dreamer 
is a man ; jealousy, quarrels, scandals, when it is a 
woman. Hear a woman quarrel, anxiety. 

WOODS. Be in the woods or fields, or guarding 
cattle, means shame and damage to the rich ; profit 
and honor to the poor. 

WORK. Work with the right hand, personal hap- 
piness and that of the family. With the left, momen- 
tary hindrance. 

WORKMAN. See men at work, indicates reproaches 
and complaints, which one must endure. Employ 
them, profit. Pay them, popular estimation. Dis- 
charge them, danger for the neighborhood. 

WOUNDS. Receive them from a wolf, perfidious 
enemies. One cured exaltation of one's glory, osten- 
tation. Dress one, services repaid with ingratitude. 

WORK. Dream you are doing work is very good. 

WOODLARK A good sign. 

WORTS Envy and much trouble. 

WORMS. Vonut worms, triumph over enemies. 

WOOL. To sweethearts, love, 

WREATH. End of an affair for a long time in sus- 

WRITING DESK. Perfidity, lies, misrepresenta- 

YA WN1 NG. Your friends are tired of you. 

YEAST. Dream of fresh yeast, success in love 

YELLING. Dream of hearing yelling is rather bad. 

YES. Dream you pop the question to your sweet- 
heart, and are answered "yes,'' implies good fortune. 

YEAR LAPSED. Loss in business. 

YESTERDAY Some favorable opportunity. 

YEW. Loss of friends by death. 

YELLOW. Trouble ; to lovers, marriage. 

YIELD. Dreaming you yield to an enemy in bat- 
tle, is a bad sign. 

YOUNG. Dream you are young, foretells peace, 
delight, and the accomplishment of your desires. 

YOKE. An appraoching marriage. 

YOUTH. Peace and happiness. 

ZANY. Dream of zany, signifies be cautious who 
you choose as a partner for life. 

ZEALAND. Dreaming of New Zealand is not very 

ZEALOT. Dream about zealots shows cross people. 

ZEALOUS. Vexation both in love and trade. 

ZEALANDERS. A speedy marriage, 

ZEBRA. Indicates a checkered life. 

ZEPHYRS. A very good dream. 

ZERO. Power, fortune. 

ZODIAC. See any sign fortune in a lottery. 

ZOOLOGY. Dreaming this denotes hard labor. 

ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS Dream of visiting the 
Zoological Gardens is very good. 


Any plant bearing a resemblance to a portion of the human body is specific for the 
diseases which it is assimilated to, as follows : 

Maiden Hair and the Moss of Quinces resemble the fibres of the head. Hence a decoc- 
tion thereof is good for baldness. Plants resembling the figure of the heart are comforting 
thereto. Therefore the Citron-apple, Fuller's Thistle, Spikenard, Balm, Mint, White-beet, 
Parsley, and Motherwort, which bear in leaves and roots a heart-like form, are congenial to 
that organ. Herbs that similate the shape of the lungs, as Sage, Lungwort, Hounds- 
tongue, and Camphrey, are good for pulmonary complaints. Vegetable productions like in 
figure to the ears, as the leaves of Folefoot or wild Spikenard rightly prepared as a con- 
serve and eaten, improve the hearing and memory. Oil extracted from the shells of sea- 
snails, which have the turnings and curvature of the ears, also tends wonderfully to the 
cure of deafness. . 

When plants resemble the nose in their configuration, as the leaves of the Wild Water 
Mint, they are benificial in restoring the sense of smell. Certain plants having a semblance 
of the womb, as Birthwort or Heartwort, Ladies' Seal or Briony, etc., conduce much as a 
safe accouchement. Shrubs and Herbs like unto the bladder and gall are excellent for 
those parts, as Night-shade, Alkakenge and Nux Visicaria. These relieve the gravel and 
stone. Herbs formed like the milt, as Miltwort, Spleenwort, and Lupins, are recommended 
for the strengthening of that part of the human viscera. Plants that are liver-shaped, as 
the herb Trinity, Liverwort, Agarick, Fermitory and Figs, are efficacious in bilious diseases. 
Walnuts, Indian Nuts, Leeks and the root of Ragwort, because of their form, are said 
when duly prepared to further generation and prevent sterility. Herbs and seeds in shape 
like the teeth, as Tooth wort, Pine Kernal, etc., perserve the dental organization. Plants 
of knobbed form, like the knuckles or joints, as Galingale and the Knotty Odoriferous rush 
(Calamus,) are good for spinal complaints, renal diseases, foot gout, knee swellings, and 
all joint pains whatsoever. 

Oily vegetable products, as the Filbert, walnut, almond, etc. , tend to fatness of body. 
Plants naturally lean emaciate those who take them ; as Sarsaparilla or long-leaved Rosa 
Solie. Fleshy plants make flesh for the eaters ; for instance the Onion, Leek and Colewort. 
Certain plants fortify and brace the nerves ; for example the Sensitive plant, Nettles, the 
roots of Mallorus, the herb Neuras, etc. The same are to be used as outward applications. 
Herbs mildy in their substance propagate milk ; as Lettuce and the fruit of the Almond and 
Fig trees. Plants of a serious nature purge the noxious humors between the flesh and the 
skin, as Spurge and Scamony. Herbs whose acidity turns milk to curd, are said to lead to 
procreation. Such are Gallium, and the seeds of Spurge. Those semples that obstruct the 
coagulation of milk, as Rue mixed with Cummin, will relieve a sore breast when the milk 
is knotted in it, if applied thereto. Plants that are hallow, as the stalks of Grain, Reeds, 
Leeks, Garlick, etc., are good to purge, open and soothe the body. 


Years ago the herb market figured more conspicuously than it does at the present 
time. The important pot herbs are still grown to some extent, but medicinal herbs have 
largely gone or are represented by an odd plant or so, which is left to go very much in 
its own way. 

As a rule the maximum of virtue in herbs is when the flowering commences. After 
the seed ripens the plant begins to settle down as it were, and its quality is then past 
the maximum. With those that produce flowering stems, like majoram, these should 
be .cut down to the ground level; like sage, prune back as much as is necessary, even 
if cut into hard wood new growth will soon be made, but the best leaves are on the 
current year's shoots. Mint cut down nearly to the ground; the stalks left will produce 
young shoots for use with late peas; with parsley; gather the best matured leaves. All 
of these, with others, should be laid thinly on trays or sheets of paper in an airy 
shed, or in the open if calm and fine, so they may dry slowly. When quite dry, either 
rub up fine with the hands and put into dry bottles and store in a dry cupboard for 
winter use, or tie into small bundles and hang from the roof of an airy shed or room, 
from which portions can be taken as wanted. 

Parsley is the most used of herbs to-day, and is required the year round. Though 
the dried leaves are better than nothing, it is best gathered fresh. To ensure a supply 
several sowings should be made during the year; the last about July. Well-dug soil 
should be chosen. As winter approaches a few roots should be lifted, planted in boxes 
or large pots and placed in a frame or cold greenhouse to supply leaves during periods 
of frost or snow. Mint is greatly in demand during spring and summer, and it is but 
little trouble to ensure a supply. Mint is a native plant, delighting in damp places 
hence a moist spot should be chosen or ample watering be given. 

Propagation is easily effected by cuttings or divisions in spring, and a new bed 
should be made every third year. Thyme comes next; of this we have the green-leaved 
and the golden-leaved. There is also a silver-leaved variety. These are shrubby plants, 
doing best in the light, dry soil. They make, capital edging plants in the vegetable 
garden. They are easily raised from^ seed in spring, cuttings in spring and summer, 
and division of not too old plants in sparing and autumn. Sage is in gentle demand, and, 
as a rule, one good bush supplies the need. It can be raised from seed or cuttings, 
the latter producing the bushier specimens. The bushes should be renewed every three 
or four years. Savory — both winter and summer — is another bushy herb which asso- 
ciates, in the winter or shrubby form, with the thymes. The summer variety, being an 
annual, must be sown in March. Of majoram also there is an annual and perennial form. 
Sow seeds of the former in March or April; the latter may be propagated by division. 
When not flowering it is a dwarf plant. Tarragon is in occasional demand; it is a 
perennial, rising from the ground each year with a tall stem two or three feet high. It 
does well at the foot of a wall or fence where it can be left alone. Basil is another an- 
nual flavoring herb, needing to be raised under glass, transplanted to pots or boxes and 
planted out in June. After the annual herbs have been cut down the roots may be 
dug up and the ground turned to other account. 


Man is a power plant — a three cylinder engine, in one piece, with self-starting 
device and automatic control. He comes into this world with a supply of vital fluids, 
mental and physical strength sufficient to last many years with proper care. 

The peculiar thing about this three cylinder human engine is, that each cylinder 
generates out of the fuel or food a different kind of energy. One develops physical 
power; another mental; another moral. All three, however, are properly connected, 
and all must be in perfect condition to work in harmony and to produce the best results. 

In most men and women the physical will at times gets out of order, and so act 
as a drag on the other two. At this time the trouble needs to be promptly corrected 
with the right remedy.— ATLAS COMPOUND. 

What affects the general system of the male, much more frequently affects the 
organs of the female, because she is the finer and more complicatedr You may do fairly 
well in spite of the fact that you have some physical ailment, but good health is as nec- 
essary as a keen mind and a good cKarcter. 

Every man ought to know something about a good many things, but above all, he 
must know all that is possible for him to know about the thing he is doing, and the 
business in which he is engaged. 

Some men waste more of their strength in needless fear and worry than they use 
up in work. Cut out fear and worry, and put in more confidence. Study mental con- 
trol, and keep physically fit for work if you want success. 

We must get into right relations with others if we would succeed. Take one thing 
and stick to it. When you are ailing, take the greatest of remedies— ATLAS COM- 
POUND— and you will have reason to feel grateful for prompt action in its aiding 
nature to restore and sustain physical balance, and you can depend on work, persever- 
ance and concentration to do the rest. 


People often laugh at Astrologers when told to do certain things on particular days or 
particular times, but the science was so perfectly known to the ancients that, with a view 
to concentrate and conserve all the good energies of mankind and to avoid the evil in- 
fluences, they laid down certain rules which might appear arbitrary or meaningless, but 
nevertheless, when carefully examined, are most wonderful and striking with regard to 
the knowledge the ancients possessed in occult and physical science. 

The police warns the people at certain times or in certain localities to look out for 
their property, to guard against danger, etc. Poor people and beggers, who have nothing 
to lose, think this advice is silly. Many people (inland) think it silly when the Government 
Weather Bureau sends out a warning to look out for storms, but the sailors on the Great 
Lakes and the Oceans, study these warnings very carefully, and often save vast amounts 
of shipping and life by heeding this advice given in advance. 

In these modern times one is startled to find that the elaborate rites and rituals of the 
ancient Egyptians were in full force at a time when these people had reached their highest 
attainments of enlightenment and power, and at a period to which we even now look back 
on with wonder and admiration at their marvelous achievements. How potent still are 
their antiquated prejudices and traditions, and how steadfastly do we hold to these super- 
stitions in our daily lives, actions and beliefs. But perhaps we can better comprehend the 
mystery if we vv ill try to realize how far away in thought and life are the great masses of 
the highest civiiizption of this twentieth century from the master minds of the ancient 
Egyptians from w )m we seek knowledge today. 

Crime begins with poverty. Povery from insufficient food. Insufficiency of food from 
neglect of agriculture. Therefore a prosperous nation is agricultural. Six days in every 
month the Earth sleeps and must not be disturbed in planting. (These are Leo days.) 
Never spade or plow on Good Fridey. It is a fact that grain upon which animals feed 
most freely will be scarce next harvest, and that which they refuse will be reaped in great 
abundance. If a farmer will steal a little seed and mix with his, it will be well for his 
crop. If a bride will sow a little seed next morning after her marriage, that farm will 
always prosper. If the wife of a man who has planted his field, will rise in the night, 
strip herself naked and run around the field three times, she will impart to the crops her 
own fertility. Of course a barren woman will cause a barren crop. All seed will be steri- 
lized if touched by a menstrous woman. A menstrous woman spoils everything she 
touches. There certainly exists a sympathetic connection between the sower and the seed. 
No man should touch a menstrous woman if he would prosper. Never sow mingled seed in 
the same field (such as pumpkins and corn together.) Peas or beans sown in moist 
weather, boil well. Do not eat grain, peas or beans the same week you plant them, or the 
crop will fail. Seed planted in sevens always do best. Melons, cucumbers or squashes, if 
counted or examined too closely, will cease to thrive. Never step over the vines or they 
will wither. 

Anyone who eats mayapple will spoil a crop. Persons using mayapple (podophyllin) 
as a physic, should not go against growing croos under any circumstances. When cotton 
comes into flower, a little parched rice thrown into the field will cause the balls to swell 
up. Mayapple withers them. A piece of wood from a coffin that has been dug up will 
keep away mice, vermin and caterpillers, in either field or house. A piece of the wood of 
a gallows, or a piece of the rope with which a man was hung, if worn about the person, 
will keep the person from a violent death. A chip cut from the gate or door of a barnyard, 
if boiled in milk, will charm away the milk from that form. To frustrate this charm, 
smear the newly cut places with fresh mud. The old woman's Charm, to make the butter 
come, is to plunge a red-hot poker into the churn, this breakes the witches' spell. 
Peppers grow better if planted by a red-headed person, or person of quick temper. An 
old saying is "Pray and Prosper." By swinging, a person can remove both evil influences 
and disease. It always rains on Good Friday, and rain caught that day will not evaporate. 
Snow water from the last snow in March will cure all manner of sore eyes. A trustworthy 
sign is that if a snake is killed and hang up in the sun it will bring on rain in thirty-six 
hours. An old proverb says, there will be as many floods after Michaelmas Day as the 
Moon was old at that time. New Moon on Saturday and Full Moon on Sunday always 
brings bad weather. New Moon on Mondays always brings fair weather. A fall of snow 
coming in New Moon always lays longer than any other time. From a Roman belief 2000 
years ago, a darkened New Moon betokened rain; a red, wind. The Romans never cut 
timber until the Moon was in the wane, and grafts were always inserted during the in- 
crease. Olives and figs should only be grafted in a "dry" Moon. Grain cut during the 
increase, increases in size. The Romans always boiled down grape juice during a "dark" 
Moon. All vegetables were gathered to keep, during the wane, or "dark" of the Moon. 


These are General Observations and must be taken into consideration when consulting 
my Daily Predictions. 

Sunday is an excellent day to visit friends, listen to lectures (or sermons) , to absorb 
suggestions, rest, observe, do something entirely different from what has been done the 
previous six days. 

Monday is generally an evil day. It will pay to postpone any important matter. Avoid 
moving or change, take no risks. Attend strictly to business, and avoid disputes and ask 
no favors. 

Tuesday is good to push all matters of business. Make the most of opportunities, hire 
servants, or employes, but put no faith in promises. It is a day of hard work. 

Wednesday brings delays, disappointments and bad news, or annoyances. Stick to 
business and be sure you accomplish something. Avoid long journeys, but take short ones. 
A good day to get married. 

Thursday is good to do work for yourself. Good for all financial matters and specula- 
tions, ask favors, travel and collect bills. Women generally meet unpleasantness in family 
and domestic matters and trouble in love affairs on this day. All business will progress. 

Friday is the day for long journeys and success in love affairs, but bad for business and 
marriage. Ask favors, make changes, but make haste slowly. It is a good day for all 
professional men, such as doctors, lawyers, astrologers. A good day to borrow anything. 
Fortunate for those in employ. Look well to the health on this day. Avoid elderly persons. 

Saturday is generally a good day, except to those born in Capricorn. Money is gen- 
erally easy, speculators buoyant and successful. It is a good day for the woman to marry 
who wants her husband to die suddenly. Those in employ will receive favors. Pay strict 
attention to business, avoid law matters and disputes or you will surely lose. Don't plan 
or begin any important matter. Don't move, or begin work of any kind as you will soon 
?hrmgo again and cannot make any headway. Pay your bills "Nhrer work nn Sunday ii 
ail you do will amount l.o naught and will have to be done over again. 

Eggs should be set so that chicks will arrive at new moon. If arranged so they come 
when moon is in a fruitful sign, so much the better. Cancer is best. It takes 21 days for 
hens' eggs to hatch, 28 days for ducks'. In saving seed, that from female fruit will repro- 
duce the largest and finest crop. Small blossoms, or small blossom scars, are male fruit ; 
large blossoms, or blossom scars, are female fruit. Dig root crops for seed in third quarter 
of Moon. They keep longer, are dryer and better. Mushrooms and crabs are best and 
most plentiful at full Moon. Haircutting should be done beforefull Moon. Make 
sauerkraut when Moon is in Pisces (the feet) . It will cook tender and keep sweet. Always 
butcher in new of the Moon and the meat will not shrink up in cooking. Pick apples and 
Dears in the old of the Moon. If bruised the spots will dry up. If bruised in the new of 
Blie Moon spots will rot. Harvest all root crops when Moon is growing old. They keep 
longer and better. If you roof a house at old of Moon the shingles will not warp or turn 
up. Many leaky roofs are caused by shingling when Moon is new. Set fence posts at old 
of Moon and they will not " heave" out. 

Times are bad and sickness more liable to affect when Mercury is in Gemini, Virgo, 
Sagittaurus or Pisces, especially when in Sagittaurus. Times are good and everything 
goes along better when Mars is in either of the above signs, especially Virgo. The best 
position is when Jupiter is in Gemini or Sagittaurus. June is the best month in the year 
for any new operations. February is the worst. Best days of each month is when Moon 
is in constellation of Libra. Worst days when Moon is in Sagittaurus (Constellations are 
30 degrees or 2Vz days previous to Signs.) Thursdays are the best days in the week for 
everything. Monday is the worst. 10 to 12 A. M. are the best hours of the day. Easter 
Sunday is always the first Sunday after the full Moon which happens upon or next after 
March 21st, and if the full Moon happens on Sunday, Easter is the following Sunday. 
Therefore Easter may come as early as March 22d, or as late as April 25th. 

Aries persons are most fortunate in June and July. Thursday is their lucky day, Mon- 
day unlucky. Taurus people are most successful in November and December. Their 
lucky day is Monday, Sunday unlucky. Gemini people are most fortunate in April and 
August. Friday is their lucky day, Sunday unlucky. Cancer people succeed best in the 
months of February and September. Their lucky day is Wednesday, unlucky day is Satur- 
day. Leo persons are most lucky in January and October. The lucky day is Sunday, Tues- 
day is unlucky. Virgo people are most successful in the months of February and Novem- 
ber. Monday is their lucky day, Wednesday is unlucky. Libra people are always fortunate 
in August and December. The lucky day is Monday, Thursdays unlucky. Scorpio people 
are most fortunate in the months of January and July. Their lucky day is Tuesday, 
Mondays are unlucky. , Sagittaurus persons are always most successful in February and 
June. Sundays are lucky, Fridays unlucky. Capricorn persons are most lucky in March 
and November. Wednesdays are lucky, Saturdays are unlucky. Aquarious people are 
fortunate in April and August. Thursdays are lucky, Wednesdays unlucky. Pisces peo- 
ple are most fortunate in May and November. The lucky day is Wednesday, Friday unlucky. 


When you move, take all your furniture, etc., at one time, it is bad to go back for the 
second lot, you will not stay long in your new home. Never move on Saturday. Never 
go back in the same house, or rooms. 

The best days of the year to Marry are January 21st, May 13th, June 8th, October 19th 
and 24th, and November 22nd. The best days of the week are Wednesday, Friday and 
Sunday. Marriages consumated on these days always last. The worst days to marry are 
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays,, especially in May, July, August, and December. 

Cutting off the hair or shaving means a loss of vitality, or electricity and such times 
should be selected as would minimise the losses, hence good days must be fixed for such 
acts. Shaving or hair cutting should be done when the mooni is in Cancer, Pisces, Libra, 
Capricorn, Aquarious, Taurus and Scorpio. To cut the hair or sliave on the fourth day of 
the new moon means ruin (or bad luck) to the mother. On the fourteenth day of new 
moon means trouble for sisters, and on the eighth day means evil on a man's wife. The 
best days of the week (generally) to shave or cut hair are : Monday, Wednesday, and 
Thursday, especially if the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. 

The Persians believe that seeds, or plants transplanted in Sign of Capricorn fail. In 
the market places of Persia a brazen she-goat is displayed at this time to counteract the 
evil influences of Capricorn. They deem Saturn an evil planet. The Sexual Emotions are 
greatest when the Moon is on the wane, ("dark".) Animals should be killed in the^ New 
Moon for then the meat swells in boiling. Sheep should be sheared in the increase, timber 
cut at Full Moon. Cattle and other animals ' 'gelded" when Moon is in Aries, Sagittaurus 
or Capricorn. Setting eggs, sowing seed, grafting and breeding when Moon is in Cancer, 
Scorpio or Pisces. "Weaned in the wane, they grow thin and lean". Grass must be cut at 
Full Moon. Sow Cauliflower in April full. Garlic is the only plant that flurishes in the 
wane of the Moon. Pythagoras says, "when the Moon is in the wane, gather grain and 
fruit to last." Fruit is never "frost killed" in the light of the Moon. A house should be 
shingled in a "dark Moon" to last, so say the people of Kentucky, but an old resident of 
Missouri says that a rail fence laid in a "dark Moon" will soon rot down. A Sioux Indian 
tells me that Earthquakes always occur at Full Moon, also that they (the Sioux) name 
their months (or moons) of the year from that natural product which, by its abundance or 
usefulness,, emphasizes itself for the time being above all other products. The Ojibways 
and Chipawa Indians refer to everything by the Moon. 

It is almost universally believed that witches and evil spirits stir up storms and 
tempests, bringing destruction on some localities and leaving others untouched; ruining 
one man's land and leaving another's unscatched. What more logical than that the 
revengeful hand of some devlish diabolical agent was responsible for such an unfair 
partiality ? Old women, having nothing to do but sit and think, bring evil and sickness 
to their neighbors. To find the means to circumvent or guard against these powers is 
praisworthy. This we cannot deny, however much the mind revolts against this credulity. 
A red silk thread tied to a cow's horn will prevent them losing their milk, in fact any 
unusual mark will dissipate the evil. The dead body of a bull produces bees, in the pro- 
cess of natural decay, and that of a horse wasps. An ass breeds bumblebees; a mule, 
hornets. The Kings, Queens and leaders are bred from the brain. The reason why these 
insects breed from animals is that they never yield themselves to sexual love, nor unnerve 
themselves to the languor of passion, nor bring forth their offspring by the pangs of 
birth, but by their mouths they gather their children from the decay of other things. 
Though none have solved the secret of the Queen bee's wedding, science has unraveled 
the mysteries of her impregnation (?). The hoary traditions and legions of the hive, so 
long catalogued with the miraculous are now made clear and the tragic death of the 
drones accounted for. Prodigious nuptials these, the most fairylike that can be conceived, 
raised high above the impetus of desire, terrible, unique, bewildering, solitary, infinite, 
A swarm of bees will die at once if even looked upon by a menstrous woman. JBees have 
from time immemorial been accredited with great foreknowledge, especially in connection 
with the weather. If they refuse to go out of their hive, or send out scouts, the weather 
will be bad, while going out in large numbers make sure of bright skies. If bees settle in 
a house it is a sure sign of fire, or other disaster. If they settle on dead wood it means 
death in the family of the owner. If a bee fly indoors, company may be expected. If a 
hive of bees are sold for less than they are worth, they will all die. If any of the family 
of a beekeeper die, a piece of crape must be pieced on the hive as a sign of mourning, it 
this is not done all the bees will die through sympathy, not only the bees but all the cattle, 
corn and everything in the house must be touched with some black stuff to notify them of 
the sad event, or other evil will follow. The event of death in the family can be made 
known to the bees by the jingling of keys or beating of a small pan, otherwise another 
death will occur within a vwr. 


How wise we are when the chance has gone and a backward erlanca we cast. 

We know just the thing we should have done when the time to do it is past. 

Astrology is the science of delineating character and judging past, present and fu- 
ture events from the positions of the planets and of the earth in the Zodiac, at any given 
time. It is the key that opens to seekers after knowledge an explanation of the mysteri- 
ous and unchanging laws that govern the universe and all living things. Astrology has 
interested the most advanced races of mankind ever since the reflective faculties of the 
mind were developed, which is evidenced by recorded history and research into the man- 
ners and costumes of past ages. There is more in astrology than the mere writing and 
reading of horoscopes and the delineation of character and vocations, which the casual 
reader does not comprehend. The study of astrology will develop talents that are latent 
and of which persons are unconscious. It will intensify natural intuition and makes per- 
ceptible things which would otherwise have remained obscured. There should be two 
motives in the student taking up the study of astrology. The first is, to thoroughly un- 
derstand one's own nature. The second is, to become of use to those who do not have 
the advantage and opportunity of obtaining this knowledge for themselves. 

No one should hesitate to begin an investigation of this science, for even a super- 
ficial examination will show that there is a "way" in the apparent inequality of man- 
kind. It will show why some persons succeed and others fail. Why some are weak and 
others strong. Why some persons continually quarrel, while with others there is peace, 
quiet and harmony. Sickly sentiment and distaste for" improving the mind is inculcated 
by ready stupid books and vulgar novels, so, by the study of the science of astrology 
is the mind expanded, new and ever rising ideas and thoughts are elevated and the 
pleasures of life realized. If the science of astrology was sufficienty known, very many 
of the evils now afflicting mankind would not prevail; and much pain, sorrow, trouble 
and consequent disappointment now abounding would not exist. Never before in the 
history of the world has the struggle for existence been as fierce as at the present time. 
Never before has mankind been so demoralized and unsettled. Therefore it behooves 
every sensible, thinking man and woman to grasp every means and opportunity to better 
their condition by permanent efforts to rise to the higher places of thought and action. 
Invisible things cannot be seen, yet invisible things, such as gas, the producing power 
of the sun, the vital power of plants and animals, thought, feeling, phychological influ- 
ence, electricity and many other things too numerous to mention, are nevertheless facts 
and exist in spite of the incapacity of ordinary persons to explain them. The person who 
denies the existence of anything beyond his comprehension is as credulous as one who 
believes everything without discrimination. Both of these persons are slaves to opoinion 
or limited in their intercourse with the world. That a practical astrologer can select 
these times with unerring accuracy has been proven by hundreds of years' testimony in 
that direction. The man who dares not follow his own judgments, but constantly takes 
the advice of others, becomes at last a moral weakling and an intellectual dwarf. He is 
in fact a mere fragment of a human being, carried about the world, an insignificant 
cipher. A sober, industrious person with fair abilities may fail at times by following 
his judgment, but such a person must eventually succeed. Know your work, then do it. 

Astrology is the Science which teaches of the Effects of the Planets on Human Life 
and the Things of the Earth. By it we can foretell future events according to the posi- 
tions of the Heavenly Bodies at the time of Birth. That it is The Oldest Science in Ex- 
istence is proved by the fact that The Astrological Signs have been found in ancient 
Temples known to be more than ten thousand years old. Astrology today is based on 
sound mathematical calculation the result of thousands of years of occult study and 
investigation. Every person bom on this Earth is ruled by some Planet and Sign of the 
Zodiac. As these Planets and N Signs are ever changing in their aspects, no two persons 
can be born exactly alike, even twins born a few minutes apart will have different 
character, disposition and temperment. It is this influence that causes the great divers- 
ity* of human life. That there are proper and improper times for the transaction of all 
the important affairs of life all admit, but few explain Astrology explains these mat- 
ters with unfailing accuracy. Many of the brightest men of the world today are guided 
in all their important matters by Astrology. The believers in Astrology are Men and 
Women of soaring intellect, not blinded by ignorant prejudice. It ought to be the 
refuge of man in every station of life. All can draw comfort from its predictions when 
under the evils inflicted by hostile fate, or receive greater stimulus in the struggle for 
Fortune's favors. 

Astrology is a Science and an Art. It is older than the ruins in Egypt or India. It 
has been abused by the ignorant and debased by superstition. Its phenomena is the ex- 
hibition of The Highest Forces of Nature. It will show a Man or Woman, Boy or Girl, 
what Profession, Art, Business, or Vocation in Life they are Natually adapted for. It 
will elevate wayward characters and show them how to use their Talents and Rise in 
The World. Thousands have acknowledged it to have been their Guide to Hono^ 
Wealth, Health, Happiness and Success. 


Diseases among the poultryman's flock form one of the ever-present dangers and 
by their ravages often seriously affect the income from the fowls. Disease has been 
defined as that condition of life which departs from the normal, and while the appli- 
cation of this, in its strictest sense, would eliminate most all chickens it does not be- 
come of great moment to the poultry keeper until the birds are in need of medical at- 

The more common diseases which affect chickens are colds and roup, canketf, 
diarrhoea and chicken pox. Limber neck is quite prevalent in the South, but it is only 
slightly known in this latitude. Of these diseases colds and roup are by far the most 
common. But they yield quite readily to good treatment and are still easier to prevent. 
It is quite safe to say that most colds and roup are caused by improper housing. 

Chickens normally have a temperature of from 102 to 105, and when let out of the 
house in the early morning to face a chill wind the effect is much the same as it would 
be on a human who went out in his night clothing. A still more common cause is drafts 
in the house while the birds are on the roost. 

As the first cure should be prevention, the poultryman should seek the cause of 
colds and remove it. The most probable cause is from confining the birds, which nature 
prepared for a life in the open, in a house devoid of ventilation. 

Poultry houses in this climate should never be inclosed with glass windows. The 
entire front of this house should be open throughout the year, except on those days 
when the wind is cold and blowing directly into the front of the house, or when the 
temperature is low enough to freeze the drinking water inside the house. At these 
times the only protection the fowls need is a cloth curtain of the cheapest muslin, 
stretched over the openings, whether doors or windows. 

Poultrymen throughout the northern tier of states, from Maine to Washington, 
have adopted this kind of ventilation and they seldom find it necessary to close the 
cloth curtains, except when it snows directly into the house or when freezes. 

As a cure for colds or roup, the best known remedy is the use of permanganate of 
potash, as much as will lay on a dime, to a gallon of water, and allowing the fowls 
no other water to drink. This will usually effect a cure, but in advanced stages it may 
be necessary to squirt a few drops of kerosene oil up the nostrils of the affected birds 
with a small oil can. This treatment may be repeated daily, keeping the permanganate 
water before them and allowing none other. 

The disese often gets such a start that the whole flock is infected before the 
poultryman discovers it. Colds always are accompanied by a running of nostrils, but 
roup may be dry and merely clog the nostrils without the discharge. It may be 
discerned through a naseous odor, once smelled never to be forgotte. The head usunally 
swells ad the bird's eyes often may become closed. In this advanced stage it is safest 
to kill the bird and burn it. Specially valuable birds may be saved by an injection of 
diphtheria anti-toxin. 

Canker will not be found unless the bird's mouth is examined. In advanced stages 
the fowls will not be able to eat, and their may be a hard, cheesy growth along the 
sides of the bill. The cheesy growth should be scraped away and pure peroxide of 
hydrogen applied to the spots two or three times daily, with a small amount of chlorate 
of potash in the drinking water. 

Chicken pox should be treated by applying a touch of iodine to the sores and 
covering with carbolated vaseline. 

Scaly legs, while doing no particular damage to the fowls, signify shiftlessness on 
the part of the poultryman, and never will be tolerated by the buyer of pure bred stock. 
Dipping the legs once a week in kerosene oil will kill the parasites and allow the old 
scales to drop off and to be replaced with a new coat. 

Diarrhoea may be due to any one of many causes, such as improper or impure 
food, a quick change of diet, too much meat, too much greens of certain kinds or too 
much oil or linseed meal in the mash. A teaspoonful of castor oil containing five drops 
of turpentine to each fowl will correct the trouble. The birds should be given a feed 
of charcoal once a week. This is the one great bowel corrective. 

Little chicks usually become infected with gapes before they become a month old 
If they are raised on board floors they will not have gapes. Land known to be in- 
fected should be plowed and planted and the chicks kept off such land for a year 
The gape worm is the only parasite having the male permanency attached to the female 
and breeds very rapidly. When the windpipe becomes clogged with these worms the 
chicks die of suffocation. Treatment is not effective. 

It is the desire of the American public to buy a fowl which has been in perfect 
health previous to the time it was killed This is the strongest argument for the 
backyard flock and probab y is one of the principle reasons why the number of this 
class of poultry raisers is increasing so rapidly. 


Is there nausea? Are you costive? Is there vomiting? Do you belch up 
gas? Are you light-headed? Is your tongue coated? Do you hawk and spit? 
Are you nervous and weak? Do you have sick headache? Do you bloat up after 
eating? Is there disgust for breakfast? Is your throat filled with slime? Have 
you distress after eating? Is there rush of blood to the head when you get up 
suddenly? When stomach is empty do you feel faint? Is there gnawing sensation 
in the stomach? Is there a constant bad taste in the mouth? 

Is the skin blue? Are the lips pale? Is the step uncertain? Is your pulse 
irregular? Are your finger nails blue? Do you have palpitation? Are your 
ankles swollen? Is there shortness of breath? Do you have falling sickness? 
Is there a pain under left nipple? Is there a feeling of suffocation? Is action of 
heart retarded? Have you pain around the heart? Is there fullness in region of 
heart? Do you have neuralgia around heart? Do you have dizzy sensation in. 
jhead? Is your pulse slow or weak? Are your hands and feet cold? 


D@ you have sick headaches? Are you bilious? Are there brown patches on 
your skin?- Are you constipated? Do you have piles? Do you have itching of 
rectum? Are you nervous? Do you get dizzy? Have you no energy? Is your 
memory poor? Do you have cold feet? Do you get tired easily? Do you have 
hot flushes? Have you pain in the back? Is your flesh soft and flabby? Are 
your spirits low at times? Have you pain around the loins? Is there throbbing 
in the stomach? Do you have sense of heat in bowels? Is there a general feeling 
of lassitude? Do these feelings effect your memory? 



Do you avoid society? Does your heart palpitate? Are you more tired in 
the morning than at bedtime? Do you get dizzy? Is your mind dull? Are you 
easily dazed? Are you easily excited? Does your hands tremble? Does your 
heart flutter.? Are you easily irritated? Is your temper irritable? Are you 
easily frightened? Is your sleep unrefreshing? Do you have creeping feelings? 
Do you suffer with neuralgia? Do you have horrible dreams? Do you forget 
what you read? Is there a twitching of the muscles? Do your legs and arms go 
to sleep? Is there a rush of blood to the head? Do you have a languid, tired 


Has the si look? Is the hair dry and brittle? Do your joints pain 

and ache? Is atisea after eating? Is the urine dark and cloudy? Are the 

eyes dull and s Is there pain in small of back? Is there a bad taste in the 

mouth? Has the perspiration a bad odor? Is there a puffiness under the eyes? 
Are there dark rings about the eyes? Have you pain in the top of head? Is this 
more noticeable in the morning? Have you chilly feelings down the back? Do you 
see spots floating before your eyes? Do you see unpleasant things while asleep? 
Have you unnatural desire to urinate? Do vou have pain between the shoulders? 

Have you bad breath? Have you "copper spots"? Have you blotches or 
boils? Is your color bad? Is your throat sore? Is your hair falling out? Are 
you all run down? Have you swollen glands? Is your urine high colored? Does 
your head feel too full? Does the skin itch and burn? Is there persistent head- 
ache? Have you ulcers in the mouth? Do the temples beat and throb? Have 
you aching in the bones? Do humors break out on the skin? Have you sores on 
Ithe body that won't heal? 


Do you shrink from your opposite sex? Does your water smell offensive? 
Do you pass water very often? Are you badly constipated? Are your menses 
regular? Do you have pain in the back and shoulders? Do you have any discharge 
{from vagina ? Is your appetite poor ? Do you feel languid ? Do you have a drag- 
ging sensation in the abdomen? Is your menstruation painful? Is your menstru- 
ation profuse or scanty? Is your face pale? Do you have dark rings around the 
eyes ? Do you have pain in top of head ? Do you have hot flashes ? Do you have 
headache? Are you fretful? Is your flesh soft and tender? 

Is the breath foul? Do you spit up slime? Do you ache all over? Do you 
blow out scabs? Is the nose stopped up? Do you snore at night? Does your 
nose discharge? Does the nose bleed easily? Is there tickling in the throat? Do- 
crusts form in the nose ? Is the nose sore and tender ? Do you sneeze a great deal ? 
Is this worse towards night? Does the nose itch and burn? Is there pain in 
front of head? Is there pain across the eyes? Is there pain in back of head? 
Is your sense of smell leaving? Do you hawk to clear the throat? Is the throat 
dry in the morning? Are you losing your sense of taste? Do you sleep with 
your mouth open? Does your nose stop up towards night? 

Is your hearing failing? Do your ears discharge? Do your ears itch and! 
burn? Are the ears dry and scaly? Have you pain behind the ears? Is there 
throbbing in the ears? Is there a buzzing sound heard? Do you have a ringing 
in the ears? Are there cracking sounds heard? Is your hearing bad on cloudy 
days? Do you have earache occasionally? Are there sounds like steam escaping? 
Do your ears hurt when you blow your nose? Do you constantly hear noises in 
the head? Do you hear better some days than others? Do these noises in your 
ears keep you awake? When you blow your nose does your ears crack? Is hearing 
worse when you have a cold? Is roaring like a waterfall in the head? 

Do you have night sweats? Have you a cough? Are you losing flesh? Do 
you cough at night? Have you pain in side? Do you take cold easily? Is your 
appetite variable? Have you stitches in side? Do you cough until you gag? Are 
you low-spirited at times? Do you raise frothy material? Do you spit up yellow 
matter? Do you cough on going to bed? Do you cough in the mornings? Is 
cough short and hacking? Do you spit up little cheesy lumps? Have you a dis- 
gust for fatty foods? Is there a tickling behind the palate? Have you pain behind 
the breastbone? Do you feel you are growing weaker? Is there a burning pain 
in the throat? Do you cough worse night and morning? Do you have to spit at 
night to breathe? Does the sputum sink in water? 



ATLAS COMPOUND is a Wonderful. 
Medicine. It is a Compound, in right pro- 
portions of well known drugs and I herewith 
publish the Formula of ingredients and give 
the "Key" as published in the UNITED 
STATES DISPENSARY of each article 
used, as follows :— Extract IPECAC ROOT, 
From Brazil. It is a Diaphoretic and Ex- 
pectorant. A Stimulant to the Stomach ex- 
citing- the appetite and facilitating digestion. It loosens 
up slimy, catarrhal matter and in large doses causes nau- 
sea and vomiting. It is free from narcotic properties and 
is not a habit forming drug, especially fitted for use when 
no other effect than emptying the stomach is desired. It 
has been employed by the natives of Brazil for Stomach 
Troubles and has been known there sinces 1672. Until 
very lately it has always been employed as a Secret Remedy 
with great success in Stomach and Bowel troubles such 
as Indigestion, Dysentery, Diarrhoeas, etc. It has a 
general Stimulant effect upon the whole digestive tract. 
It is also used in Croup, Bronchitis and Diseases of the 
Gastro-Intestinal Mucus Membranes. 

Alps of Switzerland and other elevated regions of Europe. 
Gentian possesses in a high degree Tonic Powers. It excites the appetite and 
invigorates digestion. It has been known from the remotest antiquity. Many 
of the preparation handed down by the Greeks and Arabians contained it in 
their ingredients. It is used in all cases of Debility of the Digestive Organs 
where a General Tonic is required, such as Dyspepsia, Gout, Amenorrhoea, 
Hysteria, Scrofula, etc., and there is scarcely a Complaint (of Digestive Trouble) 
in which it can not be^ advantageously given under all cicumstances. 

ALOIN. Socotrine Aloes is produced in the Island of Socotra. This 
is the Original Aloes having been produced there as early as the time of 
Alexander the Great, over 300 years before Christ. It is now produced in 
Barbados, Bombay, Muscat and Zanzibar, Africa. In Arabia it is known as 
Jayef Gesheeshah, or Sacred Medicine. Aloin is the pure active principle of 
Aloes. Aloes was known to ancients as having a peculiar affinity for the large 
intestines and pelvic organs , not as a cathartic, but as a muscular exhalent, 
or evacuant. It Quickens the Circulation and produces a General Warmth to 
the system. A peculiarity of Aloes is that an increase, or over dose is not 
attended with a corresponding increase of effect. Its tendency to irritate 'the 
bowels and rectum is modified, or over come by combining it with an Alkali 
(such as Bi-Carbonate of Soda). It is an Excellent Remedy for Costiveness 
(Constipation) attended with Torpor of the Digestive Organs. It is supposed 
to stimulate the Hepatic Secretions and acts very happily in Jaundice even 
after Calomel has failed. It is useful in Ascarides (Round Stomach Worms) 
and Hemorrhoids. In Amenorrhoea (Suppression of the Menses) it is per- 
haps more frequently employed than any other remedy and enters into almost all 
preparations resorted to in that complaint. 

SODA. Pure Bi-Carbonate of Soda is a cooling, mild alkali used medicin- 
ally to Neutralize the acids of the system. It is useful in Croup and to promote 
the Expulsion of Mucus Membranes and in Pneumonia (Catarrhal Troubles) it 
acts on the principle of removing the excess fibrin from the blood in inflamations. 

It also lessens the sugar in the urine of Diabetic patients and modifies the 
action of acids in the Digestive Organs. 

GINGER. This is a native plant of Hindustan and East India, also cul- 
tivated in the West Indies. The medical virtues exist in the roots. It is 
Agreeably Aromatic and Penetrating, Spicy and Pungent. It is a Greatful 
Stimulant and Carminative especially useful in Dyspepsia, Flatulent Colic and 
a feeble state of the alimentary canal attendant upon Atonic Gout (Rheumatism). 
Is it warming, Stops Fermentation in the Stomach and expells the gases. 


The following- brief suggestions will help to enable those who use them in case of 
need to render efficient first aid in an emergency as they are practically applied in all 
parts of the world. People are liable to be called upon at any time to take charge o± 
an injured person, and the information given should be read carefully with a view as 
far as possible of impressing the most important points upon the memory and if prop- 
erly used, will afford much relief in time of need. 


Move the patient to an airy place, keep by-standers at a distance. Handle the pa- 
tient gently and quietly. Place in a comfortable position. Unless the head is injured, 
have same on a level with the body. Loosen the collar, waist bands and all tight cloth- 
ing. If the patient vomits, turn on one side with the head low. U bleeding, stop at 
once. Cover and dress all wounds quickly. 


Severe shock shows in the coldness of the body, feeble pulse, half closed eye lids, 
sometimes insensibility. Send for a surgeon at once. Keep patient warm with a blanket 
or coats whether winter or summer. Apply hot water bottles. Apply mustard plasters 
to the soles of the feet and to the wrists. Rub the arms and legs. If conscious, give 
warm drinks of tea, coffee or milk. 


Bleeding from slight wounds should be covered with antiseptic clean cotton or gauze. 
Bandage firmly. When blood is dark red, flows freely and does not spurt, it shows 
bleeding from veins. Lay patient down. Loosen all tight clothing, garters and straps. 
Elevate wounded part. If severe press on wound with hard pad of cle#n gauze or cot- 
ton. Apply cold by means of ice. If this does not stop bleeding apply tight bandage 
near wound but on side farthest from the heart. In stopping bleeding by pressure, re- 
member that flow of blood in veins is toward the heart; in arteries from the heart. 

Bleeding from Arteries — The blood is bright red in color and comes in spurts. This 
means danger, act quickly, send for a surgeon. In the meantime lay patient down. Cut 
away clothing and expose wounds.^. Elevate wounded limb, apply pressure immediately 
by thumb and finger covered with antiseptic gauze or a clean towel. Replace this by 
crowding gauze into the wound and holding it there by tight bandage. 

If bleeding does not stop compress arteries with tight bandage near wound, but be- 
tween the heart and the wound. If arteries passes over bone press there with hands. If 
not, use tight bandage. When bleeding is stopped give warm drinks of tea, coffee or 
milk. After bleeding has been stopped cover the wound at once with antiseptic clean 
gauze or absorbent cotton and bandage. A soiled cover is worse than none at all, and 
may cause blood poisoning. 

Fainting from Bleeding — Lay the patient on the floor or couch, lower the head, keep 
the limbs elevated; apply warmth. Bleeding will start again when consciousness is re- 
stored. In bleeding from a socket of a tooth pack with Plaster of Paris. 

Nose Bleed — Lay patient on back, raising arms above head. Apply ice or colcL water 
to forehead, nose and back of neck. Let patient snuff solution containing one tablespoon- 
ful of salt in a pint of water. If this fails stuff cotton into the nostrils. The nose must 
not be blown for several hours. 

Bleeding from Lungs — Place patient on floor in a sitting posture. Give small pieces 
of cracked ice, also small portion of salt mixed with vinegar. Place wet cloths on chest 
or stomach. 

To Arrest Bleeding from Arteries of the Temple— Apply pressure over the artery 
with thumb. 

To Arrest Bleeding from Arteries of the Cheek— Apply pressure to the jaw bone so 
as to compress artery. 

To Arrest Bleeding from Arteries of the Neck— Apply pressure with the thumb at 
root of the neck near collar bone outside the windpipe and press with fingers ag-ainst 
back of neck. 6 

To Arrest Bleeding in the Upper Arm— Apply pressure against the collar bone on 
the inner side and also just below the biceps muscle. 



It has a peculiar, grateful effect and seems to go right to the spot desired, warms 
the entire system and gives strength and development where it is needed. It helps the ills 
and troubles that come from years of misuse of the digestive organs. It is a success in 
all the disorders designated. It is the King of All Tonics for Weak and Sickly Men and 


Appetite — increased. Blood Pressure — raised. Circulation — stimulated. Digestive 
Function — greatly increased. Heat of Skin — strengthened. Heat of Body — raised. 
Mind — stimulated. Muscles — strengthened. Nerves — stimulated. Nutrition — improved. 
Sensation — increased. Vision— enlarged. Secretions — increased. Bowels — relaxed. Mucus 
Surface — cleaned. Skin Activity — increased. Urine — increased. Respiration — deeper. 
Sexual Function— stimulated. Sleep — improved. 

Catarrh is an inflammation of the tissues. Catarrh df the nose and throat is generally 
the beginning of the trouble, then it works in Tubes of the Lungs, that is Bronchitis. 
Consumption is caused by Catarrh of the Lungs themselves; they get so full of the mucus, 
slimy matter that they actually rot away. 

Dyspepsia is Catarrh of the Stomach. Heart Disease Is caused by Catarrh of the 
Heart. Bright's Disease is Catarrh of the Kidneys. Cystitis is Catarrh of the Bladder. 
Scirrhosis (Cancer) is Catarrh of the Liver. Colitis is Catarrh of the Bowels. Amenor- 
rhea, Dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia and Menophlania are simply Catarrh of the Womb. 

When you have Catarrh of any part, that part cannot act, the Blood becomes stagnant 
and cannot circulate, the Vitality declines, and you soon get into such a state that you are 
liable to absorb anything that comes along: Small Pox, Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, 
Meningitis and all Nervous Disorders. 

ATLAS COMPOUND LOOSENS UP this Mucus, Slimy, Catarrhal Matter, wher- 
ever it has taken hold, cleans out the system and makes every part of you as good as new. 
You cannot be healthy and strong if you are all clogged up and your organs are all 
coated with this nasty, foul Catarrhal matter. If you are ailing in any way take ATLAS 

ATLAS COMPOUND is certainly a wonderful Medicine and its sale phenomenal. 
No other medicine ever had such an enormous sale in such a short time. There must be 
a reason for it and there is. 


ATLAS COMPOUND is especially indicated for Weak Men and Women— Lack 
of Energy and Confidence, Aversion to Society, Lost Appetite, Dj'spepsia and 
Debility, Stomach and Kidney disorders. It makes you Fat, Plump and Healthy. It 
makes you Sociable, Friendly, Confident, Clear Headed, Self- Possessed and Strong in 
Body and Brain. It gives you Courage and Great Endurance. 

ATLAS COMPOUND is Harmless and Delightful to take. It makes Weak, Sickly 
Children fat, strong and well in a few weeks. It puts Nutrition, Nerve Power, Vitality 
and Great Strength in low, weak and wasted patients who have been given up to die. 
It warms and stimulates. The weakest and most sensitive stomach is quickly strength- 
ened and the appetite and digestion becomes enormous. It Enriches and Purifies the 
Blood. It contains neither opium, cocaine, strychnine nor any poison whatsoever. It is 
pleasant and safe *• take. 


A New Scientific, Exact and Easy Method of Delineating Character; Diagnosing 

Disease; Determining Mental, Physical and Business Qualifications, 

Conjugal Adaptahilty, etc., from Date of Birth. 

Illustrated witn Diagrams and Tafcles of the Moon and Planets from 1820 to Date. 

A new, scientific and easy method of de- 
lineating character according to the position 
of Earth, Moon and Planets at time of birth. 
Tells how to determine mental, physical and 
business qualifications, marriage adaptability, 
etc., in accordance with the Solar Biology 
method. This book throws a new light on the 
problems of life. Tells how to cultivate self 
and make the most and best of life. Tells 
one when a child is born what special training 
it should have, what business it will be 
adapted to, etc. 

mmm T ^ is k 00 ^ enables Physicians, Healers, 

^ER WMim^' Clairvoyants, and Crystal Gazers to diagnose 

with greater accuracy. Anyone can easily 
use this system without any previous study. 
Differs from Astrology. 

This is the original book on SOLAR 
BIOLOGY, and the only thoro system for 
reading character from the signs of the 
Zodiac and the positions of _ the Planets. 

We know of nothing more helpful and in- 
teresting. This is the only work of its kind. 
The book is illustrated with diagrams, 
author's portrait, and tables of the moon and 
planets from 1820 to date. 
This work tells what is in man and how derived. Tells how to cultivate self and 
make the most and best of life. Tells one, when a child is born, what kind of training 
it should have, to what diseases it is liable, how to avoid or how to cure when already 
developed. Reveals a part of the grand body to which each individual belongs and the 
consequent mental tendencies, physical fitness, natural sphere and highest and fittest 
use in the world. 

It enables parents to know just what their children are best adapted for, and how 
to educate them and is also a guide in the preservation of health and strength and an 
important aid to success and to the attainment of the great object in life; viz., useful- 
ness and happiness. It also aids in prolonging the life of old and young. 

Bound in superior cloth embellished with symbolic designs in gold. Printed on extra 
heavy plate paper from very clear type. 500 pages, 6 1-2x9 1-4 inches in size and two 
inches thick. 15 th. edition. Send for prospectus, table of contents and specimen pages. 





Your birthday is the most important 
day in your life. And yet how few peo- 
ple realize the importance and signifi- 
cance of that event ! Out of all eterni- 
ty, how came it about that you were 
born just when you were? Wise m°n 
who have thought on this question say 
that this cannot be due to mere chance ; 
there must be some reason, some law, 
at work. They set about ascertaining 
this law— which relates to the time of 
birth — and discovered it in the science 
of Astrology. 

Every one is born under slightly dif- 
ferent influences and circumstances ; so 
no two people are exactly alike. This, 
says Astrology, is because the aspects 
of the heavens — the influences brought to bear upon the infant at the mo- 
ment of birth — are so different. 

To test the claims of astrology, it is only necessary to have a personal 
reading made of the life. For this, the exact date of birth is necessary — so 
that the various combinations of the planets may be figured out accurately; but 
while this individual reading is, of course, by far the most satisfactory — 
nevertheless, certain signs and aspects are said to influence all born on a 
certain day, in some degree. 

THE ASTROLOGICAL BIRTHDAY BOOK contains a character read- 
ing for every day in the year based on observations of the aspects of the 
heavenly bodies on the day of birth. 

It is useful as a guide to the course in life which you should pursue to 
achieve the greatest degree of success by the use of your known talents, and 
by the development of your latent or potential abilities in the field of en- 
deavor to which you are naturally adapted. More than being useful, it is a 
source of much entertainment at a gathering to read aloud the characters 
of those present. 

The book contains 264 pages printed on antique wove book paper, attrac- 
tively bound in cloth, with jacket printed in colors. Price, $1,25 by mail, 





ATLAS COMPOUND acts locally on the lining membranes of the stomach and intest- 
ines, loosens the mucus and slime formation and corrects fermentation, thus cleansing 
the walls and leaving them in an absorbative condition, promoting the secretion of nature's 
digestive fluids. Where there is a disturbance of the stomach and intestines of long stand- 
ing, it may not be corrected in a short time, but ATLAS COMPOUND aids nature to re- 
move the cause and correct the trouble. Several months may be requred in some cases, 
but it is better to take small doses for along time than larger doses. To eradicate disease, 
purify the blood and tone up the system is what ATLAS COMPOUND does if given time. 


Take ATLAS COMPOUND three times daily with an abiding faith that it may make 
you well and follow the directions in a general way. ATLAS COMPOUND is not a cathar- 
tic, but if too large a dose is taken and bowels move too freely it indicates that the medicine 
is taking hold and removing the slime and mucous from the stomach and intestines too fast. 
This poisonous slime cannot be absorbed into the system without very detrimental effects 
and must pass off through the bowels. ATLAS COMPOUND leaves no harmful effects. It 
does not contain acids, potash, mercury, opiates or poison of any kind. 

During normal conditions of health and regular morning habit, the poisonous substances 
undergo chemical changes and are finally carried off through the skin and bowels. But in 
many people the natural and proper elimination does not take place and this failure causes 
various disturbances, such as imperfect digestion in the stomach or bowels, constipation 
and inactivity of the liver or spleen and certain nervous disturbances which lead to the 
existance of Rheumatic Conditions. 


The Blood is Life and ATLAS COMPOUND aids nature to carry off the waste ma- 
terial in the body and remove from the blood and system all impurities. When the slime 
and mucous are removed from the stomach and intestines, the food will be digested and 
properly assimilated, the nerves become strong and active and the physical balance restored 
and the vigor of health and strength what nature intended and what you desire. 

Keep physically fit for work if you want to succeed. Good blood, strong nerves and 
elastic muscles are the secret of old age because they regulate and control every part of 
the body. When the life blood is poluted or poisoned with fermented matter or corruption 
it looses its nutritive health sustaining powers. 

ATLAS COMPOUND is an excellent blood purifier, is safe, reliable and effective. It 
does not shock the nerves. It gently and thorougly cleanses the blood of all impurities and. 
stimulates the debilitated organs, acting as a corrective in all depleted conditions. It acts 
by increasing the appetite and the digestion becomes normal. It often acts like magic, 
children require very small doses mixed with fruit, sauce or scraped apple. Sick, puny 
children as well as elderly people become fat as the result of taking ATLAS COMPOUND. 


Nervousness in many people is due to poor digestion and constipation. Repose and re- 
laxation at meals, clear conscience and avoid worry, black coffee and indulgence in del- 
icacies and pastries are to be remembered. Be cheerful at all times and especially so dur- 
ing meals. There are certain disturbances of the human organs which irritate and torture 
men and women, which sometimes estrange them from friends in a social way and Indigest- 
ion and Dyspepsia is such an affliction. This often may cause a grouch, yet the heart may 
love humanity. There are many kinds of Dyspepsia but they all produce the same effect, 
and the greatest of all correctives is ATLAS COMPOUND. 





VEGETABLE COMPOUND is a scientific combination of antiseptic substances. It is 
a sure Preventative of all Skin Disorders. It is endorsed by ladies and gentlemen of re- 
finement wherever used. 

VEGETABLE COMPOUND is made from pure Cocoanut Oil, Extract of Soap Bark 
and Oil of Eucalyptus, combined with medical properties for all skin eruptions, pimples, 
red, rough and oily skin, dry and falling hair, itching scalp and all baby blemishes. It is the 
best Baby Soap made. 

VEGETABLE COMPOUND contains no animal oil, no diseased fat, no rancid grease, 
or dangerous alkalies to poison the blood or injure the skin. It gives a rich creamy lather 
with an invigorating feeling and refreshing odor. No other soap ever compounded can be 
compared with it. 

VEGETABLE COMPOUND is recommended by leading physicians and surgeons every- 
where, not only as a Toilet Soap, but for bath and nursery. It is an antiseptic against 
contageous diseases and used to disinfect the hands and for cleaning cuts and sores. 

VEGETABLE COMPOUND is recommended for pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, undue 
redness of face and nose, and other complexion defects. It imparts, to the skin that 
charming freshness and velvety smoothness so greatly desired. Its beneficial qualities to 
ladies and infants are marvelous, being endorsed by the leading physicians and surgeons as 
a soap which rapidly allays all irritations of the skin. 

AS A TOILET SOAP for the Complexion, it is unequaled. It stimulates the skin and 
prevents secretions such as Blackheads and Pimples. It heals Chapped, Rough and Red 
Hands. Removes Tan, heals Sunburn and Chafing. 

FOR THE BATH it has no equal. It is soothing and refreshing and leaves the skin 
soft and velvety. It not only cleanses the body, but it removes all eruptions and will banish 
Eczema, Salt Rheum, Hives, Herpes, Tetter and Ivy Poison. 

FOR THE SCALP and for strengthening the hair by removing the germs that destroy 
it, the Compound has no equal. It is a sure preventative against parasites and microbes 
that effect unclean hair brushes and combs. It removes crust, scale, dandruff and scurvy. 
For Shampooing it cannot be surpassed. 

FOR THE NURSERY it allays all itching, inflamation, rash and chafing and on account 
of its healing and disinfecting properties, it keeps the children's skin healthy and smooth. 

AS A HEALING SALVE it will be highly efficient, by making a stiff lather and apply- 
ing to Chilblanes, Burns, Corns, Ingrowing Nails and for Cleaning Cuts, Old Sores and 
Ulcers. It makes a delightful and lasting lather for shaving and on account of its Anti- 
septic properties, prevents Barbers' Itch, Ringworms and all Inflamations of the face. 

IT IS A PERFECT SOAP. It will Remove all dirt, oil, stains, ink, grease, rust, 
mildew, etc., etc., not only from the hands and skin but from clothing, carpets and laces. 
It will also clean kid gloves, belts and leather goods. Removes grease from coat collars 
and stains from marble, bric-a-brac and paint. 

THEATRICAL PEOPLE whose skin is put to the hardest usage, keep up their strength 
and freshness with DR. MAC DONALD'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND, Otherwise the 
wrinkles would come and their possessors would be "hors de combat", in other words "on 
the shelf," too old looking. When your livelihood depends on your looks you are pretty 
particular about your skin. 

THE VALUE OF A GOOD TOILET SOAP in the promotion of health is too well 
understood to require discussion. During life, the skin, in virtue of its continually under- 
going reproduction and decay, as well as being an outlet for certain excrementious mater- 
ials from the body, is constantly throwing off from its external layer, as effete and useless 
matter, minute scales. These, mingling with the oily secretions of the cutanous glands 
and the saline and aqueous matter of the perspiration, acquire sufficient adhesiveness to 
form an extraneous layer upon the surface of the body, which, unless daily removed by 
washing and friction, chokes the chanels of perspiration and the oily glands and materially 
interfere with the general functions of the skin. 

Small Sample Ten Cents. 


There are three distinct sources for an accumulation of gas in the stomach. 
The first and most common one is the decomposition of the food. When anything 
decomposes a part of the substance is given off in the form of gas. This is true 
whether the substance happens to be in the stomach or anywhere else. Whenever de- 
composition occurs in the stomach the accumulated gas cannot find any easy escape 
from the stomach, hence inflation occurs. The stomach will become enormously dis- 
tended, and unless the gas is eructated through the oesophagus the distention is liable 
to become great before relief can be obtained. 

The second frequent source of gas in the stomach is the chemical action upon 
alkalies. The stomach naturally contains acid. It is liable to contain an over 
quantity of acid. Many kinds of food taken into the stomach are alkaline in their 
reaction. The acid and the alkali coming together will produce effervescence, which 
liberates a gas. People who are much troubled with belching of gas immediately 
after eating are suffering from this kind of gaseous inflation of the stomach. 

The third source of gas in the stomach is from nervous shock. A sudden 
shock of the nervous system especially in those who are troubled with weak digestion 
will produce an immediate change in the fluids of the stomach to the extent that 
large quantities of gas will be immediately evolved. This happens with surprising 
quickness. A sudden fright or fit of anger will set some hysterical people to eruc- 
tating gas in an instant. 

As for the treatment of these three forms of gaseous trouble in the stomach 
the best is prevention. In the first form, which depends on delayed digestion, the 
food ought never to be taken into the stomach during fatigue. Only small quanti- 
ties of food should be eaten at any one time, and should be carefully chewed. Every- 
thing possible should be done to procure rapid digestion. Nothing will help this 
trouble quicker than Atlas Compound, and quick relief is always found by taking 
a few tablets. 



Backache does not occur in every case of kidney trouble. Often the pains and 
ills that attend kidney trouble are so far from the kidneys themselves that the only 
certain proof that the kidneys are out of order is the appearance of the urine. 
Learn what these changes in the urine indicate and serious or fatal kidney disease 
may be warded off. 

Of course the first thing to know is what is the appearance of the urine in 
£ood health. While individuals vary somewhat, the following average table is a 
.good guide: 


Color — Pale yellow to amber. 
Appearance — Clear. 

Weight — Only a trifle heavier than water. 
Amount passed — Three to four pints daily. 
Odor — Pungent or acid, but not offensive. 
Passages — At will during the day, rarely at night. 
Solids — Dissolved and invisible. 

Healthy urine is slightly acid, not enough to burn or scald and does not stain 
i;he linen. 



THE SUN. The hour of the Sun is good for asking favors, writing letters, signing papers, deeds, wills, 
leases, contracts, etc., and for buying goods to resell. It insures success in any uncertain transaction This 
hour acts as a medium between Jupiter and Mars hours. Fires and accidents of a fiery nature generally occur in 
the Sun hour. Whatever is done in this hour is very apt to stand. Wills, contracts and other important matters 
made at this hour are very seldom broken. Large business transactions and anything relating to railroads, mines, 
building, etc., and everything connected with the government, political affairs and corporations, should be at- 
tended to in this hour. The Sun hour is favorable to popularity and friendship. Good for business but bad to 
obtain loans. Seek employment at this hour and deal with those in authority. The conversation during this 
hour is generally on business matters, position, promotions and political affairs. This is a Positive hour. 

VENUS. The hour of Venus is also good for all purposes, especially for all dealings with the opposite sex, 
proposing marriage, asking favors, taking medicine, collecting bills, feasting, signing papers, traveling by land. 
Those of your opposite sex will never refuse you anything in this hour. Mistakes are seldom made at this time. 
The conversation during this hour always relates to art, music, wine and women, eating, love, dress, tasty and 
cheerful things. It is a good time to visit places of amusement for enjovment, or to purchase fancy things and 
deal with lovable and affectionate people. Push all love affairs in this hour. This is a Positive hour. 

MERCURY. The hour of Mercury is good for writing letters, signing papers and for all literary affairs, 
taking medicine, and is good for all scientific affairs a: d occult thought. Good to plan and think. Many quar- 
rels, controversies and arguments occur at this time and many unpleasant things are often said. It is a good hour 
for sharpers, fakirs and thieves to work. Look out for them. It is an uncertain, changeable hour. Ask questions 
during this hour, as all people are talkative and easily approached at this time, and can very easily be made to 
change their minds. This hour, while very uncertain, is good for all things that require to be done quickly. Con- 
versation at this hour is apt to be active but of no serious import, generally connected with intellectual affairs, 
social matters ; the health and conversation often takes a quick turn for good or evil. This is a Negative hour. 

THE MOON. The hour of the Moon is good for many purposes— traveling on water, beginning short 
journeys, dealing with women, making researches, asking questions, making new aquaintances, visiting, etc. A 
friend made at this hour is a friend indeed. Hotel keepers are generally fortunate at this hour, as are all persons 
dealing with the public. It is a changeable hour and is favorable to all moveable things and people, such as 
travel, travelers, visiting, agents, shipping and for all business pei'taining to liquids. People are generally waver- 
ing at this hour and may be easily induced to change their minds. Matters considered favorable should be 
clinched at once and not left unfinished, or the matter may be lost. Have matters in writing that are made at 
this hour, as promises are not reliable and persons uncertain at this time. People are always restless at this hour, 
changeable, discontented, rambling and unsteady. I)o not make any move that you want to be permanent, at 
this time. The conversation at this hour is apt to be about travel, removals, water or liquids, the insane and all 
matters of a common and changeable nature. This is a Negative hour. 

SATURN. The hour of Saturn is very evil. It is the direct opposite of Jupiter and unfavorable for all 
purposes, yet it is of ten good for those persons who have Saturn for their ruling planet, also for coal and junk 
dealers. These persons often make good bargains in a Saturn hour. (It is also good for finding minerals by 
Saturn persons only). It is a very unfavorable time for taking medicines and many deaths occur at this hour, 
especially of elderly persons. Saturn signifies death. It is a barren, deceitful hour, and seldom anything good 
occurs at this time. Conversation at this hour generally relates to something weary, earthly, melancholy, gloomy, 
sickness, death, deceit, common metals, ores, old and dirty places, cellars, mines, etc. This hour generally 
brings about transactions with mistrustful, elderly, conservative, greedy, unclean people, or slow tedious transac- 
tions. Unfavorable results are apt to follow things begun at this time. Do not trust people in this hour, nor rely 
on professed friendship, or you will regret it. Sell anything, especially real estate or anything pertaining to the 
earth in this hour. This is a Positive hour. 

iJUPITER. The hour of Jupiter is good for all purposes, especially if he is your Ruling Planet. This hour 
is good for asking favors of rich persons, banks, seeking employment, collecting bills, buying anything, speculat- 
ing for a rise, gambling or playing for chance, or races. All persons are lenient at this hour, very generous and 
benevolent, free and open-hearted. You can get money from a miser in this hour. This is the hour to exert your 
influence over others for gain, raise money if necessary and ask favors of prominent people. Conversation during 
this hour always bears upon money matters, precious metals, traffic, profit and gain, seed, banks, horses, cattle. 
This is a Positive hour. 

MARS. The hour of Mars is very unreliable. It is an evil hour, but not as bad as the Saturn hour. The 
hour of Mars brings danger, accidents from metals, battles, assaults and slanders. Railroad wrecks and explosions 
always occur in this hour. Liars, thieves and evildoers are always active in this hour. Avoid quarrels, keep 
away from dangerous places and people at this time. It is very easy to pick a quarrel or a fight in a Mars hour. 
This hour is most favorable for dishonesty and unreliable reports. People always feel independent at this hour 
and are not easily discouraged, and not as apt to submit to dictation as at other times. People who cater to evil 
persons are always successful in this hour. It is a good hour for all fiery, bold, courageous transactions, in which 
dangerous results are liable to follow. The conversation at this time is always spirited, bold, courageous, argu- 
ment ve and liable to lead to quarrelsome results. This is a Positive hour. 


King Solomon said: " To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose." It must be observed 
that all days are not good and evil alike. A day that may be good for one purpose, may be bad for another, and 
vice- versa Some days are good for several purposes, while others are good for little or nothing. On good days 
we should make the first move ourselves, on evil days keep quiet and let others make the first move. Choose your 
purpose and then the Day and Hour. 

The good and evil Planetary influences as they occur throughout the year, can in a general way be relied 
upon in all the ordinary affairs of every day life. Opportunities are continually lost for want of decision at the 
proper time. The operations of Nature are so mathematically exact, that under similar conditions from like 
causes, she produces like effects. Thus by a curious disposition of cause and effect, certain persons are found to 
have lucky and unlucky days. It is a matter of history that such days do exist both for individuals and families. 
Any transaction begun under evil influences will invariably result unfavorably. Although it is not generally 
known, all«the most successful people in the world conduct their affairs upon a Planetary basis. Planetary influ- 
ences affect every person every day, and while you may not be able to avoid all the influences of evil days, you 
can so arrange your affairs by this DAILY GUIDE as not to bring new events of importance under their disturbing 
influence. There is no question as to the value of these Predictions if you wish for a favorable result to an under- 
taking. You can not afford to neglect an opportunity, or leave to chance the result of anything of importance. 

The Daily Guide shows when it is best to do or not to do certain^things, such as Buying or Selling, Beginning 
New Enterprises, Signing Papers, Writing Letters, Traveling, Asking Favors, Getting Married, Dealing with the 
Opposite Sex, Pushing Love Affairs, Seeking Business, Speculating, etc., FROM PLANETARY INFLUENCES. 

The Daily Guide is printed for every day in the year, in Mac Donald's Farmers Almanac Price Twenty Cents. 

Address The Atlas Printing Co., Binghamton, N. Y. 


Foods that are 

Foods that are 

Foods, that are 

Starchy, such as 

Sugary, such as 

Fatty, such as 

White Potatoes 



Sweet Potatoes 





Egg Yolk 











Dried Peaches 







Vegetable Oils 

Dried Navy Beans 


Vegetable Fats 

Dried Lima Beans 



Split Peas 


Goose Oil 





Dried Apples 

Peanut Butter 


Maple Sugar 

Soy Beans 


Foods that are 

Repair Foods, 

Foods that are 

Rich in Mineral 

such as 

Rich in Protein 

Matter, such as 

Navy Beans 

such as 


Kidney Beans 


Egg Yolk 

Lima Beans 




Poultry - 
















All Fruits 



All Greens 



All Fresh Salads 


Soy Beans 

Whole Grains 


Use sparingly the foods printed in CAPITAL letters— use" freely all others. 

The following is a simple mode of rendering water almost as cold as ice; "Let the 
y r, pitcher, or vessel used for water be surrounded with one or more folds of coarse 
cotton kept constantly wet. The evaporation of the water will carry off the heat from 
th*j inside and reduce it to a freezing point." 

A wooden bucket is a handy thing to have about the dairy, especially when calves, 
have to be feci milk that must be warmed and carried some distance. Milk once heated 
to the right temperature and carried out in a wooden bucket will remain warm for a 
much longer time than if a metal pail is used. Both should be kept clean, free from 
bad eria. 

A sheep can be fattened on food abounding in starch and sugar, but wool cannot 
be n.ade of these alone. Its fibre is made largely of flesh-forming elements. The blue 
grass or clover of the summer pasture yields this sufficiently, but in the winter oats, 
wheat, middlings and bran should be fed with corn, if that grain is preferred. 

It is wrong to expect the cow to yield a large profit simply because she is well 
br»,d. She must have feed and care or the breeding will amount to nothing. 

It is a well known fact that the cow that makes the largest profit is given the best 
care and most comfortable shelter. 

FOR NERVOUSNESS.— A salt bath is very good for nervousness. It will stimulate 
the circulation of the blood so that the whole body will feel invigorated. 


ATLAS COMPOUND is a combination of standard digestive and intestinal reme- 
dies suitable for every form of indigestion, from the simple attack caused by some in- 
descretion in eating to the more advanced, severe and chronic cases of long standing 
which seem to yield promptly to this great corrective— ATLAS COMPOUND. 

In all cases where there is inactivity of the Liver, Biliousness or obstinate Consti- 
pation of the Bowels with Stomach disorders, one box of Dr. MacDonald's Special 
AC-SO Tablets should be ordered with ATLAS COMPOUND. 


An interesting and ingenious metrical division of the three score and ten years of 
•ne's average existence. 

Seven years in childhood's sport anl play. — 7 
Seven years in school from day to day. — 14 
Seven years of trade or college life. — 21 
Seven years to find a home or wife. — 28 
Seven years to them and gladness given. — 35 
Seven years by business hardly driven. — 42 
Seven years for fame — a wild — goose chase. — 49 • 
Seven years for wealth, a bootless race. — 56 
Seven years of hoarding for your heirs. — 63 
Seven years of weakness and of cares. — 70 


The first age of infancy, which endures for four years, agreeing in number with 
the quadrennial periods of the moon, is consequently adapted to her, presenting rapidity 
of growth, and possessing a highly variable habit. Its mental incompleteness is like- 
wise in accordance with its familiar relation to the moon and her operative influence. 
The age after this continues for ten years, and accommodates tself to the influence of 
the second sphere — that of Mercury. The intellectual and reasoning faculties begin to 
take their character, developing the elements and germs of genius and ability, and their 
peculiar quality. The third age corresponds with Venus, which lasts throughout the fol- 
lowing eight years, the number of her own period. From her Venus) originates the 
passion of love. The forth and adult age next succeeds, and is subject to the forth 
sphere — that of the sun. It endures for nineteen years, according to the sun's number. 
Authority of action now commences in the mind, the career of life is centered upon,, 
distinction and glory* are desired, and puerile irregularities are relinquished for more 
orderly conduct and the pursut of honor. Mars claims the fifth age, that of manhood, 
agreeing in duration with his own period, viz., fifteen years. He induces greater 
austerity of life, together with vexation, care and trouble. Jupiter occupies the six 
sphere, and influences the mature age during the twelve years corresponding to his own 
period. He operates the relinquishment of labor, of hazardous employment and tumult, 
and produces greater gravity, foresight, prudence and sagacity, favoring the claim to 
honor, respect and prvilege. Saturn moving in the last sphere, regulates the final age, 
as agreeing with its chilliness. He obstructs the mental movements, the appetities and 
enjoyments, rendering them imbecile and dull, in conformity with the dullness of his 
own moton. 

ATLAS COMPOUND is NOT a strong or powerful medicine with harmful effects. 

ATLAS COMPOUND often acts like magic, is a prompt and excellent corrective, 
aids nature to tone up the whole system by enriching the blood and aiding the organs 
of elimination to healthy and regular action so they can throw out the waste and poisons 
from the body. 


Out of every million persons who are born in the same vear 312,000 live for 70 
years, 107,000 for 80 years, and 8,841 for 90 years. Two hundred and forty-five persons 
out of every million live for 97 years. 119 for 98, 54 for 99, 23 for 100, 9 for 101 3 
for 102, and 1 for 103 years. A few among the million may attain even greater age 
than this, which may be expressed in fractions. Thus the chance that a man may live 
for 104 years is 0.3, and the chance that he may live 105 years is OX 

Is a National Remedy for an ailment which the American Nation of People are sub- 
ject to — Stomach Trouble in its many and varied forms and associte symptoms. 

It seems to be a known fact that more people suffer from Indigestion than from any 
other disorder. Of the many digestive agents known, none has so wide a scope of 
activity as a corrective, as has ATLAS COMPOUND. These valuable Tablets start 
digestion soon after entering the stomach and continue its function throughout the en- 
tire intestinal tract. 




Strong medicine taken just for immediate results may be violent in action and 
which causes so much distress and various forms of dyspepsia. 

Heart burn and belching of gas are often the result of 'eating starchy foods and 
leave the stomach in a worse condition than before taken. 

Tonic medicine, while slower in action, is better because it tends to bring about a 
more normal action and builds up the whole organism gradually, while it strengthens 
the entire nervous system. This, ATLAS COMPOUND does. 




ATLAS COMPOUND is recommended for diseases 
arising from Impure Blood such as Dyspepsia, Costiveness, 
Jaundice, Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Billiousness, Boils, 
Piles. All Gone and Tired Feeling, Sick and Nervous 
Headache, Dizziness, Gout, Nervousness, Constipation, 
Kidney Disorders, Liver Complaint and Diseases arising 
from Indigestion and Stomach troubles. 

ATLAS COMPOUND has solved the great problem 
of how to keep well and how to banish disease arising 
from Impure Blood. It i3 marvelous in its results, yet it 
is perfectly harmless and pleasant to take, as it is a purely 
vegetable preparation. It is not a mineral medicine like calomel, potash, etc., which has 
ruined the lives of thousands of people. In fact, it is a question whether calomel, or like 
injurious metallic drugs have not really ruined the health of more people than they have 
cured, for they are exceedingly dangerous medicines, and any one using them indiscreetly 
takes his life in his hands. 

ATLAS COMPOUND first acta upon the Stomach, clearing the system of accumulated 
bile and then goes to work removing impurities from the bfcod, throwing thvm off 
through the Bowels and Kidneys, thus setting every part of the body to work in the 
right way, so that you soon begin to feal like a new person. You are no" longer tired out 
and despondent, but your spirits revive, your head is clear, and you are as happy as a bird 
and equal to any task. Price 60 Cents a Box; by mail, if your druggist does 'not have it. 



ATLAS COMPOUND sells on its merits. It is the Best Blood, Liver, Kidney and 
Stomach Medicine on Earth. It is Marvelous and Truly Wonderful. We are receiving Thous- 
ands of flattering testimonials. When you see the wonderful results, you will be convinced 
that it is the Greatest Medicine on the market. It sells EVERYWHERE because IT 
HELPS SICK PEOPLE and everybody can afford it. It is the CHEAPEST Medicine. 

ATLAS COMPOUND is put up in the form of compressed sugar coated tablets. They 
are easy to take, easy to carry and will keep in any climate. Each Sixty Cent Box contains 
sufficient medicine for an ordinary case. Long standing cases which have become Chronic 
may require three or more boxes to get the system in normal condition. 

Price 60 cents per Box, sent prepaid by Parcel Post anywhere in the United States, 
Alaska, Hiawaiian Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, Canada and all countries in the Parcel Post 
System. If not obtainable at local Drug stores, write us. 

Always see that the SIGNATURE ]/ jfl£ _ >H^^ >% £// YU Qf' 
Ms on every box thus: ^U/CC^JOdHZU^ 

V To imitate which is Forgery 





Predictions about Crops; The Weather, Sick- 
ness, Lucky Bays, Future Events, etc. Tells 
when to Transplant, Trim Trees, Set Eggs, 
Butcher Meats, Shingle Houses, Set Posts, Buy, 
Sell, Get Married, Take Medicine and Perform 
Surgical Operations Successfully, Gain Snow- 
ledge and Make Money. Valuable Information 
for Show People, Street Venders and Office 




SiP 0F congress 

022 007 439 * 


a^ 007 4 3g , #